Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kanyon's Famous Peeps

Remember this guy at Halloween??

Well, our friend Cassi called one day a few weeks after Halloween and said she had the most random and cool thing to tell me. It went something like this: (It has been a while, so Cass, if I don't get all the details right, feel free to correct me!) Cassi works with some guy who was an Olympic swimmer back in the day and now works with the US Swim Team in some way, maybe like marketing or something...can't remember exactly. Anyways, Cassi saw our Halloween pictures and thought they were funny and thought her friend at work would appreciate it since he was a former swimmer and just the kind of person who would get a kick out of a baby in a speedo. So she emailed him the picture. THEN he called her back and said that he loved it so much he sent it to Michael Phelps!!! SOOOO Michael Phelps got a big enough kick out of it that he sent Kanyon an autographed poster! In all honesty, we're not 100% on the authenticity of the autograph, but who cares! He sent him the poster!!! So, thanks to Cassi we have a great new poster!!! We've actually had it for a while, I just keep forgetting to blog about it. And could you please pretend you're reading this BEFORE the whole Phelps with the bong pictures emerged on TMZ!! Thanks.

OK the next one actually started back when the twins were born. My cousin Julie is a news anchor in Waco, so she got to do a lot of coverage of President Bush since his ranch is right outside of Waco. Anyways, Julie eventually got to be friends with people close to the prez and when our babies were born, she told them about their birth. We got a part hand written/part typed official for real signed letter from President Bush sending his condolences on the loss of Jayde. THEN a few days after his 2nd birthday, we receive an envelope addressed to Master Kanyon Phillips. From none other than George W. himself. Another hand written/typed letter wishing Kanyon a happy 2nd birthday.

No way I was letting him touch the real letter, but this is the envelope.
So, pretty much Kanyon is famous. If you'd like a play date or a chance to hang out with him, Have your people call his people. Ha ha.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I meant to add this to the post I did this morning. We will do ANYTHING to keep klp happy during the last few minutes of his time in the standing frame. Last night, KLP decided to teach him how to juggle.

Little Bit of Everything

klp loves my orange folder. My orange folder is precious to me. I keep all of his paperwork, info, insurance stuff, etc. that I need at appointments and stuff. It fills up in no time and I have to thin it out and file it in the filing cabinet, but on any given day there are HUNDREDS of papers in that folder......or on my floor if I leave it in a low place!

I really want a picture of what his diaper looks like when his pants come down. This doesn't speak highly of my housekeeping, but i PROMISE i sweep and mop on a very regular basis!!! SHEESH!!! This pic doesn't do it justice, but I tried. Ollie was jealous he wasn't in the picture.
So I put him in this one. They really do love to be around each other.

Remember those drawers I talked about in a previous post. The ones in the living room where there is one he can get in (with the pens and stuff...i had a pic of him playing in it) and one he's not supposed to get in. He's done pretty good with it, but the other day I was gone to a wedding shower and when I got in, Kory said, "you know how sometimes I turn my back and Kanyon does stuff......" and he held up this candle. He bit it!!!!!! If you look closely you can see the perfect mold of his 4 front teeth! It looks like a bunny or a beaver took a nibble. Of course he went into a major gagging fit (as he does if ANYTHING with texture touches his tongue) but he made it through Ok. I just can't throw this candle away. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

We were getting ready for church Sunday and KLP went to put some flip flops on klp. When he came back in the room, he had on this!!!! Uncle Clint and Aunt Sydni gave it to him a while back and we've been WAITING for it to fit his teeny tiny little head!! Aunt Sydni...do you like him better in the MSU BLUE??!!!! :) He looked so cute and even left it on for a little bit before he took it off. Its a little big, but not too bad, now we just have to teach him to leave it on!

On Friday, our great friend Terri Lee came through. She is a friend from CDR and we don't get to see her near enough. Of course klp LOVED her!!! Thanks for stopping by Terri!

Last week in Dallas we got to eat dinner with Auntie Ali. Afterwards, we went to her apartment so the two of them could play the guitar!! Kanyon LOVED it and Ali was a great teacher!
Yeah for Auntie Ali!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Time of Year

Since Jayde and Kanyon's birthday in March I am almost constantly thinking back to what we were doing this time 2 years ago. I have driven to the hospital several times in the past few weeks for appointments and stuff and it feels all to familiar. The weather is the same, the road is the same, I'm just so glad there's not a pump beside me in the car and a baby waiting for me in a NICU. As we near the coming home celebration time of year, I thought I'd post some pictures of specific things I've thought about and in a weird way missed this time of year. Not miss in the sense that you want to do it again or you wish it was still that way, but that WAS a time in our life that has made us who we are, so there is some sentimental feelings attached to it. Maybe that makes some sense. Just for the record, these first few pictures are taken off either my blog or my sis in laws. I obviously wasn't with it enough to have my camera the first few days so I have none on my own computer. Please excuse the poor quality, but enjoy the sweetness.

Kanyon on Day 1 with Kory's hand. The whole ring fitting on his arm (and being very loose by the way) gets more amazing to me as time goes on. He was covered in saran wrap because he couldn't stay warm.
Jayde holding my hand. I have very few vivid memories of those first couple of days, but this is one. I remember being so proud of her that she had the reflexes to grasp my finger.

Nurse Jim moving Jayde to the other side.

Even though the bruising looks worse in this picture (NICU lighting isn't always the best) this is one of my favorite pictures of Jayde.
Going to visit. The nurses were so great to let my brothers come in while Kory's parents were on their way (and then they let Kory's brothers come in too) Here we are looking at Jayde. As scary as it was, notice the smiles on our faces.

Holding Kanyon. I was 100% scared and 100% happy. He was 100% cute. This was also the intro to the plaid pearl snap shirt.

Kory's first hold. Unfortunately, that was at least a month later.

You're never too tiny to be cool.

Holds became a little more frequent and I became a little less nervous. Kanyon remained very comfy!

We looked forward to the notes "from Kanyon" the night nurses wrote to us. They weighed and measured at midnight so they always left us a report.

Trip to Children's. These were dark days. 2 weeks.

My first Mother's Day. I spent it at Children's in Dallas, then the next year I spent it at Baylor for Feeding Camp in Dallas, so this year was my FIRST Mother's Day NOT in a hospital!!!

Hitting milestones. He hit 4lbs. and got to move to an open crib and wear clothes!

I remember this day because it was the day I decided I liked baby blue. I thought I was anti-baby blue all preparing to have a boy, but then I walked in they had him all wrapped up in this blue and he looked so cute.
We miss his Nurses. This is Kathy. We miss them all, but don't get to see her since she moved hospitals.

This is a little out of order but I got REALLY good at doing things through the isolette. i used to watch the nurses take care of other babies through those holes and wonder how in the world they did it. You really do figure it out pretty fast.

Growing hands.

Diaper rash trouble. I walked in one night and they said "he's back on oxygen" and I was so disappointed! Then I walked over there and they had the oxygen mask on his little hiney so it could dry out the rash. hahaha!

Our anniversary. We also spent the next one at Baylor so this was our first in 3 years NOT in a hospital!

klp's first bottle! I'm still mad at him for tricking us into thinking he was going to be a pro eater. I also loved this outfit. Martha, its from you. It was actually a preemie outfit that fit. It was tiny and so cute.

My little joey kangaroo was outgrowing the shirt. By the way, I did WASH the shirt, I just took it right back so I always had a button up shirt there.

This was when things started to get a little more fun. We were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and things were moving smoothly.

VISITORS!!! When we moved to IMC our friends could actually SEE Kanyon! Here are the Pruitts!
Once the Oxygen was gone, we could hold him up on our shoulders like a big boy. I am also reminded of the bubble. That was the temporary shunt draining.

This was the first night we were in IMC and our friends jumped and ran to come see Kanyon!

One of my FAV pictures. This was also another favorite little outfit.

More fav outfits.

This is hard to see, but one day I came to visit and rang the doorbell and KANYON answered it. Look really closely and you can see Nurse Melissa holding him up. By this time we were days away from going home and the nurses just played with him all day!

We came in one evening to visit and they said, "Y'all need to go somewhere! He's about to come home!!! " so we went to Beaver's Bend for a short little get-away and enjoyed ourselves before bringing our baby home.

Well, that should about cover it. Just a few weeks we'll celebrate the Phillips Phamily Independence Day!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures of the Big Brother

Before I go on....do you love my new header?? My cuz Paige took a few pictures of Kanyon while we were in Paris. She is a photographer in the DFW area and is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! She got great shots of Kan and like 2 days later this header was in my inbox!! If you need the best photographer in the world, check her out www.paigepearsonphotography.com
And I must say thank you to my sis in law Rachel who received this header in HER inbox shortly after because I have NO CLUE how to change it. Where would my blog be without Paige and Rachel??

Not quite sure how to follow that last post. WOW! Thanks for all of your sweet comments. It feels so good to know that so many people love this baby already and are praying for our healthy pregnancy! Thank you!

I haven't posted much lately so I went to my camera to see what pictures I had on it. Not many, but here are a few.

Gary and Sharon came over and watched Kanyon so we could go to dinner for our Anniversary. They have been LIFE SAVERS for us. They love Kanyon so much and he loves them! SO DO WE!!! Not sure what happened to his pants. He probably didn't want to put them on so they didn't make him. They're cool like that.

For some reason, I've never thought to let klp play the piano at my aunt and uncle's house. We're over there all the time and it has never occurred to me. He LOVED it. I wish you could see his face better...he's sticking his tongue out with his mouth wide open. Total concentration. He loved the piano! Notice he's playing with this left hand (if you look closer, you'll see that I'm holding down his right one, but thats OK!)

We went back to Windridge Friday and had a great time. We'd had to miss several other appointments out there so we were happy to finally get to go again. He loved it and did great. This picture is of him up on all 4's but you can't see it good. He got tired doing this...its HARD, but he did great. I wasn't planning on including this in this post, but his therapist gave me a handout thingy with some info on it about hippotherapy and there was one particular part that was interesting, so I thought I'd share it: The key to success for this therapeutic approach is that at a walk, the horse's movement causes the rider's pelvis/hips to move almost the same way as it moves when they walk on the ground. This is meaningful to their body, especially if they have trouble walking or can't walk. In normal growth, when children begin to walk, they also blossom in many other areas such as their speech, curiosity, and understanding, in addition to their strength, balance and coordination. When these children feel the movement of a horse, their bodies seem to "wake up" a bit and they often progress faster in many areas and movement seems to "make more sense" to them-possibly for the first time in their lives.
that says it much better than I did/could do.
Here is just ONE of the reasons why Kasey is one of klp's favorite people. Not only is she a great hostess/friend/roommate/2nd mommy when we're in Dallas every week, but she's lots of fun. She gave klp a roll of paper towels and he was happy for hours! By the end of the night they were all over her apartment, but she didn't care!!!

I took this today when I sat down in the hall to take his picture playing. He saw me, stopped playing and this is what happened. I was attacked!!! Pretty fierce, huh? please ignore my nasty spider toes.

One of his favorite places is the drawer in our coffee table. He LOVES to open it and sit and play and pull everything out. This one is OK because its just pens and phone books and stuff. The other one has candles and a couple of breakable things in it. He's actually learning that he can only open the other one. LEARNING....not LEARNED, but we're getting better!

yes, the pants coming down is still a problem around here. Probably will be until the booty scoot is no more. Which isn't happening any time soon! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary

Friday, June 5th, Kory and I celebrated our 5th anniversary! We had a great day! Mostly because we got to see this:

Our next little one to love!!! We are very excited! I am about 12 weeks, so we have known for quite a while, but I wanted to have a sonogram first before we started telling. We got the shock of our lives on that sono table once and I wanted to make sure we didn't again this time before we started telling people. There is one healthy baby due to come around December 22. My due date has changed several times, but that is the one the Dr. is going with. I met with her today she kind of lined out our plan for this pregnancy. We will do several things throughout this to hopefully prevent/stay on top of and signs of early labor.
Yes, sometimes I panic when I think about keeping up with Kanyon in all of his Kanyon-ness AND a new baby (not to mention my possible limitations as my pregnancy progresses), but we are ready. We knew we wanted more kids and we wanted them to be kinda close together. There was never going to come a time where I felt like I could totally handle it, so here we are! It will be a great adventure as Kanyon embarks on big brother hood!
We are really really REALLY praying for a DECEMBER baby!!! We wanna make it the WHOLE pregnancy! Bring on the 3rd trimester (never made it the first time), glucose test (never got to that either), swollen feet, giant belly, miserable hugeness....there won't be any complaints here!!! So, you can add another baby to the Phillips Phamily!! YEAH!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

If you can't splash with the big dog, stay outta the pool

Doodle took some pictures of Kanyon playing in the pool. They crack me up. In case you haven't noticed, he ain't kiddin' around. Notice the furrowed brow and the tongue. He is gonna be a tongue sticker outer I think. He does it anytime he's really concentrating or working hard. Both of which he's doing in the pool.

Even the most intense splashers can smile once in a while