Thursday, December 31, 2009

All Things Kanyon

Now I have to worry about keeping everything fair and even between the 2 I'd better do a Kanyon post since I did a Quinn one. :)
There is no special date or reason, just a little update on the big brother of the house. This has been a tough 3 weeks for him and he deserves a post all his own!

  • He is crawling on his own more and more without prompting or help! This is HUGE!
  • He now says "bu bu" when he waves Bye Bye.

  • "bu bu" is actually his favorite sound...he uses it for almost anything. It is also the name of his brother and pretty much anything else we try to get him to say.

  • He says "Nigh Nigh" and lays down when we say "Night Night". Too bad he doesn't do that at night to go to sleep.
  • He says "pu pu" when he wants UP. He can make the P sound but makes pretty much no vowel sounds. Speech therapists out there...whats up with that?? Don't vowel sounds usually come first?
  • We are practicing animal sounds. His best one is when he roars like a lion. We have to do it first, then he copies. Its pretty cute. He also does snake and dog.
  • It bothers him more when Kory holds Quinn than when I do. I think he gave up on me.
  • He points to where he wants you to go and what he wants you to do. He's quite bossy.
  • If you start to sing "This little light of mine" he will put his finger up and move it around.
  • His love for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are still as strong as ever. Yesterday he heard the intro to Jeopardy, "THIS IS JEOPARDY!!!" and he wheeled around where he was, checked out the TV to make sure it was true and made a B-Line to the TV. If he's a genius (or knows random facts that I could never teach him ) we'll know why.
  • I'm really looking forward to this recovery time being over so that I can get things back to normal for him. I'm dreading it in a way, but I'm ready to get it over with. I know that the first few weeks will be tough on me and my patience (I think what we've seen off and on this past week or 2 is a sneak peek and its SOO frustrating and I NEED patience!) but I know he'll get settled in.
  • He has the best DAD in the world the best GRANDPARENTS in the world (and his Uncle Tye was a huge help too). Seriously, they have all worked so hard and taken such good care of Kanyon, played with him, FED HIM, rocked him, picked him up, let him boss them around, gone on Tryke rides, walks, and on and on and on. They have all made this transition so much easier on him and I'm so thankful! I know they're probably looking forward to me being back to normal too, they've worked LIKE DOGS!!!

Here he is bugging my dad for food. Yes, the kid will annoy you to death when you're eating. He wants your food so bad. He will lick it and enjoys that very very much. crazy boy. In true Paw Paw fashion, Dad left the table to sit on the floor with Kanyon so he could lick his food.


Christmas Post

I feel like there is a monkey on my back until I get the "Christmas Post" done. So I'm doing it now.

The weekend before Christmas we headed to Paris for a little Christmas with the Hobbs crew. Quinn was thrilled to meet his family less than 2 weeks after he was born.

Cousin Julie

Aunt Mo (and quinn's newest cousin that is due this summer)!!

Cousin Taryn

Whoopsy this was supposed to be later, but Christmas Eve he got to meet the Spencer side of the family and loved it! Here he is with cousin Robin.

Our dear friends the Pruitts came by while they were in town and it was SOOOOO good to see them. We miss them like crazy and were so glad Quinn got to meet them.

Cooper and Kanyon

Haha Coop got caught picking his nose!!!

Just before Christmas, Kory's parents and brother got here from Montana! Quinn meeting Gram and Chief for the first time (not on skype)

Christmas morning, Kory and Tye made waffles. It was quite an ordeal til Susan got in there and took over. We appreciated the boys' idea and willingness, but we appreciated Susan's product a little better.

Santa came and brought Kanyon a tool bench. Who better to teach him how to use the screw driver than Chief. Notice Kanyon's face...that is his concentration face...mouth open. I LOVE IT!

Gram and Chief gave klp some new boots (pardon the pants happens)
'Ya think he likes his boots!!??!!

My little Christmas boys

klp giving "bu bu" a kiss

We braved the frigid temps and went outside to swing. Unfortunately, the Montana bunch didn't get any break from the cold while they were down here.

Not sure if it was post Christmas let down, the cold weather, or the lull of the swing, but klp turned into a zombie when he got in his swing!
Gram has gotten suckered into a few rides on the Tryke. klp doesn't care how cold it is, he needs to ride AT LEAST once a day! :)
A card game is always in the works when the Phillips crew is together. They're teaching Kanyon already!

Uncle Tye headed back to MT and a few days later, Wes left a few days after Tye. Susan is still here with us and will be for another week. We appreciate the boys for leaving the ranch to come see us and we REALLY appreciate the guys that fed the cows for them (Marilyn, I know you read this, so tell Eldon THANK YOU SOOOO much! We loved having Chief here!). Here are Gram and Chief with their grandsons. As you can see, Quinn was sad Chief was leaving....or he had gas. Or maybe both.

We go next weekend to my parents' for our family Christmas. Should be fun. Until then, I'll continue with our wild and crazy New Year's Eve. It must be wild and crazy if I'm blogging at 10:00. Actually, there is no way I'd rather spend it this year than at home with just my 3 boys.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All Things Quinn

Quinn Man is 3 weeks old today, so I thought I might should tell you a little bit about him :

  • He is not jaundice anymore. His levels were down by his 2 week check up.
  • He still sleeps most of the day, but he's starting to have more awake times
  • He sleeps at night too
  • He eats about every 2 hours. 2 1/2 if I'm lucky It still takes a long time to feed him, so pretty much at night I sleep one hour at a time. YIKES!! :)
  • He has my mouth (so does Kanyon)
  • Other than the mouth, I don't think he looks like Kanyon
  • He has no eyebrows
  • He had his first his 3 week bday...don't judge....bathing isn't big deal around here
  • He has so much gas. I feel terrible for him. He gulps so much air when he eats and no matter how I try to help him, he ends up in pain. I try mylicon, but its only so good. I'm hoping he figures out how to eat without eating air. Then I think he'd eat more and go longer between eating. Poor baby.
  • He's pooped on me twice.
I'm still being spoiled by great help. Kory's family has been here and his mom will be here for another week. It has been so great and I feel like I've had it so easy. I've gotten to sit and hold this baby boy and that has been so great. My Dr. says I still can't lift Kanyon, so I have to have someone around with me. Kanyon is having some good days and some bad days, but we'll get settled once I can lift and take care of that big boy by myself. Until then, we're dealing with whining and fits like I've never seen.

Here is the little bambino with his peepers open!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A message from Quinn


Haha! He's the cutest little Scrooge I've ever seen. Actually he loved Christmas he just doesn't know how to show it yet!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Phillips boys!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pics and Update

Things in the Phillips house are moving right along. Quinn is doing well. The nursing thing has gone pretty well I think. I am very thankful and feel like its been a pretty easy process for us so far. He know what to do and if I can keep him awake, he does it well. He's eating a little more at each feeding and even decides to open his eyes a few times a day. He is terribly gassy which is pretty uncomfortable to him, but he's rockin' right a long. He's gotten lots of cuddle time. I've enjoyed that so much. Thanks to my mom who has been here to pretty much take care of all things Kanyon, its allowed me to get to sit and hold my little one when I want to! :)

Kanyon is doing well. He is eating good and sleeping good. He for sure is having more "fits" and has a harder time than usual accepting NO, but that is all a part of this transition (and living with other people in our house) and I'm sure he'll settle in.

I feel good. I feel like its taken forever, but I guess I just forgot about the whole recovery thing. Every day I'm a little closer to normal and today I sneezed and didn't die from pain in my stomach, so that is good. Sleep is happening in 1-2 hour "naps" at night, but so far I feel fine.

Kory's parents and one of his brothers will be here Wednesday and we can't wait to see them and enjoy Christmas with them.

Here are a few pictures from the last week.

qsp had his eyes open, but I like klp in the background: " Uhhh Mom, I'm right here, why are you taking a picture of THAT?"

sweet Quinn with his eyes open
klp is enjoying all of the baby things.

Quinn was a little bit jaundice, but not enough to do anything, so we spent some time in front of the window sunbathing!

lovin' on baby brother

my boys
we skyped Kory's parents so they could "see" Quinn. It gave them a little something to hold them over til they get here.

Oh man, how sweet is this?
We go to the Dr. tomorrow for his 2 week check up. Hopefully he's packed on some weight. We'll see.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brotherly Love

Last night we caught a little moment between the brothers. Kanyon wanted to sit by daddy, then noticed Quinn in his lap and started to pat him. I ran and got the camera and when he saw the camera, he needed a little prompting, but it was so sweet to watch him pat his "bu bu" all on his own. For the most part, klp doesn't pay much attention to qsp (I mean really, there isn't much to pay attention to. Very little noise, very little action comes from the little guy) but this was a nice little moment.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

A big THANK YOU to my sis in law Rachel for once again keeping the blog going when I can't. She did great and it was so fun to read all the comments and stuff when we got home. Little Quinn (and his whole family) are surrounded by some pretty amazing friends! Thank you!

We came home Thursday afternoon and have been settling in ever since. I am still very sore, but reminding myself that these sorts of things just take time. My parents are here saving the day by playing with Kanyon and keeping things going at the house. Kory is of course tons of help to me and Kanyon. Being the wild man that Kanyon is, we don't get too close to each other, he doesn't know that my stomach just got cut open and OUCH! He's doing great though and still not paying much attention to the little blanket wrapped burrito that just stole his mommy. Quinn is doing what newbies do and doing them all well. Eating (when we can keep him awake), sleeping, and pooping. I'm pretty sure his beautiful skin tone = jaundice, but we'll find out Monday. Hopefully it won't be.

The name thing was kinda funny. We had it narrowed down to 3 names going into the day. None of them were Quinn. We had 2 of Kory's favs and my favorite. We pretty quickly ruled out one, that we both agreed didn't fit the baby boy we just had. We thought we'd just pick one of the two favorites...ya know...battle it out! We couldn't. It just didn't feel right having one of us "give in". We had given ourselves a goal of naming him by bedtime Tuesday. At 11 pm we were getting nowhere. Then Kory said, "Well, what about some of the other names we liked, like Quinn" At that exact second a commentator came on ESPN with the last name Quinn! We both thought it sounded good and that it fit him, but we were too nervous to make the call that night. So we slept on it and the next morning we made the final call. It was funny when we called our parents and brothers to tell them because they were expecting one of 2 names and we threw them a curve ball with a name we hadn't mentioned in months! Its not a family name, we just liked it. Spencer (for those of you who don't know) is my maiden name (and Jayde's middle name too). So, there you have it. Quinn Spencer Phillips.

I thought I'd post a few pics off of our camera and ones from the last couple of days.

The weigh in:

This is the bundle they brought and held up to my face.
Not sure what they were doing here, I'll have to ask Kory.

When they finally let me out of the bed we enjoyed nice romantic walks down the hall. SHEESH I was sore! One of Kanyon's NICU nurses (actually Intermediate Care nurses) works part time at this hospital and she took care of Quinn and got to see Kanyon. That was kinda fun.

klp giving qsp a good night kiss.

Mommy giving her big boy a good night kiss

We're HOME!

Uncle Clint brought this outfit to the hospital...he made a special trip to the store once he knew it was a boy. We had to wear it home despite its hugeness. And it was really cold, so we bundled him up with blankets. ( you and Parker recognize the blue sports blanket!!??)

He already looks so different from this picture!

Happy big brother!


Here's the little bundle Thursday night. Its fun to watch him change these first few days home.
Classic dad pose.

oh MAN I love a swaddled baby!

Thanks again for your prayers leading up to this event and for sharing in our joy! We are beyond thankful.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A few more pictures

This was right after they brought him to the nursery.
Nanny Lou checking out her new great-grandson
Kanyon seeing his baby brother for the first time
I think he was more excited about seeing his mom for the first time.
See how excited he is about being a big brother? Actually, I just wanted you to see his cute shirt.
First time to see him without the glass between them.
Gay Gay's first time to hold him.
and here's Pawpaw's first time to hold him.
Think they're proud?
I realized after I left the hospital that I never once saw his eyeballs. He was one sleepy boy.
Beautiful mommy
Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?!
One more sweet shot of big brother

I'm sure Jaymie will have many more to post when she gets home from the hospital, but this should tide you over until then.