Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We've been enjoying the Christmas season around here. If you know Kanyon, you know he likes lights. So, looking at Christmas lights has been his favorite thing so far! When asked, "What does Santa say?" or when he sees a pictures of Santa, klp can say HO HO HO! and Q tries but it sounds more like the sound he makes for "What does an owl say? The Phillips Pham will be having a "Happy New Year" card instead of a Christmas card since I couldn't get my act together in time for Christmas. But, here are a few pictures of our little Christmas Joys!

(Kanyon is saying and signing "drink"....he was ready for his milk, but it looks like a smile!)

Linus...I mean Quinn is doing what he does best

Dad was cracking klp up!!!

HO HO HO!! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nap time fun!

The boys had a little fun in their cribs last week.....

Q woke up and klp wanted to help get him out of his bed

...then joined him in his bed for some bouncing...

...and hair twirling....

..and standing up like big boys!

Then next day when klp woke up we went in there and klp asked for Quinn to sit by him in his bed (saying "tsss" {that's how he says "sit"} and pointing to his bed)

this looks to be a very serious brotherly discussion

klp has figured out how to bounce on his bed....i need to get it on video, its pretty funny to watch him spring up and down! He loves it!

look closely at that pic.....they're holding hands! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Quinn the Eskimo's Party

We had a small little family party here Friday night. small as you can be with my family. :)

The birthday boy had to eat some supper before the eyed peas and blueberries. mmmmmmmm

My mom and Dad came down Friday morning to help with the party/entertain my kids.

Me and Mom worked on the cake.

Roselyn and Nolan came over for the afternoon while their parents did some shopping. Nolan, Rosie, and Quinn were LOTS of "help" decorating the cake.

We went with the Bob Dylan/Manfred Mann "The Mighty Quinn/Quinn the Eskimo" song as our theme. And yes, we had the songs on repeat playing the whole night! :)

This wasn't my best decorating party, but we did what we could. We posted a few of the lyrics to the song.

"Come all without Come all within, you'll not see nothing like the Might Mighty Quinn!"

"When Quinn the Eskimo gets here everybody's gonna jump for joy!"

My cake colors didn't turn out like I planned and we had to make some last minute changes to the way we did the igloo, but its fine. I mean really, its a cake that's just gonna get devoured!

We had cupcakes leftover from the cake mix that made the igloo. So we made some eskimos!

Mom and I laughed a lot because its a fine line with the slanted eyes on the eskimos! Too much and you have an EVIL eskimo staring at you. Not enough and it doesn't look like an eskimo. We also had some cupcakes that just had a "Q" on them and a few "1" cupcakes.

Cousins eating pizza

Drayton and The Birthday boy chatting it up over a little pizza.

Opening presents!

After presents, we sang to the Birthday boy....I think he kinda liked it!

This was a Phillips Phamily first....chowing down on the cake! He loved it so much! much that he cried when it was gone!

He never managed to get his clothes back on after the cake

Clint took some pics with his camera. The light was kinda funny, but I still love these close ups of my little eskimo boy.

"Peace, y'all"

Q wasn't the only one who enjoyed the cake....



klp....well, you see that tiny speck of icing on his lip? That was all he tasted of the cake. He has yet to eat cake or other desserts.


Ending with a few out of order chowing pictures

We had a fun night celebrating our Quinn Spencer!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quinn is 1!!

Yesterday was Quinn's Birthday!

Well, the thought of posting a "one year post" kind of overwhelms me. I'll stick to pictures and a few words. Quinn Spencer Phillips has brought more to my family than I thought possible. We are crazy about him and proud of him. I love him so much I could almost explode!! I'm having a blast being his mom and watching him grow up has been and will be a treasure.

Here we go......

1 month...hanging out in Paris

2 months...RSV!! UGHH!!

3 he finding his thumb???

chubby boy giggles

4 months.....this captures his smiley!!

and this captures is random explosions of FRANTIC PANIC crying!!

5 months.....can you say rolls?

6 months....maybe my favorite pictures

7 months...

8 months.....waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

running fever...

9 months.....

10 months...the hair is growing like crazy!!

11 months.....

check out those teeth!

12 months!! My BIG BOY!

complete with a bruise on his cheek. We're getting lots of bruises now that he's such a mover!

yes he's only wearing one sock and THAT sock has a huge hole in the heel. That's how we roll around here.