Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crackin' me UP!

Kan Man has been killin' me today!! I have laughed at him so much and all of this funny-ness before nap time!!

I'll share with you a few of the things that have had me giggling today.

I picked him up from school this morning and he had this headband on. He pointed to it and said "iiiiii" translated: "hat" He looked so funny and cute wearing it. I laughed every time I looked at him. (another bit of humor in this picture...he's pointing telling me where to put Quinn. He wanted q to sit by him. Or he wanted me to put Quinn down and then he would ask for me to pick HIM up! We know his tricks.)

He put this bowl (that DID have apples in it) on his head and said "iiiii" ("hat"...remember?)
Oh, the woes of a booty scooter......
(the great thing about this picture is he got up in the walker without ME! I just heard him in there asking me to "go" and this is what I saw! He's been doing that a lot more and we are so happy. He still needs help actually walking but we are closer and closer.)

Lunch with his gun. It was a must today.
He has been LOVING this flashlight lately. I'm not kidding when I say he plays with it for HOURS. He used to just look at the lights but now he's figured out how fun it is to find dark places and shine the light. He has so much fun and it just makes me laugh to watch him play, find cool new places to shine his light, and click the button on and off.
This is a fav spot. Behind the door of our entertainment center. I wish he'd go ahead and snag those dust bunnies for me while he's under there.
If our afternoon is as funny as our morning, maybe I'll have another post tonight! :)

Seen this before???!

Its fun to see Quinn do things or wear things that Kanyon did. I ran across some pictures when I was going through my old hard drive. Here are a few that I especially liked.

klp ALWAYS put his leg up on the stroller...(by the way, the NG tub....YUCK! that was horrible. I hate even seeing it!)

Kanyon-17 months
Quinn-8 months

My aunt and uncle live here so we go over there a lot. This is the walker that they used with their 3 boys (the YOUNGEST is 19).

klp-18 months
qsp-8 months
Classic Superman PJ's. klp flying with the cape

klp-21 months

qsp-7 months (so maybe I should've let him wear these a little sooner. Pardon the exposed belly. )

Monday, October 18, 2010

Labor Day

This post is way over-due, but I don't want to NOT post it. The pictures are out of order and they don't even come close to covering the amount of insanity and fun that we had that weekend. It has become a tradition in recent years for Labor Day to be a Spencer/Green extravaganza! Dee and Susan are some of my parents' very very best friends and though we never lived in the same town, we grew up vacationing and visiting each other. They are the best of the best and its SO FUN that now our kids are getting to grow up and play together like we did. We missed Matthew and Jessica and their 2 little ones....maybe next year.

Here goes.....

Me and Nolan after his bath
Dad with his grandsons...minus Quinn. Clay and Maurine still can't seem to come up with any children to contribute to the grandson pictures! :)
Eating out on the driveway Saturday night. Notice Kanyon stealing Avery's food. ALl the other kids got up to go play and he was still scooting down the row eating off every one's plate. YEAH FOR THE EATER!!! We were all cracking up as we were have to tell Kanyon....KANYON the boy who hated eating, to stop eating other people's food!
There were LOTS of mule rides

Lots of SMILES!!
Quinn is an art prodigy.

Even the best artist have to stop and take a rest. Thank you to sweet cousin Landry for the love.

This is Eric and Amber's son Easton. He and Quinn will probably be roommates in college. For sure.

We spent most of the day Saturday out at the lake at the land. It was a perfectly gorgeous day!
Yummy watermelon!
Eat up Kan man!! He LOVED it! At this point, he'd only been eating for maybe a week. How's that for a "meal" Cheetos and watermelon out of a pie pan. Whatev.
Paw Paw taking Aelyn, Landry, and Avery for a ride
klp headed for the jet skis. Notice his scoot mark tracks. I just love it.
out of order.....klp chowing down he ate TONS of watermelon!
I think this was his first jet ski ride
Remember Quinn the artist? He doesn't just draw, he is in to sculpture too. Sand sculpture especially.

KLP took klp for a spin on the tube.
This pic cracked me up. klp looks like a grown man.
There was fishing back at the house on Sunday night....lots of perch catching!
More Mule rides!
The weekend was a whirlwind of laughing, crying kids, nursing babies, diapers, fits, holding each others' kids, visiting, catching up, eating, and overall insanity! It was so great. So much fun! We are so glad Dee and Susan and Eric and Amber (with 3 young kids!!) made the LONG LONG drive from Childress!!!!

Here is the "kids" The parents being my parents and Dee and Susan:

Luke and Katie (Norah and Elliot) Dean....not Spencers or Greens, but we love having them!
Adam and Doodle (Caden and Tate), Eric and Amber (Aelyn, Auburn, Easton), Clint and Rachel (Roselyn, Nolan), Me and Kory (k and q), Clay and Maurine (Avery, Landry, Mallory). Yes, thats 14 kids and the OLDEST was Aelyn who just turned 4. WOW. The kids really did do great!
This moment was SOOOOOO "this weekend". We were trying to take the group picture and all of a sudden, Caden decided to spit out all of his goldfish into Adam's hand.....nice.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Quinn's 10 month

This month's photo shoot may have gotten some of my best ones yet!

This one is just so QUINN
I wanted to get a picture of his 4 teeth. DONE!

This obviously wasn't during the "photo shoot" but I'm so glad I got this picture. He makes this face all the time. Biting his bottom lip where it looks like he has a little grin.
At 10 months, Quinn is still the master army crawler. We keep thinking he'll crawl for real any day. He has just in the last few days, figured out how to go from army crawling up to sitting but he's not too good at it yet. His hair is growing like crazy and the back is starting to reach mullet status. He devours Multi-Grain Cheerios and I recently discovered that he thinks toast is about the best thing in the world. He's definitely more active which is probably the main reason words like:
"angelic", "perfect", "easy", and "non factor"

have been replaced with words like:
"busy", "loud", "opinionated", "annoying" (in reference to how much he pesters Kanyon), "demanding", and "trouble".

But we still use words like:
"smiley", "happy", "giggly", "content", "fun", "sweet", and of course "fat".

Yeah for Quinn Spencer!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Montana 4

Unless I come across some more pics, this will be the 4th and final installment of our Montana fun. Ok. Take a deep breath......GO!

klp with his first cookie. He's never eaten one (and only nibbled at this one a couple of times) he's not really much for sweet stuff.

Again....Gram and Sayler trying to read, klp wanting to cuddle, but not read. Another conflict of interest. FYI, Sayler is 4 and YES she's reading THAT BOOK!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!
The flashlight entertained klp a little so he was at least not crawling all over them while they read.
the KLP's

The last day we were there, all of Kory's fam came over. It was so much fun to all be together and the weather was absolutely perfection!

Here is Kory with his Grandma Fae laughing about something. She's lots of fun!
klp with is red pick up again.

Grandma Fae and Grandpa Bob with Quinn. I never got a picture of them with both boys. UGHHH!!!
I'm a sucker for matching stuff.
Cousins!! Kanyon, Quinn and Sayler here with Kory's cousins Isabel, Aidan, Eloise, and Ainsley. We had so much fun with them that day and were so glad they made the trip from Helena!! It was kinda funny because as soon as they got there, Sayler and Eloise (who are close in age) were thrilled to be playing with each there goes Kanyon's play mate. BUT NOT REALLY because the second he saw Aidan he was stuck on Aidan like glue!!! It was hilarious to watch him follow Aidan and try to play with him. Aidan was so very very patient with Kanyon. It was cute to see Kanyon trying to be like the big boy. It worked out nicely for Sayler to get a break from crazy kan man!!! :)
My music man loved playing guitar with Uncle Clint. Not sure how Uncle Clint felt about it, but he sure was nice to let klp play along!

A little break for ice cream!
That evening me, Tye, Aaron, and Aidan all went up looking for elk. We went to the Butte which I'd heard everyone talk about, but had never been up to. It was beautiful. The scenery made up for the lack of elk that night.

All of these pics from the top are so cool to me, but I took way too many. This is the view back towards the house
We sat on the edge and these are the Aspens below us. Ya know, some people take cute little pics of their feet on the beach.......well, we took pics of our big ol' boots hanging down.

Me and Tye
Aaron and Aidan
They had seen an elk off of this a few days before, so we were hoping to see him again. No luck.

I mean really??!!! This is like their back yard! I was just amazed. It was so beautiful and went on forever and ever.

Sweet Sayler feeding Kanyon a snack.
Sayler: Trying to watch TV Kanyon: wanting to cuddle with Sayler
I mean could this be any sweeter?? She was reading and he sat so still listening....and laying on her shoulder.

Montana in the Fall did NOT disappoint! We had a great great great time with family and I enjoyed seeing the place at a different time of year and seeing what they do this time of year. Our flight home was close to perfection!! Smooth and easy. I think this sweet picture is THE END!