Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas in Paris

I just put a ridiculous amount of pictures on this blog-who knows if they're in the right order! Here we go...our CHRISTMAS IN PARIS!!

We went to GREAT Aunt Gwen Ann's Sunday afternoon. Kanyon was very very happy to see her and take a nap in her room! Sorry this is out of order.

Santa came to my parents' house early this year since it's our year to be gone. Santa was tricky and came in the afternoon. This was a first, but we all went on the stairs and walked around the corner just like it was morning! Here is Kanyon in his Christmas PJ's lookin' pretty cute!

Checking out his stocking:
His bulldog tasted yummy..his daddy added his touch with Santa on his head!
This was also a first for me and Kory as Santa had to come see our son so we had a new role this year! :) Here is Kanyon with his present (Santa decided to bring this one to Paris and his other one to Montana since it would be hard to travel with).

He spits out the thummy in amazement at this interesting bundle beside him:
He is so smart...he started opening it!!
YEAH!! Of course like every other toy this boy has, it is dual purpose. A therapist suggested getting some kind of ball that vibrates and has textures. So we put that at the top of Kanyon's list. This isn't exactly what we were looking for but its the best we-I mean Santa- could do.

Christmas makes him sleepy.

Avery and Roselyn got new hats. They were so funny! They were a little too tight, but that actually worked for Avery, I think it was too tight for her to pull off!
My parents with their little elves
Ok, so maybe the best gift of Christmas was given Saturday night in our "just us" gift exchange. My mom and Clint share a love for the TLC show Miami Ink..of course now they love LA Ink and London Ink too. Maybe its because they're the artists in the family, but whatever the reason, they're kind of into these shows and therefore have taken in a new appreciation for the art of tattooing. So Rachel gave them tatoos! They are these sleeve things that you put on your arm that look like you tatted your whole arm. Pretty nasty, but very very funny!

Once again, Christmas makes Kanyon very sleepy.

Avery and Roselyn each got a wagon from Mom and Dad. They were a hit! Notice Clint is still showing off his tatto.
Clint pulled Roselyn around in hers until she literally fell asleep. She was nodding off as he pulled her and she finally fell over on her arm zonked out.
Nice Avery, nice (or naughty).

We also had our Christmas with Mom's sisters and family. It was so fun. As usual, Aunt Nancye pulled through with some irreplaceable must-haves for the giant stocking and the giant alligator (the alligator came with an outfit in those colors to match). Thanks Auntie!!

OK, so maybe the tattoo sleeves weren't the best...maybe Kanyon got the best gift from his Uncle Clint and Aunt you may recall, last year we gave Clint (yes, Clint) some Jordan's for Roselyn. Well, he returned the favor and got Kanyon some!!! He got the 22's so he could have the ones from his birth year. Pretty cool. I will warn you that there is an insane amount of pictures with these shoes. If you are not a basketball person you will think we're crazy. If you are a basketball person you might still think we're crazy. So we have a weak spot for bball shoes. Clint likes it because he gets to spend time researching, shopping, and buying them in the name of the children in his life! Just an excuse to feed his addiction.
This picture was real..not posed. We were excited to open the shoes and this shirt. Kanyon was so taken aback that he had to turn and look the other way.
Rachel made him a "Fresh out the Box" shirt his size with his shoes on it. Oh so thugish...oh so sweet.
We didn't even bother to take off the PJ's. The shoes had to go on ASAP. This is also a first. He's never had shoes on his feet. His first pair of shoes he ever got were his cowboy boots from Chief and Gram when he was born, but he's still got to grow into those. Boots and Jordans...what more could he want.
If you look closely you can see that Kanyon was overcome with emotion when we put the shoes on him. He was so very pleased.

Decked out in new shirt and shoes. Once again, all of this is a little emotional.
Santa brought Roselyn a new pair of shoes (think her daddy wrote her letter to Santa?)since she's already outgrown hers from last year. So..this was perfect. Avery can wear Roselyn's old ones and Kanyon and Roselyn wear their new ones. We decided to try to get a picture of this. Notice the girls' attire. They are wearing their new tutus from aunt nancye. Avery in her pj's and roselyn in her, tutu, bloomers, no dress, and tights pulled up (not sure how that happened). Very high fashion.
Chaos!...when will we quit trying to take pictures?
Daddy's with their proud feet!
Pretty great picture!

OK, so that was our Christmas....sorry it was mostly pictures of overpriced frivolous yet irresistible shoes for our babies. Everyone has a weak spot and we admit we've found ours.
We had our 9 month check up and things were good. Kanyon weighed 13.4 (50th percentile) and was 25 1/2 in. (75th percentile). He only gained a pound in the last month and a half so he told us to start adding a little cereal to my milk. Still trying to figure out how to cut the nipples on his bottles just right. I hope I don't ruin too many trying to figure this out. I don't want to go buy the ones made for this because they won't fit my bottles. We'll see. Dr. Chris thought Kanyon looked good and we're thankful for that.
This may be our last post for a while because we leave Sunday for MONTANA!!!! We are so very excited to see everyone and be there on the ranch..its been a year and a half! I also have to say that I"m a little nervous about traveling and stuff. We are flying and I'm really nervous about the germy airports and germy planes. I just don't want him to get sick while we're up there. He's been so healthy so far...we need to keep that going until we get back! It just scares me to go from staying home to airplanes..the germiest place on earth! Please pray for UNEVENTFUL travel and for Kanyon to stay strong and healthy. We'll be back New Year's Day! Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Toys Same Old Tricks

New Toy!! Some wonderful ladies (2nd grade teachers!!) gave me this exersaucer at my shower and Kanyon is about ready for it! We got it out a while ago, but no amount of blankets could hold him up! So we got it back out this weekend, packed some blankets in there for a little support, and Kanyon did pretty good! He spent quite a bit of time doing what he's doing in the first picture..sucking on the chair, but he looked around some too. We only put a couple of toys on there since he can't reach them anyways. He only lasted a little over 5 minutes, but that's OK..once again these "fun toys" are sometimes torture chambers for a little boy trying to get stronger.

Here he is taking a look around. Can you see his chubby forehead? He has had this since he was little bitty. When he raises his eyebrows it shows his widows peak and his chubby forehead! I'd also like to point out the can kinda see it in this picture.
Another new toy....Green beans...same old trick...making a mess! He gagged a lot the first time I gave him green beans, but he got better the next day. Still working on this whole thing. Thanks Jules for the cool bib!
I was trying to wrap presents the other day but I spent more time wrapping a diaper!!! SAME OLD TRICK! Can you tell he was pretty excited in this picture...he's about to come out of his diaper, bouncy seat, and whatever he's looking at seems pretty thrilling!!!
Addison stopped by tonight to drop off a present (she's so sweet!).....she got Kanyon a hat to match hers! If you look closely, you'll notice they have matching socks too...Addison gave these to Kanyon last week. I put them over his pj's for the picture. Addison is such a good friend..she's so thoughtful! Kanyon and I rode in the car with Kory to get milk and he fell asleep in the car so he was still in his seat when they got here and Addison was asleep in way we were waking them up!
The hats were a little too big!
I decided before I ever had kids that when I did, I wanted to buy an ornament each Christmas for each of my kids. Here are mine for this year.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Dr. Report and Christmas Boy

First of all, I'll give you the report we got from the neurosurgeon on Tuesday. The CT scan showed that the shunt was in the right place and that it was working (meaning the fluid build-up) was less. That is good news. He is a little concerned about his eyes (movement, bobbing, no tracking, etc.) but said we'll just have to wait and see (like everything else). He looked at his foot and was a little puzzled by it so we're going back in 3 months for an MRI to check and see if they can't figure out why his foot is still bent and there are no reflexes. SOOOO that is that. No big news, but we're not in surgery, so we're glad about that! We are thankful.

The other night I put Kanyon on the bed by Kory while I went in the other room to do something and this is what I found....joining dad in his bible reading!

Kanyon is starting to get in the Christmas spirit! Here's our little Santa Elf
The Rudolph blanket was tricky for some reason. I think because our elf was hungry!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Fun

I took this first picture because I love to see him from behind...his skinny little neck with those ears sticking out. I just think it is so cute!

He's actually looking straight ahead while he's sitting! (even if it is just for a second) We've been working on looking both ways. He usually only looks to the right so we're working on building the muscles on BOTH sides.
Friday Addison came over to visit. Kanyon was not the best host. He slept almost the whole time . He never sleeps that much during the day and he was zonked out! Mindi and I had a hard time getting a picture of both of them smiling. They are such good friends!
Our sweet friends Dickey and Louise called a few weeks back and said they had a Texas Roadhouse gift card for us, but there was a catch....we couldn't take the baby! Friday night they came over and played with Kanyon while Kory and I went to dinner! It was so fun for us especially this time of year since we can't take him out... eating out was a treat! And Kanyon loved having them all to himself! THANKS DICKEY AND LOUISE!!!!

Saturday we went to the Christmas tree farm to cut down a tree. It was nice weather...not cold at all. It was very windy so that is the reason for the awesomeness of my hair in these pictures. (yucky). Not only did Kanyon get his first Christmas tree, but he also wore jeans for the first time. He looked so cute and big. (thanks auntie nancye!)
We had to get a smaller tree this year because of our furniture computer situation in our living room. We're both big tree people, so we were a little sad. Kory made the rule that he would NOT have a tree smaller than him! Kanyon was wanting to get one his size. Maybe this will be our tree in a few years.
I had to cover his ears with the wrap since the wind was blowing. Tree hunting makes you very sleepy!
"I'm the happiest Christmas Tree oh oh oh ee ee ee Someone came and they found me and took me home with them" Lyrics from one of my all time fav Christmas songs (Nat King Cole Christmas for Kids tape). Yes tape. It is a classic at my parents' house.

Sunday was our Baby Dedication for all 2007 babies (13 of them I think). It was quite a crew and they actually got a picture of all of them together! Kanyon wore this grown up shirt..jeans and a polo in one weekend! WOW! Like most days it was bitter sweet for us. They honored Jayde's memory which important to us. We just wish so bad she was here.
Sunday was a big day for another reason....BABY FOOD! We started with Bananas. Don't ask me why I got organic. I guess I got suckered. He did OK. Feeding is not Kanyon's strong point so this, like the rest, will be a work in progress for a while. I was actually encouraged because he opened his mouth a couple of times. We'll see how today goes.
"Bananas?? Whats that?"
"Shakin' em off"
Another one of Kanyon's newest tricks...Taking off his diaper. His hands are constantly moving and his right hand ALWAYS finds the Velcro strap on the diaper and pulls until it comes off. Nice.

We are heading to Dallas tomorrow for a checkup with our neurosurgeon. He'll get a CT scan and check in. Hopefully no big news, but we'll keep you posted.