Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Fun things!

Here's a list of some new fun things we've done lately: 

1.  We had a big box and the boys had been playing with it for several days.  Then I decided I should let them draw all over it. I thought they would like it, but I had NO IDEA how much they would LOOOOOVE this.  I'm telling you, we left this thing out with the bowl of crayons on top of it for almost 3 weeks and they were still writing on it when I threw it away! 

This was the first day we drew on it....

q was more of an interior decorator.

2.  We've since learned that Bubba's glasses are only for him......but the picture was a MUST.  

3.  K's new bike.....think this might've made the blog before, but oh well.  

4.  The Learning Tower is a life changer.  Seriously. I ran across a similar product in a magazine and thought it was neat but wasn't sure...the more I thought about it, the more I realized how perfect it was for us.  I did a little research and ended up getting a different one than I originally saw.  I couldn't be happier!  See, standing on a stool to wash hands, help cook, play, etc. isn't an option for klp. If i stand right there with him and hold him up, its OK, but that makes it almost impossible to actually do anything. I could never stand him up and leave him even for a second.  BUT NOT ANYMORE!! This thing is amazing. He can get in it on his own and stand up all on his own.  He isn't locked in or strapped in or anything (so I'm not going to go too far) but the sides give him something to hold on to or just provide "insurance" if he does loose his balance.  Its a life changer because of all the things he can do now that he couldn't do before.  It's the difference between me trying to find something to keep him busy while I work on supper and him getting to be right there with me helping me.  Its the difference between me trying to hold him up, wash his hands while he's hanging miserably and painfully because its the best I can do with one hand and him standing on his own and me helping with BOTH hands.  I'm telling you its some of the best $$ I've spent.  Its not made for "special needs kids" but I think its a great thing for kids at Kanyon's ability level.  I took pics the first few times we used it.....

He helped me make pizza dough.....then cleaned up like a big boy. He worked so hard wiping that was sooooooo cute. 

so cute that I took too many pics! :)  

That evening the boys both helped me make calzones. Yes, they both fit in it with plenty of room...another huge bonus! 

q threw a fit because he couldn't eat the cheese.  

5.  Threading beads.  I got Q these for his bday.  He's not quite interested in them yet, but he plays with them some.....

but he'd rather do gymnastics.

klp however likes them and again...SOOOOO PROUD of him that he can do this 2 HANDED activity so well! He holds the bead in his left hand (it wasn't that long ago that he couldn't hold ANYTHING in his left hand) and threads the string, then switches hands and pulls it through.  Its not easy, but he usually sticks with it and does so good.  


6.  Daddy's basketball shorts.  

7.  Painting a box.  After the success of the big box, klp got to paint a little one while q took a nap.  He was being silly....

and thought he was HILARIOUS! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

December Randoms

There are a few pics from December need to be blogged...they're begging for it.  

This was one night in the car (that's why its so dark).  The reason I took this picture is because that's Kanyon behind that book....holding his book up with both hands!  He has been working so hard lately using his left hand and he's been really into holding his books like this. He has to really spend a lot of time to get his fingers open and on the book, but he does it! I am so proud when I see this.  Sweet sweet boy.  

I feel like there's a good chance that I posted this picture already, but I'm too lazy to check my blog and see.  So here's a pretty great pic of the Spencer cousins we took for my mom.  

This year's Christmas ornaments.  The boys were really loving penguins this year.  I think it had something to do with the giant blow up penguins our next door neighbor put out. :)  Q calls them ping pongs.  

Sooooo we didn't officially go to see Santa. I am a Santa snob and I think the one at our mall is lame, so I wasn't going to waste the time or money to go there. BUT there is a guy in our neighborhood that does crazy Christmas lights and he sits outside for the kids to see.  We drove by there and got the reactions I expected.  The second we got out of the car (we were half a block away) Q was squeezing me so tight I could barely breath.  He cried when I asked him if he wanted to sit in his lap, so Santa stood up for the picture. (and I stood between them to block the fear)

klp was not scared, but was for sure shy.  He didn't want to sit in his lap, but I think he would have if Q wouldn't have freaked out.  

Gram (Kory's Mom) sends a package at the beginning of Dec. full of fun little boxes for the boys to open every day.  They had lots of fun with these and the little colored finger lights were a HIT!!!  

I leave paper and stuff out all the time because both boys LOVE writing.  They'll sometimes just walk by and doodle a little, then other times they will sit and work at it for a long time. I just think its cute how much paper we go through with all their lovely work.  

This was in Paris after our Christmas celebration, I stayed a few extra days.  Here we are taking over Taco Delite again.  

We rode the wagon through the great Christmas lights at the Western store in town. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas 2

This was our Montana year so we were very excited.  The weeks leading up the boys would talk about going to MONTANA! We realized once we got there that Quinn must think Montana is the Phillips' house because every time we pulled in the driveway, he would yell "MONTANA!!"  :)  

We did the usual of driving to Dallas Friday night after work and staying in an airport hotel so we can catch our early flight the next morning.  Here is a rundown of our schedule.  
11:00 arrive at our hotel
1:00 am the first time both boys are quiet 
3:15 am-wake up to catch the shuttle to the airport.  
Here are the wild ya-hoos playing on the bed in the hotel.  

We made the trip great and the awesome thing about flying so early is that we are there before lunch time so we don't waste the day traveling.  Neither of the boys slept on the plane rides, but crashed the whole 2 hr. drive home from the airport.  

That night was Christmas Eve.  Sweet boys ready for bed.  

q TOTALLY busted stealing Santa's cookies.  

Santa was going to leave the boys this race track, but once we set it up, it was TERRIBLE.  Tye and Kory tried to figure it out, but we figure we just got ripped off.  Oh well.  Thats the beauty of young children. They don't care.  They never knew it was coming so they never missed it.  

Opening the gifts Santa left

q showing Chief his "guy" 

klp pumped about his flashlight.  

Clint, Sydni, Sayler, and Hayven got there that afternoon so we were SOOOO happy to all be together.  The kids got to open their gift from Chief and Gram which was this awesome Jeep! They all had so much fun on it!!  

We were especially glad to have Sayler and her responsible driving abilities.  

q waiting his turn...not so sure of Cooper.

Then he realized Cooper is sweet so they were buddies the rest of the week.  Yes sweat pants and boots. Don't judge.  

Hayven, Cooper, and qsp

Opening presents with the whole gang was fun.  Here is uncle Tye helping klp with his new boa constrictor slap bracelet.......while wearing his new shades.  

This is q's "seriously cool" face.  He makes this face when he puts on the glasses. 

I love the crazy-ness of all the toys, laughing, and wrapping paper! Of course, while watching the bball game! I have no clue why KLP has a shirt covering his head.  Weird-o!

Hayven got a camera and I think it was EVERYONE'S favorite toy! 

klp was pumped about the cattle trailer Uncle Tye got the boys.  They are still loving this thing.  

I may or may not have managed to get my hubby a pair of the Jordans that came out just before Christmas.  Yes, the ones you heard about on the news where people were waiting hours and breaking doors off the hinges, etc.  My cousin Jay was the elf that pulled through, as well as the random guy in Toys R Us who told us about a pre-release a store in a nearby town was doing.  I was so glad he got them because this man NEVER wants ANYTHING.  EVER.  

KLP got me a pair of shoes too but he didn't have to risk his life to get them.  

The Phillips brothers got to play in a bball tournament the day after Christmas in a nearby town. It was fun to watch all 3 play together and the kids had fun watching them.  It was a day full of games for them but they won the tourney so it was worth it.  

q and Hayven playing on the bed.  They all played on the bed the whole time. Jumping and pretending to sleep (for 2 seconds) and then jumping some more. It was so fun to watch them play together.  

Sweet cousins 

More coolness in the shades.  

The highlight of the trip was getting to feed the cows every morning so that is what most of these pictures are of.....

klp took his new flashlight with him EVERYWHERE.  I guess you never know when you'll need it.  

klp and Chief cutting the net wrap. 

It wasn't too cold, so klp got to ride on the back of the truck a few times

Fun times on the Jeep.  Not sure why they both have horrible looks on their faces.  

Back to feeding cows......
qsp was probably trying to tell Chief where to go

Daddy and klp cutting 

I just really like the cows when they're eating.  I can't help but take pics.  

q decided to lend a helping hand...

....while klp and Chief stayed in the warm pick up. 

Uncle Tye's elk antlers...nice

I love these next few pics.....

tough guy klp workin' in the shop. 

 ...but not too tough to still put his hand on Daddy's shoulder.  

I wish I had a video of this because qsp was at the gate looking at this heifer and feeling all brave and stuff.....then she started walking over to the gate....

and he turned away saying "bye bye cow....I be right back."  
haha. My sweet little fraidy cat.  

Silly pic

We went bowing one of our last nights there. It was really fun! 
Uncle Tye and klp 

Gram, Daddy, and Q.  I feel like I have NO PICS OF GRAM.  SHEESH. I really didn't do a very good job with the pics...I missed a bunch.  

Chief's finishing touch on one of his turns. 

The whole bowling gang.  Contrary to the look on my face, there was not a ghost behind the camera.  Sheesh! Whats wrong with me??  

In the Denver airport on the way home.  

The boys were troopers on the plane rides. They did great.  And crashed again as soon as we got in the car to head home.  

It was a GREAT Christmas!