Friday, November 30, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving with all the Floyd crew.  We head to Tipton Oklahoma where all of Kory's mom's siblings and families meet up.  I think at the peak of the weekend there were 45 people there.  Most of the crew we only see every other Thanksgiving so it is such a great time to catch up and enjoy each other!  Its yet another time that I'm so thankful to have married into such a wonderful Godly and FUN family!  

Kory's mom, Tye, Clint, Sayler and Hayven all came from Montana so that was REALLY great.  We missed Wes and Sydni...maybe next time.  

Sayler was holding Jaylie within minutes of us getting there.  Sweet girls.  

Uncle Clint and Uncle Tye.  Lots of these pictures are of Jaylie meeting family for the first time. 

Hayven, q, and Sayler playing in the leaves.  This "smile" of Quinn's was killing me.  He would look at the girls and how they were smiling and then would do this. I think he thought his smile looked like theirs.  Not so much, Q.  

klp had fun in the rocks...why are rocks so great?

These are a couple of Kory's cousin's daughters (did ya get that?) Judith and Jaylee holding Jaylie.  Yes we doubled up on the name Jaylie.  Couldn't help it.  Kanyon kept calling Jaylee Floyd "Big baby Jaylie" haha.  

Phillips cousins....

The gals.  j must've been feeling pouty. 

Is this cuteness or what??????

Q loves any chance to hold his baby sister

Hayven being a big girl...too bad Jaylie was being a big BABY and crying! 

This cracks me up.  

Cousin Heather with her daughter Hannah and Sayler. As you can see, there were plenty of willing arms for Jaylie June.  

Aunt Geneva and Uncle John. They are SAINTS.  Its their house that we invade and they make wonderful food, great accommodations for everyone and are the most gracious of hosts.  

Leslee and her turkey platter....I took the picture before the turkey's face was done. Leslee was the lucky one that Jaylie decided to throw up on EVERY TIME SHE HELD HER.  J isn't even a spitter upper, but she was when Leslee held her.  ha.  

Everyone outside shelling pecans

Cousins Wes, Drake, and Hanna with Kan Man.  All of my kids were in HEAVEN the whole week with the fun and so sweet playmates! 

Uncle Tye and June (as he calls her) having a nice chat.  You'd be amazed to see this bachelor with babies and kids...he just knows what to do.  Even with the tiny babies.  Pretty great.

Caleb ringing the famous dinner bell.  

The "Phillips kid table" 

I HAD to take another picture when I realized Tye was sitting there too. 

Kory's Aunt and Uncle live near and used to work for Tipton Children's home.  There was a "cottage" with about 9 rooms and several bathrooms where most of us stayed. It was fun and klp is still talking about the "hotel".  We were right next door to Clint and his girls and they had so much fun at night.  My kids are ruining this cute picture, but I just love this group right here.  Makes my heart so happy.  

Sweet sweet Sayler read the boys a story one night

The next picture I took was of Kanyon BALLING his eyes out when the story was over and Sayler had to leave.  He loves her so much.  He kissed her on the lips and she graciously smiled and then discretely wiped the slobber off her face. ha!

I somehow stopped taking pictures 2 days into the week.  Bummer.  We had a GREAT time and even the travel wasn't too bad.  It took 7 hours to get there and 8 to get home.  I was pleasantly surprised with how good the boys did.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PJ Lovin'

It seems like night time is the only time we think to take pictures of all three kids together.  Kids in PJ's are pretty much irresistible.  
(j not quite ready for bed yet in these, so she's still sporting her "outfit" from the day)

This is what you get when you tell klp to "open your eyes".  I think Jaylie June heard me just fine though.  

Sugars for the baby sister

All 3 in their footed PJ's.
Smiles from the boys were easy to come by but "Stoneface Phillips" was not cooperating.  

Sweet Dreams! 

Throw Back Church Clothes

My mom saved several of my baby dresses and they were perfect for Jaylie this summer.  I loved seeing her in these sweet classic dresses.  

The blue one was Kory's favorite, but my far the worst pictures.  She wasn't in the mood! ha! 

Instagram filter for the real old school look.  

much happier and wide-eyed baby!  I LOVED this white one.  She actually wore it twice, because she pooped all over it the first time before my mom could even see her in it (we were in Paris at their house). How rude.  

This white and blue one was a little short by the time we wore it, but it was still sweet with her little blue sticky bow.  

This dress was the most obviously "vintage" of them all.  I'm a sucker for old timey.  

I am not a sucker for the bonnets.  2 of the dresses had bonnets.  Not a good idea people of the 80's.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Main Man Kan Man

klp discovered the camera on the iPad.  He said, "Mom, I'm GREEN!" We had a little fun doing different poses.  

"Make your silly face!!!!" 

"Open your mouth!"

"Stick out your tongue!" (notice him grabbing my hair....he just can't help it) 

This is Kanyon being soooooo Kanyon and smelling my hair.  He loves hair and he loves to smell it.  I am glad I accidentally captured this very "Kanyon" moment.  


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friends and Family

We've had lots of fun with friends and family lately..

Erin and her kiddos Brown and Ellie came to town for the day.  klp was at school so he missed the fun but we had a great time visiting and getting to see each others kids. 

Our friends Trent and Karessa came to town and their daughter Paisley loves purses.  So when they were here, I got some purses out for her.  Well, my boys LOVED them too.  At least they called them "bags" and usually wore them around their necks.  They did take them to Target and a few other places before they moved on to another toy.  I'm so mad at myself for not getting pictures when they were in town! ughhhhh! 

q riding on the Colliers bucking horse! 


Yet another picture of Meg and Jaylie matching....our friend Amanda made them for the girls.  The matching outfits were totally not planned, but TOTALLY CUTE! 

I love ruffles on the booty!! 

And the best news of all............ELLIE HOBBS SPENCER!! She was born October 13.  We are so happy to have another cousin and I am so happy to have my 8th niece!!!  Yay for Clay and Maurine and their 4th daughter!!!