Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time With Gram

Over the MLK holiday weekend, we had a little company!! A group of my girlfriends from college always get together that weekend every year, so I knew ahead of time that Kory may want to have a little help while I was gone. So, we planned ahead and his Mom came down to spend a week with us. I left Friday afternoon and came back Monday at noon. I had a great GREAT GREAT time with some of the BEST girls on the planet. I am depending on them to send me pics from the weekend (HINT HINT) because I left my camera at home so they could document the weekend......

Kory's Aunt Geneva and Uncle John mad the LOOOOOONG drive to come join in and help with the boys.

klp showing Aunt Geneva his gear toy

Saturday, klp boycotted his nap during nap time, but I guess that caught up with him because he did this with Uncle John later that evening

Bath time fun!

Gram and Q scrubbing those toofies

klp brushing his own teeth!

my big boy after his bath

This spells TROUBLE! They have been so in to going in a dark room and closing the door. I usually leave them in there for a little bit and listen to the fun. BUT as soon as it gets quiet, I open the door!! We all know that 2 little ones + silence = BAD NEWS

klp helping Gram make Aunt Geneva's shoulders feel better

Gram loving on her grandsons! (klp looks a little skeptical of this situation)

klp LOVES this start light up turtle thing. Gram gave it to him for his first birthday and he can't get enough of it. Another cute thing.....check out his boots...those were Kory's. That is extra special because they lost their house in a fire when Kory was in high school, so they lost a lot of things from their childhood. BUT Susan had loaned these boots to a friend and forgotten about it until years later!!

he did this all by himself...oh dear.

Tuesday morning when we were getting ready for school, it was COLD so klp warmed up under Gram's jacket.

Q is expressing how we felt when Susan left. We had a great week and I was SOOO glad to have her there with Kory while I was gone. AND John and Geneva were so much fun and I'm so glad they were here too. I wasn't worried at all about anyone and I didn't feel too guilty for being gone because every time I talked to Kory to check in, they were having a blast!! It was a wild week of lots of coming and going of different people, but it was a GREAT week!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Toys and SNOW!

GREAT Uncle Pee Wee and Aunt Gwenny gave K and Q this cash register for Christmas. klp loves it!! On this particular day, he was playing with it on the floor and Quinn kept coming up and trying to play with it/annoying klp to death. So, Kanyon drug the cash register across the floor as he scooted towards the recliner, put the toy in the chair, then climbed up in the chair to play with it. Finally. Safe from the pesky little brother.

The Cozy Coupe seats 2 when Daddy's home


We went to Paris for a double baby shower for my cousins. Taryn and Scott are having a boy SOON and Julie and Sam are having a girl in April. I DID NOT GET ANY PICTURES and everyone that said they'd send them to me hasn't sent me any!!!! We had a great shower and can't wait for the cousins to join the clan!

While we were there, klp loved playing with the cousins.

Roselyn LOVED Emaline's Leapster and klp enjoyed watching her play! At one point Emaline told Rachel that she needed to get Roselyn one because, "....she loves it so much....I can't even get her to look up!"

My mom has some dress up clothes at her house for the girls. THE GIRLS. But somehow, my son ended up with the Super girl costume on. She claims he brought it to her and, in his own way, asked her to put it on him. We made her at least pull up the skirt its SUPER MAN, right?!

(check out BOTH hands raised. There was a time, not that long ago, that he couldn't raise his left arm....GO KANYON!)

We had to come back from Paris to beat the blizzard! haha (that's for our MT fam and was not a real blizzard, but just a Texas blizzard.) Especially klp and KLP.

Here they are throwing snowballs at me....and LOVING IT!

here they are doing the same thing last year when it snowed..

The flash makes it hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see klp's GIANT smile!!

Q joined the fun for a little while. He didn't quite get it...but here he is decked out in double Montana gear. MSU and the Griz!! Again, we have loved our mittens from aunt Sydni!

Good thing the Cozy Coupe is 4 wheel drive!

After they came in, Kory told me to go check out their snow angels. With a little help from Dad, here is klp's snow angel right beside his Daddy's!

Meanwhile back in the warm house, Q is crawling through the coffee table laughing all the way...

til he realizes he's stuck and then he starts to panic.

I am usually quite spent by the end of the day keeping up with these boys and trying to raise them and teach them the things I want them to know. BUT its fun posting these snapshots of our days because its not hard to see that these are PERFECT days and I know I will look back on them with such happy thoughts. Its hard work but BIG FUN!! I think I can handle that pay off! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strange Eating Habits

Strange, unconventional, weird, gross.....whatever you want to call it:

Q the scavenger. He knows there will be food left under the highchair, so thats where he goes when he needs a little snack. I caught him in the act...he shoots an innocent grin in between chomping cheerios. Not sure what this says about me as a mother and housekeeper....

You might call this eating off the floor....or a puff picnic in Gay Gay's kitchen....

I've already covered this one in a previous post.....Flax Man!

and here's my recent favorite....eating grapes from the bed of his pick-up.


Monday, January 10, 2011


Christmas was a whirlwind of fun, wrapping paper, cousins, and travel.

The night before we left for Paris, we opened presents from our Montana family...Q got a Montana State University hat. He doesn't really wear it like this....

klp was having fun coloring with his new colors!

The western store in Paris has a cool light display that they drive you through in a horse carriage. We had to wait a little while, but we all enjoyed it.

A couple of Phillips Pham Christmas pictures

Nolan and klp

showin each other some love

"the girls"

This picture should be titled: "What I should've got Kanyon for Christmas" Dad was using this little dust buster thing to vacuum up the fireplace after he brought more wood in. klp LOVED it!

Ro got Hungry Hungry Hippos....

Later that night Clint and Clay were trying to get their stuff loaded to head home and the kids were.....well....DONE.. It was starting to get crazy and Maurine saved the day by grabbing a book and occupying the kids!

I somehow have no pictures of Christmas with my mom's side of the family.....BUMMER. It was a fun time too!!

Christmas morning it was just us and my parents' house. It was a fun time for the boys and for us watching them!

Q got some goodies, but all he wanted was more antibiotic out of his syringe.

again...ignoring his toys and trying to suck more medicine out! :)

Santa brought a Cozy Coupe.....Its not a 2 seater...

This child would've stayed in it ALL DAY. He was loving it. He can get in and out by himself...YEAH! and can make it go backwards. He's had lots of fun with it. In all honesty, its driven me crazy. Our house doesn't have much room so he pushes it back once and he's stuck and yells for help. Over and over and OVER. BUT he loves it and I'm so glad he can do it as well as he can. When I've reached my limit, we just go hide it in my closet for the rest of the day! :)

Christmas day evening we headed to Gilmer with my Dad's family.

q enjoyed cuddles with Mary Lynn

and klp enjoyed all of his big cousins....he and Nathan were big buddies during church Sunday!

the stairs are always a hit!

We were cracking up at Landry and Kanyon. She was feeding him and holding his drink. This little girl will mother anything that will let her! :) It was so sweet!

I came back to Paris for the rest of the week (Kory had to go back to work) and we had lots more fun. One night Dad and Clint and Clay camped out so they could hunt, so Rachel and Mo brought the kids and we had ANOTHER sleep over!

the cozy coupe continued to provide big fun!

All of the cousins no longer fit in the same tub....the boys had fun....well, Nolan and Kanyon had fun! (notice klp and the water...he loves to do that!)

I'm getting A LOT of this these days. Pulling up on my legs and yelling, crying, begging me to pick him up. This is a very appropriate and accurate picture of Quinn right now.

klp got his first shiner while we were in Gilmer. He had a run in with a coffee table. It was a pretty good black eye, but of course, the picture doesn't show it very well.

Merry Christmas!