Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cousins Cousins Cousins!

A week in Paris means a week with cousins and boy did we have fun! There are TONS of pics on this post so enjoy/skim it!

My brothers have been letting their girls ski behind the Mule this summer. They have high hopes of them being water skiers at a very young age, so they got the kiddie skis out and tied them together and tied it to the Mule so they can practice. It is so much fun! Here are a few pics of them skiing.

Look for the tiny person way behind the Mule...that's Roselyn

Avery getting ready (they make them squat down just like in the water)
Last minute advice/pep talk from Uncle Clint

Somehow Landry got left inside, but she was watching from the window.

Avery skiing!!!
Avery had a quick change of heart and decided she was done.

Next up was Rosie Jo. They say "Hit it!" to the "boat driver" when they're ready to start. Its so cute.
And there she goes!!!

At one point she started to get nervous and she was yelling "I'm having trouble!! I'm having trouble!!" It was funny! They both do so good and have lots of fun.....and we all get a kick out of watching them. Go to Rachel's blog to see a video of Roselyn (I'm not smart enough to know how to make that a link or I would)

At the end of a long day, there's nothing like a bath with your cousins in green water. Mom bought some pill or something that changed the color. Kinda creepy. As you can see, Kanyon remains very VERY serious about his splashing in the tub no matter who he's with and what color the water is.
My parents with their Grandsons.

Kanyon and Paw Paw were in charge of the grilling one night. I'm sure klp was BIG help.

klp with his Uncle Clay...look how blue both of their eyes are.
When in Paris I try to eat at Taco Delite as much as possible. We would usually meet the boys there on their lunch break. Yummy yummy.

Kanyon has NO IDEA what he's missing with this no eating thing!

klp got to go to Sunday School with Nolan and Landry. He had so much fun!

Full class that day!
Ros wanted to pull him on the horse...

Then ride with him.....
then squeeze him because she just can't help it......

Then Kanyon decided to pull HER around!

Well, just when you think I'm done...Memorial Day weekend came and so did about 20 people! Pics to come!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fish, The Mule, and The Blue Jay

Kanyon and I spent the last week in Paris having lots of fun with my fam. Kory came for Memorial Day weekend (along with lots of other people) but that is another post another day. We had a blast while in Paris, I'm not sure who was spoiled more me or Kanyon. I have TONS of pictures, so I'll have to break them up. This first post is about the staples of my parents house.

Feeding the fish:

This isn't exactly feeding the fish, but he loved splashing in the water

Here is klp throwing the food to the fish

Again...more throwing food.
You can kinda see the perch in this one. They hear us step on the pier and swim towards it. They love the food.

Here is a video of Kanyon feeding the fish. You can see that he means business when he feeds. Rapid fire seems to be his style. And you'll also see his mean mommy make him use his left arm. Enjoy.

The Mule
My mom got the Mule for my dad a couple of years ago and it is THE greatest thing in the world. There is NO TELLING how many miles my parents have driven their grandkids on this thing. They love it. klp went for MULTIPLE rides a day. See what I mean by spoiled. Doesn't he look so big and proud in this picture.

My dad would barely walk in the door from work (sometimes he didn't make it that far) before he was firing up the Mule and taking Kan for a spin.

This was the night we got there. Literally like 5 min. after we got there. No need to waste time.

Mr. Bird is the Blue Jay that lives in my mom's kitchen (she rescued it from my dogs when it fell out of its nest about 6 years ago). Kanyon really loves him. He scoots over to the cage all the time and reaches up for him...he giggles and squeals. He really gets a kick out of him.

Still in his PJ's, Kanyon pays Mr. Bird a visit first thing in the morning.
I have lots more fun pics of our week with our cousins!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

March for Babies

I realize I haven't been popping up on your Google Reader for a while....but here I am. I have several posts on the way, but we'll start with this one. A few weeks ago, we had the March of Dimes March for Babies. Kory had to work that morning, so Kanyon and I walked with the Briscoes. We actually walked with the NICU team from our hospital. It was fun to see all of our nurses and catch up with them.

Me and Holly with our one pounders

Me, klp, Holly, Addison, Patrick
I feel bad because I cut someone out of the picture here, but I think it was someone we didn't know anyways. Obviously, there have been lots of new nurses in the last 2 years, but we're glad to see that lots of our favs are still around.
Here they are!

They gave out shirts that said "NICU graduate" that's what that purple shirt is in the picture.

We had a great day with our old friends and were glad to be a part of the March for Babies. I don't know a ton about March of Dimes, but I know they love preemies so I love them!! :)
Later that night we headed out to the park for Cole's 1st bday. It was great fun! Cole and Kanyon were catching up while Pete looked on.

Christian and Kanyon on the swings.
So that is that. Happy Thursday!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why are Dads so funny?

Sometimes, without any warning, things will strike Kanyon as HILARIOUS and he will laugh uncontrollably. Things like me having the hiccups, me sweeping the floor, scrubbing the shower, squirt toys in the bathtub, and most recently, Kory spitting. Sorry if you're grossed out by spit, but stopping wasn't an option when the giggles began!

This was just the other night. Again, everything KLP does is SOOOOOOOO funny to klp.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The 3 of us here are going through withdrawals today without Gram here with us. She left Monday afternoon and was able to stay swine flu free while here in Texas. We were really hoping she wasn't going to get it, take it back with her, and be responsible for adding Montana to the list of states with swine flu cases! Haha!

Friday, Clint and Rachel had to come to Longview for a while for a meeting, so we got to watch Nolan for a few hours. He is SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Seriously cute. I mean the REAL thing. I could just eat him up.

You try and resist this:

"Bring it on...I dare ya" says tough guy Nolan

Cousins havin' some fun

We went for a walk and it really brought out the serious side of Nolan. Not so much Kanyon.

Gram and klp, Aunt P with crazy hair and Nolan
While we were eating supper one night, we let Kanyon taste/lick some cantaloupe. He liked it as much as he likes any food. It would go something like this:
A hesitant taste:

a moment of reflection/psych himself up for another lick

go back for more!

Gram was our chief rocker/putter to sleep.
Since he was not totally repulsed by the cantaloupe, I put it in one of those mesh food things that I swore I would never have because they grossed me out so bad. He would chew on it some. That's success round our parts. As you can see, he was very skeptical.

We're also starting to try to learn to drink from something besides a bottle. Our ST at OCH suggested this Honey Bear thing. Its a honey bear with a tube for a straw. You can squeeze the bear and let the drink come up the straw and help them learn to suck on a straw. So far, he just blows on it and laughs really hard. He's very cautious and jerks away as soon as he feels the liquid (though this picture looks like he's doing it perfectly). He enjoys chewing on the straw also. Its all a part of the learning process with this new thing.

Here are the 2 buddies. We really missed Chief and wish he would've been with us.
Gram tried to pack him in her suitcase. He was all for it!