Thursday, August 28, 2008


This eating the mat thing is out of control.

He's relentless....and especially so now that he figured out the numbers come out! (notice the bite marks)
Yeah sure, Mr. Don't try and be cute now! (you see how he pulls up all the blankets to get to his buried treasure!)
On another note, we got out the Johnny Jump-up. He doesn't really get it. He just hangs there.
Then he found the tag on the back and was completely and totally occupied with trying to figure out how to get it into his mouth!

Have a great LONG weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Phillips Phamily Garage Sale Weekend

I had a garage sale this past weekend! Mom, Maurine, Avery, and Landry all came to help. I could not have done it without them! Garage Sales are always a lot of work, but throw in these munchkins and that took it to another level. We did lots of tag teaming and got it done with great success. 2 things you should know before you continue:
1. These pictures will show the nice tint of red in our necks. Sorry....I don't think its possible to have a garage sale and be anything else...what fun. I grew up doing this with my cousins so hopefully this was the first of MANY for our kids...shirtless, pantsless, bare footed, dirty, sweaty, kids.

2. This post is mostly Avery. She was absolutely hilarious and perfect all weekend. She played SO HARD every day and was in the best mood and took all the craziness and kept right on going.

Here are our little garage sale elves. Avery, Kanyon, and Landry.

Kanyon only kept his clothes on for about 30 minutes. It was just too hot.
A little offended here that he was only priced at 50 cents.
The slightly more expensive Landry was up for grabs too. I don't know who deserves more credit...Landry for putting up with us, or Maurine for working so hard and doing all of this with this little one...even when she was screaming!
While we were setting up and having the sale, Avery found lots of treasures that she was so very pleased with.

I love this shot with her hands in her pockets. LoLo, she loved your boots, but someone named the right price and took them!

The "princess dress" on the other hand was bought by Maurine. Avery was having too much fun with it. I actually think its going to be a birthday present for SHHHHHHH don't tell her.
Like every lovely princess, Avery had to see herself on the camera.
What princess ballerina doesn't need more shoes?!

Addison came over Friday afternoon. She was impressed my Kanyon's muscles.

We got out the bubble generator...thanks Kasey. Avery loved it!

Avery loved to help get Kanyon up when he woke up from his naps.
She was so cute with Kanyon. She would tilt her head and talk to him in a baby voice just like a grown woman. She even helped him put his thumby back in.

Sweet cousins had lots of fun together.
Kory became one of Avery's favorite people. (How do dad's manage that...they are gone all day and then come home and THEY are the favorite!!)
Here is Avery taking care of Kanyon and her Baby Bear. Another post-nap chat with Avery.

Saturday night we went to Cooper T's birthday party. We didn't get to stay the whole time, so I only have a couple of pictures. This is K's bud Cooper P.
And the dads. I like this picture a lot. Notice the boys are both ignoring me and continuing their staring contest.
And we ended the wild weekend with a trip to Addison's house. They both had on their converse shoes, but Addison was being much more cooperative with the camera...maybe Mindi got better pics. I do think Kanyon might be kissing her shoulder. He's so romantic.

We made lots of money and lots of memories. More memories than money, but that's what its all about.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cool Blog

Thanks Paige for the cool blog header. She caught me up with the latest blog trends, otherwise I'd still be green and boring. Thanks to Mindi who had to actually put it up. I'm a computer idiot.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kory's Birthday Present

We gave Kory a picture of us for his birthday, so now that it is over, I can share some of them. These are just a few, but let me tell you how AMAZINGLY AMAZING, AWESOME, TALENTED, PATIENT, FUN, CREATIVE, SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD my cousin Paige is. "Well, you're just saying that because she's your cousin!" you say. NO WAY...take a look for yourself. go to You will have so much fun looking at the way she captures moments, personalities, and LIFE in each person she photographs. She is in the DFW area (but makes trips to Paris for shoots) so if you need family, baby, maternity, engagement, senior pics, or ANYTHING you should call her. I mean it! Do you get how great I think she is!!!???

Here are a few of our favorites:

We're in the middle of a garage stay tuned for the garage sale post complete with bare feet, naked babies, and lots of "treasures".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kanyon's Toys! (and some other things)

This is not a toy, but it is a follow-up on Kory's birthday present. Kanyon DID NOT spit up all over Kory on his birthday, so that was nice. He did wear this shirt for him. It is a Lewistown, MT Tshirt (Kory's hometown) that the Hill's gave him. Thanks Hills!!! This was a problem due to a toy. While Llon and Lori were in town last week, Kanyon and Landon had their first fight. Honestly, Kanyon was pretty much a wimp and poor Landon felt bad. He was trying to show Kanyon this cool ring toy and accidentally hit Kanyon (not very hard, I might add) Kanyon curled the bottom lip and put on a nice little pouty show. BUT he made a full recovery and he and Landon were back to being buddies in no time. Check out the pouting happening in this picture and sweet Landon showing so much empathy!
This was Kanyon's "Happy Home Day" present this year but we're just now getting to play in it. It looks as if Kanyon is FURIOUS at Ollie, but he's not.........
He was trying to copy him by sticking his tongue out too!
Not real sure what to think of it, but he liked it. We'll be able to do lots more swinging when it is a little cooler out.

The other day I was refilling his bottle and he picked it up and did this: He knows what to do with it!!
Then he did this: He does this with almost everything he picks up. He holds it really close to his eyes to do some intense research before putting it in his mouth again. BUT IT ALWAYS goes back in his mouth so the criteria must be pretty broad. I thought this looked like a funny nose.
This has become one of Kanyon's favorite toys. You can see the joy on his face here! He is really into anything that spins and so this part of his exersaucer gets a work out. He spins it really really hard with everything he's got and gets very excited!
I love this face because his lip curls when he's really working on something and he works pretty hard on this spinning thing....I caught him in a post-spin follow through!
He spins so hard he flinches!
Now we just have to work on the whole "if you try to eat it it stops spinning" thing. He can't quite get it.
There WAS a globe on here that he could spin, but he broke it. Told you he liked to spin!
He and the lizard have recently become acquainted. I don't know if this qualifies as a toy, but he plays with it so it does to me. I had to buy some of those padded interlocking squares to make a mat since we have wood floors. Well, klp is all over the place on this thing. Here he is about to attack me! Looks pretty fierce, huh?
He works his way to the edges to pick up the blankets and find the blocks...he is OBSESSED! I don't know if its the bumpy texture or if he just likes making me crazy. He works so hard to get over there and dig until he finds them. Guess where they go?
Eating one just isn't enough...he keeps on digging for more!

He is eating pretty well lately and even letting me sit down for more of the feeding. Holding 18 1/2 lbs for an entire feeding/wrestling match really gets tiring. Today he let me sit for 5 ounces...definitely a record! We're still waiting on the paperwork and insurance stuff to start outpatient therapy back in Dallas. They will be the ones to start trying him on spoon feeding and such. He is getting so funny lately. He will laugh and play with us and he is ALL OVER THE place wherever we put him down (rolling and flopping and squirming...not crawling or anything)I don't know if its him or if I just think he's extra cute (maybe its connected to the fact that he's eating better) but he has been melting my heart with his toothy smile (by the way, he has all 4 molars now! HOLY COW!). I really think I kiss him 3 million times a day and the other day I gave him a hug and must have squeezed him too hard because I made him spit up. Oops.