Thursday, July 29, 2010

Got Floss?

You can tell Quinn is a rookie when it comes to having teeth. He's gonna have to learn that he can't go around with avocado in his teeth. Sheesh!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Recent Favorite Pictures

Pure randomness on the blog today. Just have a few pictures I really like that are too good not to share.

Kanyon is working to learn to walk in a walker. This is the one we're using for now, but its way too big. We are in the process of ordering him one that is just his size. He is doing really well. He's learning to control it better (and his speed....YIKES!) and even learning how to get up in it from the ground. We still have to give him some help with keeping his left hand on the handle and be right there (especially if he doesn't have his AFO's on) in case he falls. This is the next big thing for klp. Its pretty much his ticket to being mobile and upright. We have ways to go, but we are proud of him and looking forward to seeing him boogie on this thing.

klp just HAD to give qsp some major love before bed.
He has NO regard for where he scoots. qsp thinking it was funny.
I mean cute is he????!!
the mouth is always open
Still doin' quite a bit of THIS, but he's getting better!
Blake, Mallory, Kanyon, and Addison enjoying a wagon ride in the rain!
Phillips Pham self photo. Looks a little like Quinn's mug shot.

These two were DYING laughing!! klp was very very excited and squealy and q was crackin' up!
klp is really into pointing out eyes. "Ieeeeeee"
We had an appointment in Dallas and Mom went with me (by the way, these trips/appointments in Dallas have been taken to a new level just by adding one baby!)
I just really love this pic of klp. We had been practicing walking in his walker in a parking lot and he did so good. He deserved the break in the stroller!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Camp Deer Run Fun

I've already posted about some fun we had at CDR earlier this summer. Well, the fun only continues!!!

We went out for worship Wednesday night and I saw these gals!! They were some of my campers and then we worked together too. I LOVE them SO MUCH!! Emily and Amy were SO MUCH FUN and I would give anything to spend 2 weeks with them again!! :) They are great gals and I'm so proud of them!

Last Sunday during middle Sunday of 4th session, we gathered there for "Baby Roundup". If you're in the CDR loop of blogworld, you've seen lots of pictures from this event. Basically they invited all old Deer Runners who have had babies in the last 3 years to come out and get together. It was fun, hot, and kinda crazy. I had a really great time and it was really fun to see so many of my old camp friends, but at the same time, I feel like I hardly got to talk to anyone. I guess that's what its like when we're all chasing little ones.

Here is the group:
Phillips Pham.
KLP showin' Nolan and klp a good time.....well, at least klp.
Everyone got to take the little ones swimming.
I was in charge of Quinn (who fell asleep thanks to Emily Samuel!) so I got to visit with my DEAR DEER RUN friends Jenni and Mary!!

Drew Cox and Kanyon. As always, we LOVE Drew!!

Nothin' puts boys to sleep faster than a long hot day of swimming and playing outside. Kanyon tried to eat an apple, but he fell asleep with it in his hand.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Waiting for Baby Mallory

I finally got tired of waiting for the call from Clay and Mo saying the baby was on the way, so I just decided to head to Paris and hope that would "induce" Mo's labor. Sure enough it did!!! I was only there about 24 hours, but we crammed in some good times while we waited.

I will warn you that the following videos are NOT for the faint of heart. But if you wanna taste of what its like when all the cousins are together, then buckle up and get ready.

We were all sitting in the dining room eating and the kids were all in the kitchen eating (well, they had plates in front of them). They were having fun so I went in there to take a picture. But when I got there, I knew a picture couldn't quite capture the moment, so I videoed it instead. It was SO LOUD and crazy, but they were having so much fun. You'll hear Landry singing "Old McDonald" like a broken record, Avery and Rosie having a conversation about the always funny topic of poo poo, and Kanyon is back there squealing and enjoying his cousins. Nolan was there too, but his mom had to come get him to help him eat. Enjoy. You may want to turn your volume down! I dare you to join us for dinner sometime.

The insanity continued when Mom and Dad headed out to take them on a Mule ride. They hadn't even moved out of the garage yet and it was already off the hook!!

Nolan, the disgruntled rider was taken off the Mule and they headed out for their evening ride. They wanted to make sure they got to see their favorite animals on the ride. Avery and Ro are telling me what they're going to see. "The Black Headed Dog" is the neighbor down the road's black dog. Its whole body is black, but for some reason, the girls have named it the black headed dog as if only its head is black. "Big Bully Croaker" is a big frog that is always sitting in a puddle down by the mail box. Again, named by Avery and Rosie.

Enough of the videos, check out this little bundle of cuteness!! Its Mallory!!! Yeah!!! I may not have been there for the moment she was born, but she was WELL worth the trip!!

Kanyon got to drive with Paw Paw.
qsp wanted you guys to prove that he's not all smiles, ya know. He can be tough too.

Oopsy. out of order. I think this falls under the "insane" category. From the looks of things there was an argument between the girls in the back seat. Probably about who was sitting where or by whom!! :)
Takin' a breather inside.
Gay Gay and happy little q

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quinn The Eskimo is 7 months old!

The title? Well, I didn't know until we had Quinn, but there's a song "Quinn the Eskimo" or "Mighty Quinn" its an oldy but a goody!

Anyways...Month 7 here we are!!

hmmmmm whats that??? He was peering down at the basketball that was on the other side of the chair.

He's started doing more of this: UGGHHH! I grounded him and told him never to DARE grow up again!!!
Then he looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes and I gave in. He can grow up, but only a LITTLE bit at a time.
While we were in Paris a while back, Maurine brought her good camera over and snapped a few pics.

qsp has always furrowed his brows. This picture captures it perfectly. For such a happy boy, he can really get serious. So if you're ever around him and he looks at you like this, don't take it personal. Its just how he rolls.
not sure what was about to make him cry, but OH DEAR!

This is soooo him

you think he looks cute here?? The truth is he was peeing all over Mo's leg!!!! No kidding. He layed there and watched it happen. But yes, it made a cute picture. Maurine really took one for the team there. Thanks Mo!

On his 7 month bday, I took a pic of us. He was getting ready for a nap and klp was already asleep, so it was just me and my q man.
We also spent the day with friends! Kami came to visit for a few days and so Mary and Weston (and Will in her tummy) came over for the day and we all got to visit and chase kids. It was fun!!!
Better picture, but q was still asleep in this one.
What a fun 7 months it has been. Quinn Spencer is the PERFECT one for us!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Paris Fun+Cousin Fun=Picture overload

Back in June we went to Paris for the weekend, then me and the boys stayed a few extra days. We had a great time with our cousins!!!

This was the funniest thing...obviously funny because we had 5 kids crammed in one bath, but they were each so busy playing and doing their own thing, they hardly noticed each other.
An attempt at a shot with them all looking. yeah right. why do we even try?!
We hit up Club Kerby after church Sunday night. It was qsp's first time in the pool. He was tired, so he wasn't all that excited about it. But he did show off his beach bod.

Landry was getting a kick out of herself. She would lean back and watch her toes pop up out of the water and it cracked her up every time.
q was called a girl about 10 times that week by random strangers. So I thought it appropriate to put him in this pink bib. It was mine when I was a chubby, rolly, dark headed baby.
GREAT Aunt Gwen Ann came out to play.
One night we went to Clay and Mo's for dinner. The kids loved the swing set!
Uncle Clint helpin' Quinn live tha thug life. Its kinda hard to look thuggy with a giant grin on your face!!!!
We ended the night with popsicles for everyone. I'm sad q wasn't in these pictures. He was probably inside admiring his gigantic thighs or sucking his thumb.

This was klp's first popsicle and these are a little tricky with the plastic and all. He ended up dropping it and just holding the popsicle.
I promise its a popsicle, not a cigar.

We couldn't figure out why Nolan was crying. I think he was getting brain freeze.
Seriously, where did he learn this???
These two (and Quinn) are now officially outnumbered by the girls!! YIKES!!!!!
Avery still love love LOVES "Baby Quim" He's steady gaining on her in the size category!

He cut off the circulation in her legs, so we put them beside each other on the couch!
The love is mutual here as you can see!!
Its even more fun with Landry!! (Rachel's kids take LONG NAPS so they missed all this fun!)
One night mom and dad watched my boys so me and my bros could go out to our lake. I was pregnant last summer so I didn't get to do anything. It was fun being back on the water!

Here I am ready to wake skate....
after a slight miscommunication with Clint the driver, this happened.........
Getting some last minute refresher tips from Clay
Ahhhhhh!!!! It was SO FUN to be out there!! I did tire rather quickly and seem to have lost some of my "guts" when it comes to how fancy of a rider I was gonna be. I'll get it back.
Mo came out early one morning and brought donuts. The girls asked to watch TV while they ate. This is a Gay Gay specialty. A fun treat they get to do only at her house! :)
Me and Ro were playing with my camera one afternoon making silly faces! I liked this one the best!! She's one fun gal!!
I came home in time to celebrate my 29th bday with KLP and the boys. Here we are on my bday before we left for church.