Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July so far

The reality of me having a baby in 2 weeks has finally hit.  I think it should've hit sooner, but it didn't, so now I'm scrambling.  My list of things to do before it gets here is getting LONGER instead of shorter, and for some reason I'm blogging when both of my kids are asleep. But, I'd sure hate to get behind on the blog, so here are mostly phone pics of our July days.  

Daddy gave the brothers mohawks. They're feeling brotherly and cool with the hair-do. 

What handsome boys I have.  :)

qsp asks, "Mom, can you put my J's on me".  He wasn't really interested in clothes, just his basketball shoes.  

He never acknowledged that his pants were half way down.  klp on the other hand was trying to pull them up for him, but he finally gave up.  

Drying off after a dip in the kiddie pool.

Face timing with our Montana family.  

See the lower jaw sticking out?? Thats the face he makes when he feels cool.  I see it anytime he puts on new shoes, sunglasses, a shirt he likes, or anything that makes him feel big.  He's got swagger.  

He's not the only one rockin' the sunglasses. klp-always upside down.  qsp-always over the outside of his ears. What ev. 

Check this out, will ya??  Go Paris, Texas.  As if the red cowboy hat wasn't fancy enough, my home is hittin' the big time with colored lights.  

Mixing lemonade with Auntie Nancye.  They love each other. 

Enjoying our snack outside.  Peaches and grapes-our summer staples.

Lovely juice running down his arm. 

I can almost not handle the cuteness of this picture.  Its just too much for this mama.  

Q requested an individual shot. 

I think this was from a while ago, but I just found it on my computer.  Playing Dr. in the hamper.  

Q and his friend Grant had Superman night at church! 

These are my Garage Sale BFF's.  We just had our 3rd or 4th garage sale together and the fun never stops.  We set up the night before, have a slumber party, then SELL THE JUNK the next day. Its so much fun!  We had a late night Blizzard run to help us finish out the last of our pricing and setting up.  We are getting old and the late night/early morning isn't as easy on us as it used to be.  

Here we are holding/wearing treasures we couldn't believe weren't selling.  We had a successful day of making what I call "free money" and laughed and laughed the whole time. I really love these girls (and not just because we have fun having garage sales).

My boys discovering all sorts of things they loved that Amy and Mindi brought to sell.  

We had a busy week last week with Dr. appointments.  This boy is a stud.  

At the eye Dr.  He brought his own flashlights. For so long I had to hold him in my lap, but now the big boy does everything himself.  

Getting fitted for new leg braces...He was a little nervous about this, but he did great.  

One day, klp asked if he could lay on my baby while he read his book.  Hope he doesn't try to lay on it when its out of my belly, but for now, it makes a pretty good pillow.  

Lookin' pretty rough, but we're out at Camp for church.  The next 2 cousins on the way!  Maurine and Clay's is due in October :)

We were in NEED of some yummy Pittsburg peaches, so we asked my aunt Mary Lynn to come with us and we had a fun little day.  Of course, Q took advantage of the free peach, but when offered, klp said the usual, "I can't like that."

We've eaten TONS (especially me and Q), given a few away and I've made 3 pies.  (I only kept one for us)


So one night I was rolling out the dough for one of my pies and it started making my stomach muscles/baby belly HURT SO BAD.  Like I could barely walk and had to go sit down. It was the strangest thing and very painful.  Since I try NOT to have contractions, KLP offered to finish rolling out the dough and he even finished the topping and some of the filling.  He wasn't as angry as he looks in the picture :)  

Not sure how much blogging I'll do in the next 2 weeks.  Hopefully I'll be all caught up when Baby arrives.....in 2 weeks!!  YAY!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Happy Thursday from my little singer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cagle Cousin Camp

My mom's extended family decided to have a fun "camp" day this summer.  We usually only get together every other Thanksgiving so we thought it was a great idea! It was so fun.  Paige did a lot to get this day together (including the cute shirts) and even though the random gully washer that sent us all inside for 2-3 hours ruined the games she had planned, we still had a great time.

Cousin Lyneil rented this big bounce house.  Guess who loved it???!!!  He would've stayed in it all day long.

Q loved it too...this is him after I forced him to get out and get a drink of water....

Look at these sweet cousins....They look so sad.  Not sure why. 

I said, "Say BOUNCE HOUSE!!!" and this is what I got.  

This is the original 1st cousins that were there that day.  We were missing a few.

This is the next generation...again, missing several, but had a blast with the ones that were there.

And last but not least, the youngest batch of Cagle Cousins.  Remember how it rained so all these kids had to come inside and play??????? Yeah, it was loud.  But FUN.  

So what if the cheetos stay on your face all day.

Mom was, as usual, the best hostess in the world. And we pretty much have Paige to thank for putting this together.  YAY! 

When the rain finally stopped a few kids got in the pool.  Eventually their lips turned blue and they had to get out.  

It was a fun day and makes me so thankful for the BIG family we have.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer fun

Here's a peek into some of our summer fun:

klp loves to lay down in the bath tub. The water was almost gone in this one, but he was still loving it.  He's such a water baby.....err...big boy.  

They still love the clothes hamper in our bathroom.  They are quickly running out of room for both of them and slowly learning to PUT THE CLOTHES BACK IN WHEN THEY'RE DONE! 

playing school bus...the instagram version (jaymiegp if you wanna follow)

qsp's first taste of corn on the cob....I think he ate 3.  

The post bath, hooded towel look is just the cutest. 

My mom got the boys some window crayons. They created quite the masterpiece on our kitchen window.

Frozen watermelon popsicles....soooooo summer! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 4

If you've read our blog since the beginning, you know that July 4th is a big day in our family.  After 100 days in the NICU, we brought Kanyon home on July 4, 2007!!! We are always thankful but this time of year is a great reminder that whether or not things went perfectly, or were easy, we DID walk out those doors with our boy and he has brought us more joy that we could've ever imagined.  So, here we are 5 years later, joining our friends in celebrating our country, but secretly, we're celebrating our own Phillips Phamily Independence Day.  Those fireworks are for our little 1 pounder that high tailed it out of that hospital.  All the fun and togetherness is a celebration of family and on that day, our family was a little more complete.  HAPPY COMING HOME DAY KAN MAN!!!  

We are usually in Montana, but Baby Phillips kept us here this year. We REALLY missed being there and it felt so funny to be here in Longview on the 4th.  We missed the hay cutting, cool evenings, and of course the family.  The good thing is we were able to go to our church's annual celeration. It was lots of fun and a nice treat since we usually aren't here for it.  So that is what most of these pictures are......

Phillips Phamily

Some of the kids getting ready for the firework show (notice Addison is already covering her ears)

This is a run-down on the firework show for us.  With the first BOOM, all the kids previously on the blankets were in someone's lap (and most of them were screaming).  Trent covered his face with his blanket and never moved it the whole 30 min. show.  As expected, Q freaked out, but then settled in and enjoyed the show.  Luckily I had his blanket which I think helped. klp was a little unsure at first (therefore made his way to Daddy's lap) but then LOVED it.  The louder the better for that kid.  When asked about fireworks he will tell you "I saw fireworks way up high and Bubba cried." haha

We did a few sparklers at our house.....

We were curious to see what qsp would do.  He had to do a full inspection first......

but then he LOVED them!  He couldn't get enough! 

We enjoyed SO MUCH having Daddy home with us all day. What a treat.  We did things like eat watermelon

and play with the fun treats Daddy brought home.  They loved those popper things you throw down.  They went through the box really fast! 

waiting for the next POP!

They got these little guns that shot confetti.  They were under-impressed with the confetti, but played with the guns for days.  

Sometimes you just gotta sit back and take it all in...... (unless you're klp and then you drive your car up to the water table and play a while)

We went for a swim with our cousins!

Happy Birthday America. and HAPPY HOME DAY KANYON!!!!!