Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A few random pictures before Thanksgiving

I'll start this post off with a BANG.  This is a "note" Quinn wrote to June one day when she was having a particularly hard time handling her emotions (as is the case most days).......

In case you missed it, it says, "I don't like your cryin' and your screamin'" 
We all agree, Quinn.  But unfortunately the guilty party can't read yet.  I made sure to read it to her so that she knew how her brother felt.  

It still cracks me up that these deer just walk right between my car and my window.  We are in the MIDDLE of town and they're all around us.  

The very beginning of November was a busy day around here! We shipped the first round of calves.  It was a beautiful day and Sayler and Hayven got to skip school and come with their Daddy for the day.  These were the calves born last spring and around shipping time I kept flashing back to the spring and all the time and energy and frustration put into those calves and now here they are all big and grown! Its a blessing to do this, and we are thankful for another year.  

The cousins on shipping day (Kanyon went ahead and went to school....) 

Quinn made this sign.  On one side it said "Go" 

and of course the other side said "Stop"

I'm not sure what he used it for, but I get a kick out of his ideas and how much joy it brings him to use tape.  He can kill a roll of tape in no time.  

Kory dies laughing when he sees this picture.  He had taken Kanyon with him one Saturday morning to check a few things out and a quick job turned into an all day thing (as it often does).  I hadn't sent lunch with them, but Kory usually has a stash of snacks, crackers, candy, etc.  This day he managed to find some Pringles in his pick up and Kanyon had no trouble putting a dent in the can of Pringles.  He was so happy to be riding along in the Ranger and the can of chips made it pure bliss.  He's covered in crumbs and pleased as punch.  

Meanwhile, Super girl is taking care of things on the home front.  

She told me to take her picture with her horse and send it to Daddy.  Done.  

She put her own jacket on! HORRAY!! Who cares that its upside down! Haha. She never noticed the hood on her rear end.  

This is Jaylie with one of our friends Ryla.  Cuties.