Monday, January 21, 2013

Jaylie is 4 months....and then 5 months!

Our sweet girl just keeps on being cute, adorable, fun, sweet, content, smiley, laughy (really she cackles), gassy (sorry, its true), wide-eyed, aware of EVERYTHING around her, and a big huge gigantic blessing to the Phillips Phamily! 

Can you tell she was ready for a nap?  

The hair that she did have all fell out during her 4th month.  She had a sweet little bald head.  

During the 5th month, all that hair grew back! 

She continues to be happy, easily entertained, and content.  I have NOTHING to complain about when it comes to that.  She loves to watch the action around her and can now stay up longer during the day and enjoy the fun.  She no longer just falls asleep whenever and wherever, she doesn't want to miss anything!  She is still not crazy about her paci, but will take it some. She prefers to gnaw on her hands and fingers.  She found her thumb a couple of times but hasn't turned in to a thumb sucker like I thought she would.  She still wakes up at night and prefers to have a good long morning sleep.  Her big eyes are always watching and her big smile is almost constant.  We were a little late on her 4 month check up so she was 5 months, but her stats were:
15 lb. 8 oz. -25th percentile
27 1/2 in. -97th percentile
Summary: a healthy long and lanky girl! :)

I love Jaylie June!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I take so many pictures of her.  She's the easiest child to photograph because she's the least mobile.  So here is a Jaylie June picture post. 

Lovin' her Daddy

Getting ready for bath time. Only a Dad would hold a baby like this....

She found her toes! 

Its a special treat to her when she's wearing socks and then finds her toes! 

She rolled over while we were in Paris!!!  back to tummy...she's almost got the tummy to back thing figured out, but not just yet.  

She looks like such a big girl pushed up on her elbows looking around.  

Toes. Again. They're the best thing ever. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hanging out in Paris

Since I'm still in the middle of my 6 weeks of "recovery" me and the kids stayed in Paris to have the help of my parents. It was WONDERFUL.  We had fun, the kids did great, we enjoyed being together, and I got the best help there is.  

I literally layed around ALL DAY for the 10 days I was in Paris. I left the house maybe twice and I'm pretty sure I had on PJ pants both times.  
Laying around means lots of snuggles with some cute kids.  

When all this happened to me so suddenly, both of my parents almost completely stopped their lives to take care of me and my kids.  Most grandpas aren't ever in the position to take care of a baby around the clock, but my dad did and he and Jaylie became big buddies.  He fed her, changed her, got up at night with me, took my boys on Mule rides even though it was FREEZING outside all week, and kept wood on the fire all day everyday. He was SUCH a HUGE help to my mom and me!  And check out those rosy cheeks on Jaylie June.....the cold weather made her nose and cheeks red and it was really cute.  

Q has always been a nurturing little boy and he was quite taken with my old baby doll one night.  He was so sweet asking for a burp rag and patting her and holding her.  He even slept with her one night.  Sweet boy. 

Is there anything sweeter?????

klp was showing Jaylie the basketball and telling her ALL about it.

Sometimes you just need a good ol' rock in Gay Gay's lap before bed.

Me and Ro having some fun with the phone.

One night mom got out some of my old clothes and we had so much fun putting them on Jaylie.  I should've looked through old pictures of me to do a comparison, but I didn't think of it til it was too late.  
Here are my old PJ's.  They were made of rough material and terribly uncomfortable so she just wore them long enough to take pictures.  

My old Christmas dress.  Good grief she was cute in it! 

This tshirt says "I'm the little sister" and has my name (in felt letters) on the back. 

On Friday, Kory took the boys to Dallas for one of his cousins wedding so my parent's house got a lot less busy.  Jaylie enjoyed long naps in Gay Gay's lap

....and Gay Gay enjoyed a little nap with a baby on her chest.  No one deserves this nap more than my mom.  She has worked SO HARD the last month and taken care of us, hosted an awesome Christmas, and kept on going with my crew.  I feel like I've more than met my quota of help from Mom, but she just keeps on helping me! She's the best.  

Later that night, the Juney girl fell sleep on me and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of her.

Kory's cousin sent me this picture of our boys with her boys Wes and Kolin at the wedding.  I was SO sad to miss it and miss seeing all the family! 

We really had a wonderful time in Paris and I got really spoiled with all the rest, help, and good food.  Now I'm back at my own house trying to get settled back in after Christmas and being gone almost 2 weeks. klp started back to school and therapy and we're getting back in the swing of things.  Technically I still have another couple of weeks of "taking it easy" but I'm gradually doing more and more. I've been so out of the loop for so long I feel like I have no idea whats going on in the real world.  I haven't seen friends, worn real clothes, makeup, or anything else that requires leaving my house.  It will feel good to get back to more of our normal life.

Friday, January 11, 2013

After Christmas

Kory had to got back to work the day after Christmas so that meant I was in charge of making sure the boys took advantage of the snow covered yard. It was COLD.  My mom was there so she helped me layer the clothes on the boys and went out with us in the FREEZING COLD.  We are kinda wimps when it comes to cold, so we were patting ourselves on the back. It really wasn't all that bad and we had fun! 

This is out of order, but when my dad was here helping with the kids after my heart attack, he pulled klp's second tooth.  I knew it was super loose but didn't want to have to pull it myself, so I put the dentist on it.  klp was painting at his little table and Dad went over there and pulled the tooth and said Kan never looked up from his painting! ha!   So here's Paw Paw with the tooth and klp trying his hardest to smile and show me his missing tooth.  

I mentioned how unimpressed he was with the dollar the tooth fairy left him after the first tooth, so he got coins this time and was HAPPY! 

OK...back to after Christmas fun......I went back to Paris with my parents so I could "lay low" and keep recovering there.  Kory came when he got off work Friday and was able to stay til after New Years. It was a really fun time with a non stop fire in the fireplace, a great adult to kid ratio, and late night wa-hoo games.  

j got to hang out with little cousin Ellie!!  I'm so excited to have a baby girl cousin only 2 months younger than juney girl! Built in fun!

We had a lazy New Years Day with Clint and Rachel's crew.  klp enjoyed snuggling with them!

Nolan, klp, and Roselyn watching something on the iPhone. Nolan was literally hanging off of a storage box watching. 

Ro showing klp some cousin love.  

Nolan gave up on watching, but how sweet are those 2 snuggling cousins.  

q got this tshirt and shorts for birthday and Christmas and literally wore this outfit EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This was definitely a Christmas to remember for our family, but despite the added crazy of the heart attack, we had a great time!  

My 2 boys (and the stick horse)....thanks to Q and daddy's index finger for holding up the Kan Man. 

Our first stop on the Christmas train was in Paris with my mom's sisters' families.  Aunt Gwen Ann always goes all out decorating for Christmas and makes it fun for all the kids.  

Santa makes house calls! (who knew??) The kids had a blast getting in one last visit with the Big Guy before the Big Night! 

After that, our crew all spent the night at my parents house to have our Christmas there the next morning on Christmas Eve morning.

Q spotted one of his gifts before it was time to open. He was BEGGING to open this and though I wouldn't let him, he enjoyed playing with the sword until it was time to unwrap it. ha! 

All the cousins minus Jaylie.  She was asleep and it just wasn't worth waking her up for.  I kinda regret it because this is SO CUTE and she's not in it! 

My boys got sleeping bags from Paw Paw and Gay Gay.  

We left Paris and came back home so Santa could come to our house. Since the party had ended at Mom and Dad's they came back with us to enjoy the festivities! 

Paw Paw and the boys all in plaid

Milk and cookies are ready....


This was the next morning, Q wanted to see if they were still there.  He was thrilled that they were gone and even more thrilled that there were some pieces left and we let him eat them. Ha!

I didn't take many pictures of the opening Christmas morning, but it was fun.  Neither of the boys really understood the whole "Santa" thing.  They knew who he was, but they didn't understand when people would say "what's Santa gonna bring you?" They eventually caught on and both came up with something they wanted Santa to bring them.  This all came with very little coaching from us, we just wanted to see when and how they would figure it out and what they would come up with.  About 2 weeks before Christmas, they each had an answer for what Santa was going to bring them.  It cracked me up how once they said something they totally stuck with it the whole time.  Quinn asked for Bullseye from Toy Story.  (they've seen the movie a couple of times but not a whole lot, so it was funny to me that he zeroed in on that).  Santa knew exactly how to handle the Bullseye request, but Kanyon's was a little more tricky.  He kept saying he wanted Santa to bring him "that round thing".  What is that round thing you ask......WE DIDN'T KNOW EITHER! He would make the arm motion of a circle, but that was the only clue.  We asked lots of questions and tried to get him to describe it.  He eventually said that it had balls in it that go around and around.  Santa took the clues he had and came up with a toy (so what if its an infant toy) that seemed to fit the description and klp was very happy with it.  Who knows if it was exactly what he was talking about, but it did the trick this year.  Ha!  Funny boy! 
They were excited when they woke up Christmas morning and had fun playing with their new little toys.  Later on Kory and I were talking and decided that though Q had fun and was excited, we think it was a really disappointing morning for him.  Reason being, I think now, that what he had in mind when he asked for a Bullseye was like the real thing. Like one he could ride around.  And I think he thought when he woke up Santa would still be there.  Ha!  So, instead he wakes up to some cookie crumbs but no Santa and an 11 inch stuffed Bullseye.  Ha! He never said anything about being disappointed but we watched him try to sit on Bullseye a couple of times to ride him. Funny Funny. 

By the time all the Christmases were over, we decided this was the weapon Christmas. They got swords, guns, and knives! (all plastic of course) and have had such fun with them....."No, you can't sleep with your sword" "No guns at the supper table" "No, your rifle isn't a good nap toy" "No sword fighting around Jaylie" and other such statements have all been spoke A LOT at this house since Christmas.  Something tells me the weapons will just keep coming!  

This was from Breakfast with Santa at church back in December.  I only have a picture of the picture church gave us.  This was as close as Q would get to Santa...

With the craziness of the last month, my kids rarely got dressed in anything but PJ's so they didn't get to wear all their Christmas clothes.  The boys just have one shirt, but Jaylie had several cute things that she only wore once or not at all. Oh well.  Here she is in one outfit....and my boys only half dressed...sheesh.  


It started snowing Christmas Day and we were leaving our house to head to Gilmer for Spencer Family Christmas when it really started coming down.  This was our house at the was covered way more by the time the snow stopped.  A fun little White Christmas! 

I was so looking forward to this Christmas because it was the first year that both boys were really gonna "get it" and have so much fun with all the festivities and stuff. I was disappointed that most things didn't happen the way I had hoped and MANY things didn't happen at all, but we had a great time!