Wednesday, May 30, 2012


These pictures were from Easter morning, but they kinda cracked me up so I'm posting them....

Fighting over the flashlight....

Q in tears, klp taking off on his walker.  So much for pictures.  

qsp picked up the phone and started talking to his Uncle Tye.  :) "Uncle Tye???? Are you there?? I can't hear you?"

Pizza outside with our girlfriends Chandler, Ally, and Mabry.  Ally and Mabry now have a BABY BROTHER so my boys will have some manly company!!  

Our friends Gary and Sharon came over for dinner one night last week.  My boys love them so much!  klp got Gary to read him his favorite book "There's an Alligator Under My Bed".  FUN! 

q joined in some.  

Sharon was next in line to read the book.  My boys just prey on the suckers!! They know they'll read them anything anytime! haha!  

I have a phone picture post coming up.  OH dear. More randomness!  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day in Gilmer

Most of my Dad's fam was able to come to Gilmer to Nanny's for Mother's Day.  It was such a fun weekend.  My kids were the only little ones, so they ate up all the attention! 

Summer=clothing optional

Of course there was lots of fishing going on.  This was the perfect spot for klp.  He was close enough to the water without getting in it! 

q's turn to hold the pole and I'm SURE this pic captures klp begging KLP for his fishing pole! 

Cousin Nathan snagged a fish and let Q reel it in.  

The guys played bocce ball all over the yard.  It was loud and crazy and fun!  the klp's are enjoying the bocce ball show....

Aunt Renee, Robin, and Nanny were sweet to share the swing with the boys. 

An action shot of the players....they played til well after dark.  

It was a great weekend with great family!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Cuts

It was time for the shaggy hair to go as we welcome summer with a good ol' buzz.  

klp aka Deer In the Headlights.  

Working on the smile.  "Show me your teeth seems to be working for now" 

"After".  Nice and summery.  klp does great getting his hair cut.  His biggest problem is giggling when I get the clippers close to his neck.  I can do a little better job on his hair since he can sit still.  

It is his custom to do some serious meditation after he gets a haircut.  

Here's qsp "before" all smiles. (as you saw in the last post)

This is all he could muster up for a smile after the traumatic experience of getting a haircut.  I mean really, he curls up in a ball and cries. Kinda hard to cut hair like that.  Needless to say, there is no fading or 2 lengths on his hair  All one length and lots of patchy spots I've since had to fix.  

Its just horrible and so very sad.  

qsp loves to tell people he got a haircut and he will tell them it tickled.  (which is what we were trying to tell him as he was freaking out.  "it doesn't hurt, it just tickles!". He wasn't buying it).  BUT his big brother is sure to chime in with the truth.  "Bubba CRIED!"  haha.  Oh well.  The truth hurts.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Working on our "SMILE"

"Say CHEESE" doesn't seem to quite get the results I want, so I tried another route.  I told Q to show me his teeth in a big smile.  (We were taking "before" pics before his haircut)....Feast your eyes on this hilariousness.  

In other Quinn funnies, this was a sentence that came out of his mouth yesterday in the car, "I KICK the soccer ball, then I RUUUUUUN to second base, then I GOT FOULED!!"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gone Fishin'

A few weekends ago we were in Paris and the weather was just toooooo perfect! The kids spent lots of time outside and one night we got lots of good fishing in.  

"Fishing" includes things like torturing the fish in the tank, pouring water from the tank to the pond, splashing, throwing rocks, etc....

klp, Mallory, and Avery

For this boy, fishing meant FISHING.  He loved it.  He was so serious about it and concentrated so hard on reeling it in. It was melting me on the spot.  

klp needs a little help reeling since it requires both hands. 

Usually we end up taking the line and hooks off klp's rod because all he wants to do is fling it around and hit the water.  I'd rather not get hooked, so we just hand him the rod and reel. He's happy, we're safe, so it all works out.  

Right as we were getting ready to leave my Dad and Q took off to try and catch one off the bank.  Seconds later, Q reeled in his fish!!  Perfect team work with Paw Paw casting (and hooking) and Quinn Man reeling it in! He was cautiously excited and VERY pleased.  He was so happy!  So was klp, you would've thought HE had caught the fish with all the cheering he did! haha! 

He was happy to touch the fish.....

 and so was klp...

We headed in after that, but Quinn and Paw Paw continued their teamwork carrying the rod and reel together.  :)