Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Spencer Cousin Party Begins!

We had been counting down the days for weeks and the day FINALLY arrived!!!!! Clint, Rachel and kids are here!!!!!!!

Big hugs were given and they got busy playing like no time had passed. 

Everyone but Jalyie on the swing together! 

The kids table......Sweet Ro brought her Wendy dress for Kanyon.  He was soooooo happy! 

If anyone is wondering if my daughter is is the PROOF! Look at that face with the rubber band aimed right at Rachel! Help!!! 

A little girl time before bed.  

We have some trees on the edge of our yard that the kids love to play under.  They call it the tree house. This crew spent lots of time playing there.  They made themselves a house (shown here, their beds and pine cone pillows), they made fairy houses, camp sites, kitchens, and all sort of fun things! 

Sunday evening we decided to go up to The Butte.  Last summer when Clint and Rachel were here, we got up there and a big lightening storm came so we had to leave quick.  So we had been looking forward to going up again and enjoying it a little more this time.  

Uncle Clint took one for the team (team being ME)  and carried Kanyon in the back pack carrier since Kory was working and couldn't come with us.  

A lovely bouquet picked by Roselyn.  

I think this should be a GoPro ad.  

Kiddos at sunset...the wind was WILD! 

We brought a picnic supper, so we found the little cave so we could get out of the wind to eat.  

Marion Jayne.  

Quinn and Nolan scoping out the view. 

Selfie!! (Kory was baling hay) 

Q and Ro

Nolan, Clint, Kanyon, Me, and Jaylie June. 

Headed back down...Ro was DONE with pictures.  

Ro went with me to Kanyon's swim therapy. There are always deer out the pool window, so I told her to go look.  When she saw the doe on the far right all curled up sleeping she said, "Is that a Kangaroo!?" Haha! It really did look like one! 

They attempted another lemonade stand with minimal success.  Unless you count drinking ALL the lemonade as a success.  In that case, it as a total success.  

Here was Nolan with a customer. 

Kanyon and Quinn had some Tball games, so it was fun for the cousins to get to watch them.  Here's Kanyon up to bat.

Post game photo sesh.  Strange faces from these strange children! 

Sweet Roselyn does so good with Kanyon.  He loves hair and he loves to tickle his face with her hair and tell her how good her hair smells.  Its really quite invasive, but she isn't phased by it at all.  

Kan ran out to check some cows with Kory one morning while everyone else was still asleep.  It always cracks me up to see him perched up there in his PJ's.  

Q giving Tigerlilly a ride in the basket. 

More Indian fun in the tree house.  They made a campsite. 

2 little crazies on the swing! 

One afternoon we went out to Warm Spring.  Its a natural "warm" spring where you can swim and stuff.  Its really pretty and the water is sooooo amazingly clear.  But the name is a total lie.  WARM it is NOT.  Unless you mean "warmer than an iceburg".  Its barely warmer than an ice burg.  

some braved the frigid waters....

Rachel secured the title of Best Aunt Ever when Kanyon asked her to get in with him.  His own mother turned him down, but not his Aunt Rachel! 

The kids made it across the pool area then discovered the deck was warm so they all laid there soaking up the warm deck heat.  

We went off into one of the little creeks that runs out of the spring and the kids tried to catch some fish.  

We don't know the little girl in the arm floaties and pink shoes, but she followed us around that whole afternoon.  

I DO know this girl in the arm floaties.  She's definitely with us!!!  

We finished up at the NOT WARM spring and headed home.  We'd gotten a babysitter so that us adults could have a fun dinner together.  We drove out to a new restaurant a little down the road and had a great time laughing and enjoying the luxuries of driving, dining, and chatting kid free.     

We also wanted everyone to know that we have matured a lot in our old age.....

Aunt Rachel with the two crazies. 

Clint and Rach brought Pittsburg Peaches from Texas and devoured them!! It was heavenly for everyone!!!!!  

Roselyn did this Peter Pan drawing for Kanyon on the Etch-A-Sketch. The girl is amazing! 

Q and Ro early one morning out building fairy houses in the tree house. 

We let Kory and Clint work one morning, then we all headed out to Crystal Lake that afternoon.  It was a little chilly up there that day. 

We went on a nice long hike around the lake then up the mountain a little bit.  It was a fun adventure for the kiddos and we all had a blast!

Rock throwing is always a good idea! 

What is my daughter doing??!!?!?

Then there's this girl.....she's a TRIP.

Phillips Pham at Crystal Lake. 

Moss mustaches for everyone! 

We went down to the water one more time so that everyone could learn to skip rocks.  

Group pic! We had the best time. 

We drove back in to town and went strait to the pizza place!!! YUUUUMMMM!

The trampoline was busy all week. 

Ninja Turtle girls!

Nolan and Quinn went to work with Kory and Clint one day and spent lots of time in the hay stack running and jumping! 

Another great porch picture reminding me of a great week.  I just can't believe we have this family and this love and this fun.  There is NOTHING greater and I am SO glad they come all the way to Montana to be with us! So. much. love. 

They were leaving but the fun wasn't NEAR over.....