Thursday, March 8, 2018

Montana Summer

Updates from Kory....

Jaylie June and her doll both wearing their gowns. 

I sent this picture to Celia, Kanyon's physical therapist in Longview.  I remember when he was just a tiny guy and she would put him in the swing in our back yard and started teaching him to move his legs up and down to swing.  He does it with no trouble now.  While I realize that was at least 8 years ago that she started working on that, its still so fun to see him do something new.  Its a nice reminder that though the pace is often super slow, the boy usually finds a way to do it! 

The Ice Queen made an appearance at the 4th of July parade.  We aren't really sure what this Ice Queen thing is...she's at our Winter Fair but we aren't sure if she crowned herself ice queen and just decided to make it a thing or if it was actually someone's idea.  She is literally missing a front tooth so whatevs. Its the way we roll here in rural America.  

Our favorite float in the parade! 

We loved this guy driving his wagon with ropes on his tractor.  Pretty fancy! 

A sour cream peach pie to celebrate! 

Gram had 4 kittens she was ready to get rid of so we did some advertisement of her to try and find them a new home.  

Tye and Rachael's puppies had grown so much while we were gone.  The cute little fur balls! 

Jaylie was the happiest to see her Daddy of course, but Murphy came in a close second. Reunited and it feels so good! 

A very fancy lady in her cape gown and jewels. 

A little lemonade stand on a sunny day!

We took Drake up to The Butte one evening.....

Kanyon spotted this rock they are sitting on and said it looked like a hamburger! So Hamburger rock it is!! 

Juney girl was a rock climbing maniac.  She was feeling soooooo proud of herself. 

A hot summer day demands a dip in the creek.  (unless you're me and I try to stay out because I think its FREEZING)

It didn't take Drake long to have a farmers tan to impress all his city friends back home.  Here's our summer work gang comparing tan lines. 

The kids had fun jumping off the tubes into the creek.  

Happy in the water, as always.. 

Jona and Juney drying off in the sun and looking really cute! 

The first summer I lived here I almost died when I saw these huge dandelions.  I STILL LOVE THEM SO MUCH! And this freckled face, snuggle tooth boy makes me love them more! 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Back to Montana We Go!

While we were enjoying our last few days in Texas, we were getting updates from the Phillips gang.  The boys playing cribbage with Grandpa.  Looks like all is well!! 

I know there were more pictures of the trip, but I can't find them.....Mom and Dad drove back with me and the kiddos! We drove to Bozeman and they flew back home.  It was fun to extend our time with them a little longer and it was sure great of them to spend 2 days in the car just to make it easier and more fun for us! 

We found this dude in Bozeman!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! It is HARD being away that long.  

We drove back to Lewistown and woke up the next morning all together in our own house! Jaylie was back to serving her baby animals breakfast just like always. 

Kan was reunited with his rocking chair! It is THE place for him...his sweet spot, his home, his comfort zone, everything! 

A few days before we got back home, we had some company! Kory's cousin Drake arrived to spend about 6 weeks with us.  Drake's dad spent a summer on the ranch when he was in college so we were so glad Drake wanted to do the same thing.  We took him to the creek....just to "dip our feet in". 

Which quickly turned into this....

and this....

quickly leads to this...

and ended something like this. 

We gave Kory this old school video game for Father's Day so he got to show Quinn how to dominate Galaga! 

Day 1 back and we were flagging the swather down the highway.  One of the things I've come to love so much is seeing 2 sillouettes riding in a tractor/swather.  I always try to take pictures and I can't quite capture it the way I see it in real life. But it sure is a treasure. (This time the tiny silhouette in the buddy seat belongs to Kanyon). 

Q was the flagger. 

We got the swather back to the ranch and enjoyed a nice visit with Dad under the tree.  

Our summer time in Texas is full of so many great things and no matter how long we stay, we are not ready to leave.  But at the same time, we were happy to get back to Dad and life here.  It was a dry, DRY summer so we ended up missing most of the hay cutting since they had to do it so much earlier than usual to save what we could of the hay.  Its a reminder of how much our life in agriculture depends on things out of our control.  The ripple effect of things like a drought are profound...writing this blog 8 months later and we are still dealing with the effects of it.  But its also a strange feeling of comfort to be connected to God in a way in which we have to rely on him to actually put food on the table and make ends meet.  He always provides and we are learning that as we go around here.