Thursday, December 12, 2013

Phillips Phamily

For once I don't have a billion picture to post. Today is just words.  Most people that read this probably already know, but the week after Christmas we are moving to Montana.  Kory is going to be ranching with his brother Tye and their Dad.  This is a lifelong dream of Kory's and while we always knew it was a possibility, just within the last few months has it become a reality.  This decision was made with an unbelievable amount of prayer and we feel tremendous peace.  It has been anything but easy and the answers to "why" are anything but simple.  I don't know that I've ever felt this much mixed emotions. Our emotions about the move literally span the spectrum from one extreme to another.  We are leaving a wonderful town, an incredible church family, irreplaceable friends, and the joy of living so close to my family. These things (and the fact that I've kinda gotten used to having a Target in town) are among the hardest things about leaving.  We are so so sad.  Both of us.  It is heartbreaking.  But as I said before the emotions are mixed and we are also excited for what is next and looking forward to the things we know will be wonderful about being there. We have lots of family there that we are excited to be close to and the obvious excitement for Kory as he joins the 4 generations before him on their place. Things with Kanyon will be very different and we have a lot to figure out as we learn to navigate his needs in a new place.  I really think I could write for days about all of this, but I won't.  I'll keep things simple today, but I felt the need to warn all blog readers that in 2014 the people on the blog will be the same, but the scenery will change a little bit! I appreciate your prayers as we move and transition to a new place. We expect there to be great times and hard times, but if we have learned anything over the last 6 years, we've learned that GOD will always take care of us and provide exactly what we need.