Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Texas Summer 4

We have lots of kiddos that need to learn to swim so we commissioned a friend to do private swim lessons for our crew at Club Kerby. This is the second year we've done it and it works out so nicely. We split into 2 groups and watch them do their thing with Ms. Ruth.  Nolan, Mallory, and Quinn were the big kids....

The big kids had an audience...

Marion, Jaylie June, and Ellie were the little kid class and as you can see they were all smiles! 

We found a tiny frog! 

I can't remember exactly how this worked out, but all the kids ended up spending the night at Clay and Maurine's house.  There was a crew in the triple bunk bed room...

a pair in Ellie's bed....

and another pair in the play room.  Now THAT's a slumber party! 

Meanwhile I'm getting updates from Kory that look something like this...

We had a severe drought here this summer so we had to cute our hay really early to salvage what we had.  That meant the kids and I missed the main part of haying which is a bummer.  

Then the glorious day came when Ro, Avery, and Landry got home from camp!!!!!! 

Kan was thrilled to be reunited with Ro and her hair. 

Another slumber party at Gay Gay's.  If they get much bigger they aren't going to all fit on the floor! Gavin was at the house that night too so he read the bedtime story to everyone.  

I was the lucky one to get a few post nap snuggles with Colbie.  Sweet little snuggle bug.  

Quite possibly the highlight of Jaylie's life thus far was getting to go to gymnastics class with Ellie.  She was been begging to do gymnastics but we don't have a place in our town that does it.  She borrowed one of Ellie's suits and off they went for the time of their lives! 

It was everything she hoped!!! 

This summer thing is no joke.  It wears a girl OUT! 

Back at camp for a visit means back in the sand with your CDR buddies/cousins. 

I can't wait to watch these 2 spend their CDR lives together! 

So good to get to visit with Macy and Christie. Camp really does give you the best friends in the whole world! 

We love Brodie (Christie's son/Macy's brother) and LOVE that the Cox/Spencer friendship will keep on going. This crew hopefully has lots of fun CDR memories together ahead of them.  

Play hard sleep hard. 

The kids made a "cabin" at this broken tree.  They even created a complete camp schedule of things they do at their cabin for their "camp".  

In another random turn of events that I can't quite figure out, me and Clint ended up eating dinner at a fun restaurant in town. I hadn't ever eaten there so I was glad to get to try it.  YUM!  

Another night another slumber party with sleeping bodies all over the floor....

Ro and Kan Man snuggled up. 

My Uncle Steve and Boozie came to town for him to speak at our church so we really enjoyed having them for a few days! 

Our cousins Emaline, Bowden, and Parker (not pictured) went to camp a different session and some of us were there to see them. 

Nolan got a surprise call that he would get to stay the week at camp!! Yay!!! Quinn got to help him set up his bunk.  

During that week several of our camp friends were bringing their kiddos to Pee Wee's and hanging out together so Rachel and I drove up there to say hello to some dear friends.  It was a short visit but SO GOOD! 

Gay Gay and Juney with the pretty hydrangeas. 

Thanks to the non stop commercials during the NBA finals, Quinn was dead set on trying some nasty Cheetos thing from Burger King.  As usual, Gay Gay made his dreams come true! He wanted me to take a picture to send to Daddy!

Just another time June couldn't handle a car ride without going to sleep.  

A little swim time lunch 

Garden harvest!

Crazy kiddos at Marion's house for lunch. 

Aunt Rachel's hair is irresistible too.  

Ro reading Harry Potter. Kanyon twirling hair. Both winning. 

Snow cones on the sidewalk. 

June Bug with good ol' Ollie and blue snow cone teeth. 

Sleepy heads 

My cousin Robin came down one afternoon and I got to meet baby Brayden!!!!!! 

Gay Gay+my kids+Clay's kids

Tha Bros

#1 Mom

Paw Paw and Kanyon having breakfast together.

Quinn was so happy he was there when it was time to pick the corn! 

Lots of swimming to beat the heat! 

The time in Paris is coming to a close but the party isn't quite over yet.