Thursday, September 27, 2012

Around the House

Kanyon being the big brother

I love her in blue.  

Our Tahoe rolled 300,000 miles

Mallory and Q have become big buddies lately (we made a 24 hr. trip to Paris for my mom's birthday)
Its obvious in these pictures that they love each other, but I wish they would've smiled at the camera at the same time! haha! 

klp picked up this toy and started "shaving like Paw Paw"

Arrrrrr she's a pirate! 

klp was cracking himself (and me) up one day making his alligator eat his frogs.  

A little reading time with Dad

smoochy smoochy

I mean really???!!! Hooded towel pictures are just too sweet.  

While Susan was here, we decided to do something I'd been needing to do for a LONG TIME.  Cover my kitchen chairs.  We picked out the fabric and then she pretty much did all of the work. 

Yes, the bottom picture is what the chairs looked like. How embarrassing is that when company comes??!!  

Not embarrassed anymore! 

klp got fitted for new AFO's.  We were waiting to get so klp helped himself to the parallel bars and the full length mirror.  He was having a blast watching himself swing on the bar!  Funny boy! 

Mom had the gals at the Tshirt shop in paris make this---thanks y'all! 

Snuggles with Daddy


klp decked out in his Montana State gear! 

oops another hooded towel pic.  I can't help it! 

The boys were eating lunch on the floor and Q put his arm around klp.  Then he said, "Look Mom! We're holding necks!" haha!

This picture makes me laugh.  Such a funny look on her face.  

Daddy and Jaylie reading

We went to visit my Grandma one evening so she could get some good cuddles in with Jaylie. 

Kory liked her in this dress, so he wanted me to take her picture...this was the best we got.  This was a gift to Jayde, so again, a sweet sight for us.  

My first walk by myself with all 3.  I underestimated how HEAVY the stroller is, plus carrying another one.  The walk wasn't quite as long as I planned, but it was nice to get out.  Thanks to my history, I pretty much stop doing anything very active as soon as I find out I'm pregnant, so its been almost a year since I've been able to go on a long walk. It felt good! 

Drawing roads and racing cars.  I love this boy stuff.  

Double piggy back ride

bedtime sweetness

Maybe my favorite outfit so far.  

All the Jaylie swaddling made Quinn's bear think he needed to be swaddled too. 

This boys LOVES a flashlight....

What is SOO FUN about hiding under stuff??? Clearly my boys love it...

I realize this was over-picture totally random post, but I'm just trying not to get too far behind.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Heroes!

Gram brought some gifts she made for the boys and to say they were a hit would be an understatement.  Here they are with their new capes and masks the night she gave them to the boys. (We didn't mean to match their PJ's with their capes)  

Super heroes aren't afraid to carry a bear 

They are always watching for danger....

...even if its behind them

Sometimes Super Heroes dress themselves..

No matter what they wear, as long as they have their cape, they can FLY!

Super Heroes ride their bikes....

and give each other a lift.

They bring their mommy flowers.....

and try to control their weird dad.  

The capes have been worn for countless hours and to several public places.  Its hard to convince a boy that he doesn't need his cape when he goes to the store.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Chief and Gram Come to Texas

Chief and Gram made the trip from Montana to meet Jaylie June and see the growing boys.  They got to our house right as my mom was leaving so Mom snapped a picture of them laying eyes on Jaylie for the first time.  

Then we came inside so everyone could get a good look! 

My mom found this onesie when I was pregnant.  We figured its not every day that you see a shirt with the right grandma name on it, so she got it and figured even if we had a boy he'd look good in purple.....and hot pink....and hearts! :)

This was a gift from Gram so Jaylie modeled it for her while she was here.  

Chief stayed almost a week (a personal record!) but Gram got to stay for 2 more!! It was fun and so much help!!! We were quite lonely when she left.  

Listening to itunes on the porch.  Quinn is our music man so he had fun listening to all of Gram's music.  "Rawhide" was a favorite of his.  The other day he said, "Mom, when I look at Gram's iPad it says 'Head em up and move em out!"  He still remembers his favorite song.  

Why I waited til the last minute to take a picture of her with all of them, I don't know.  The pressure was on and my children did NOT cooperate.  

Though they weren't exactly cooperating, I LOVE this picture.  It makes me laugh out loud.  It just screams INSANITY!  I mean, look at Kanyon's face.  He's literally pulling his hair out!! 

I needed a picture of Gram and her BFF!  But Jaylie kept covering up her onesie.  

When Gram left, we began "real life" which meant me getting up when my boys woke up no matter how early it was and how much sleep I'd gotten the night before, cooking AND cleaning the kitchen, and juggling this new family with 2 less hands.  We had a fun time having our Moms around and are reminded just how thankful we are to have such great mamas!!