Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun with Friends

My computer is acting like its too full to download anymore pictures...YIKES! I'm going to have to get that figured out because I have some cute ones on my camera! Until then, here are a few from the last couple of weeks.

We went out to CDR one Wednesday night for worship and Kanyon got to hang out with Christie. She and her husband were on staff when we were young, then we got to be on staff when their kids were campers (young campers) and now we're all just a big happy family!!

Here is klp with the Cox kids (Jr. and Christie's kids) Drew, Kade, and Macy. Drew was the ring bearer in our wedding. He was such a little guy then now he's grown!!! Drew got baptized that night and we are SOOO proud of him. Jr. sorry we didn't get any pics of you!! klp has lotsa love for you too! :)

A couple of weeks ago while I was in Dallas, my aunt Nancye kept Kanyon so me and Kasey could go celebrate our birthdays at Cheesecake Factory!! Uncle Frank was there too, but I didn't get any pics of him!

This was at CDR after Drew's baptism. Of course being that close to the pool and not getting in was torture for Kanyon, so afterwards, my dad let him dip in it for a little bit.

My Aunt Mary Lynn and my grandma Nanny Lou drove out to Pittsburg to buy some peaches last week. They are the best peaches in the world and its a fun little outing. We ran into my great Uncle Richard there, so Kanyon got to hang out with Uncle Richard too! Funny story...while he was sitting in my grandma's lap a lady from the newspaper came up and wanted to take his picture for the newspaper!! BUT she wanted him to be eating a peach....wrong kid, lady. So she moved on to a less cute (just kidding), but more cooperative boy who would eat his peach for her!! haha!!

The Briscoe's came over the other night and Addison and Kanyon had a great time! Is she not SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE?!!!!! Here they are both cracking up at something.

sweet friends

This is big news in our house....KANYON GOT NEW WHEELS!!! He got an AmTryke (i may have spelled that wrong) and we are so happy. The AMBUCS organization gives these away to kids all over. They make all sorts of different tricycles depending on what each kids needs, how much support they need to sit, etc. They just got these new seats in that adjust so that smaller kids can fit sooner. I push it and the foot pedals go and so do the arms. It is obviously really good for his legs to move and good for his arms too! It stretches them and gets them loose and moving! We do have to rig a velcro thing to make him keep his left hand on the handles, but he tolerates it OK. It is just fun to have something that he can do outside. He enjoys it and we are so thankful for people who create these things for ALL kids. BTW she would die if I told this, but one of our therapist is actually the one who invented these things years ago but wanted all kids to be able to get one (instead of buying one) so she handed over the patent to AMBUCS. I mean seriously. She's not only smart, but truly generous and working to help kids!
Here we are taking it for a spin one evening. klp's buddy Blake was there to help push him.

Same night...the Porters came over and we played outside and then ate Popsicles. Very summery, huh?

We all know that Kanyon's booty scooting causes his shorts to come down. Well sometimes its worse than that.....

we've so far avoided any major carpet burns!
I know I've posted so many pictures like this, but its just SOO HIM!

This was out of order, but here is the proud boy on his new bike!

We are headed to Paris this weekend. Its my last chance to eat Taco Delite!!! I mean see my family! haha

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Update

I realized that I did the first post to announce our pregnancy and then haven't said anything else about new baby! So, here we go!!!!!

This is our ultrasound picture from this past Monday. Sweet little profile.

Maybe I'll just make a list of things here:
I will be 19 weeks tomorrow
I have had 2 ultrasounds and will have another one in a week and at some point will go from having them every 2 weeks to every week. The main reason is to measure my cervix and make sure its not doing anything crazy. So far so good.
We'll have the BIG sono in a couple of weeks where they do all the measurements and such to make sure all is developing well. The ones they've taken so far everything looks good. I'm ready to have that behind me. It makes me very nervous.
We will NOT be finding out if its a boy or a girl. (that means we'll have lots of profile pictures I guess). However, due to the amount of sono's I'll be having the chances of us accidentally finding out from the techs or seeing for ourselves is pretty high. We're gonna give it a shot though.
I started taking a weekly shot at 16 weeks. So far so good. Mindi is my shot giver and she's great! She takes great care to hurt my boo-tay as little as possible. I will take it every Thursday until I'm 36 weeks. The shot has been shown to prevent preterm labor in singleton pregnancies. Bring it on. It makes me nervous (not to mention a little ouchy because its as thick as motor oil according to the nurse)to be injecting something into my body, but it scares me worse to risk NOT doing something that could help and seeing my baby WAY TOO SOON.
While I was in Montana, a very pretty nurse lady gave me my shot. She is friends with my in-laws and goes to church with them. She is also a former Miss Montana!!
I am very much showing. Strangers will now ask me when I'm due. So the part where people wonder but don't say anything is way behind me. Its safe to ask now.
My belly button is starting to flatten out. Just like with J&K.
I am just now getting over the nausea. I gag for NO REASON at any given point, but I can handle that. All day every day I'm gagging. Oh well.
I still haven't felt it move. I don't remember when I felt the twins move. This baby looked like it was swatting flies in my last ultrasounds and it was moving all over, but I still can't feel the flutters yet. I can't wait.
I have this week and next week left to travel to Dallas and then those weekly trips will end. In fact, my Dr. doesn't want me further than Tyler after that. YIKES! So, we're gonna make a trip to Paris soon to get to see the fam and then settle in here for the long haul. That means I will have to miss a few things, one being my 10 year High School Reunion which makes me sad, but I'd rather be safe.
We do not have names. We have a few for each, but it will probably take us forever to actually decide.
My belly is pointed. Same as it was with J&K. It looks funny. Oh well.
I am more tired/sleepy in my 2nd trimester than I was the first. I remember being the same way with the twins. I layed down some the first trimester, but it was more because I felt so yucky. Now its because I can't hold my eyes open!
My due date is somewhere between the 22-25th of December, but if all goes perfectly, the birthday will be the 15th. I had a vertical C-section with Kanyon so my risk is higher for complications so she told me I never need to contract again. So hopefully we will catch it before it starts to be born on its own. If not, it will have to be taken at the first sign of contractions because we can't risk it. I like the sound of December 15th, don't you!! :)
Being pregnant again makes me think so much about when I was teaching and about my class when I was pregnant the first time. I wish I was around them again this time. It was fun.
Kanyon remains clueless about his world- rocking sibling growing inside of me.
I think I'm done now. If I left anything out, I'll add it later. Thanks for keeping this little one in your prayers.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Video of the Week

In response to the insanely long pictures posts from Montana. I thought I'd post this cute video. The other night I had gotten klp ready for bed and when I walked out of his room, he started closing and squinting his eyes. It was so cute I wanted him to do it over and over. He was doing it, so KLP grabbed the video camera. I'm not real sure what was going on because 30 seconds after this video he looked at me like I was crazy when I said "Close your eyes" I think we just caught each other at just the right time. So I can't chalk this up as a "trick", but it was a one hit wonder for us! And I just had to steal a kiss at the end.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Montana Trip Part 3

Ok, this is my last series of pictures and believe it or not, there are tons that I still want to post.

OH MAN I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Kanyon gives pretty good kisses and he didn't want Sayler to leave without one.

"reading" with Aunt Sydni, Gram, and Sayler. I love how he's cutting his eyes towards the book
Kanyon and Aunt Sydni!

We went over to the Fosters for a little visit and I DIDN'T GET PICTURES OF THEM WITH THE KIDS!!! But we had a great visit. Of course they had dump trucks and bubbles for the kids to play with!

Kory with sweet baby Hayven!!!!!!!

You can't walk into the Phillips house and NOT play cards.....or eat cards.

Hanging out with Uncle Tye and Gram

Kory's aunt Julie and uncle Aaron came to Lewistown for the weekend. We always love seeing them and their fun kids. I managed to only get a picture of Isabelle and Eloise, but we loved seeing Aidan and new little Ainsley too.

We enjoyed a nice visit with Kory's grandparents Bob and Fae one afternoon. They are always fun to be around.
Big buddies

How funny is this picture?!!! The ones after it are funnier because he's "melting". Kory helped him stand long enough to take a big boy picture with Sayler. Look how cute she is with her arm around his neck.
Gram found this gummy snake thing and Sayler was eating part of it. She gave Kanyon a part to lick and he liked it!

Out of order....brothers switched kids!

back to the gummy snake...see him hesitantly lick it!! :)


The last evening we were there, the boys saddled up Cowboy Uno and let Kanyon go for a ride. Oh man, he just looks so cute to me sitting on a big horse. I can never decide if he looks tiny or if he looks HUGE and all grown up! Wes practiced roping Kory's feet.

Here we are. When on vacation, my looks are never too high on my priority list, so I'm embarrassed to show this picture....I look rough. (NOTE TO SELF: make personal appearance a little higher on the list next time)

Checking out the horses with Daddy

Riding with Chief

big boy on the saddle

Chief was showing him how to hold the reins....and yes, even making him try to hold with his left hand. EVERYONE knows his tricks! :)

petting Uno after a great ride

The 2 cowboys relaxing a little bit
Kory took a little spin himself.
Flying with Uncle Tye

Our time with family is never long enough, but we had a great visit!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Montana Trip Part 2

The Phillips' cousin Barrett got to town the same day we did. He is there for the next month working and helping out. Here are the 4 of them ending the day with Mario Kart. Always. (Clint, Tye, Kory, Barrett)

Something was getting fixed at the shed, so me and Kanyon went down to can fully see the baby roll on my tummy.
Ahhh the rake needing a little fixing so Wes and Kory are all over it...we just observed to make sure they did it right.

This was the day that was the best because Sydni, Sayler and Hayven came!!!! We hadn't gotten to see our newest niece and I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on her. She is the cutest thing you've ever seen. Here are the 3 grandkids piled in the car. We went up to the Snowy Mountains to check on the cows in the summer pasture. A guy that had done some fencing for them said he saw 200 elk, so that was our hope, but we saw 0. But we had LOTS of fun! Aren't they cute all piled in there.

Kanyon found THIS in Hayven's car seat and decided to chew on it as if it were HIS!!! AHHHH!

Once we got up there, it didn't take long for the boys to find something that needed fixing. This time it was a gate.

As we drove around checking on everything, klp ended up in Chief's lap and let me tell you he wanted the WHEEL! No sitting and watching for him.

Taking a break to say hello to those 2 lovely ladies

Back to the driving...

Just a pic from the top of where we went. I think I take this picture every time I'm up there, but I can't help it!

Cousins! I have to say that I don't know if I've ever seen Kanyon react to someone the way he reacted to Sayler. Its not their first time to see each other, but its the first time since Kanyon is up and about. He LOVED her. He followed her all over the house squealing and giggling at everything she did. She was SOOO sweet to let him "tag along" and play with him. She is my favorite 3 year old in the whole world!!!!!!!!!

Nothin' hits the spot after a long day workin' on the ranch like a hamburger. Kanyon wants our food SOOOO BAD but when he gets it he panics and gags and freaks because I guess he doesn't know what to do with it. Here Kory is letting him lick his burger. Ha Ha!

The Phillips Boys: Clint, Kory, Kanyon, and Tye
One evening we went up the mountain behind their house to check out a HUGE fencing project they finished. They had a fire up there over a year ago so we saw some of that that we hadn't seen on the last trip.

Here is part of the burnt/cleaned out area
This is another picture I take everytime we're on our way down from the mountain. It was starting to get dark, so they aren't too good.

On our way down we ran into a group of turkeys. There were tons of little babies with them and they were so cute! I tried so hard to get a good picture, but it was getting too dark. If you look close you can see a couple of the hens.

Another must-take picture

We got home just in time to beat the next little storm rolling in.

This was one evening out at Tye's place. It came a DOWNPOUR while he and Kory were trying to move some cows. Then we saw this gigantic rainbow. We could see the end of both ends and there was double rainbow but you can't see the other one in this picture.

Right up there with Sayler is Cooper, Tye's dog. Kanyon really enjoyed him!
We get to do some of this if it rains! I love this picture! Everyone enjoying a morning game, newspaper, etc.

klp with Uncle Tye. We all love Uncle Tye. He's such a good uncle to all 3 of the little ones.

Susan makes the yummiest Cinnamon rolls....I don't think they even lasted 24 hours once they were out of the oven. Kanyon wanted to taste them, so Chief perched him right up there by them and he poked his fingers around and licked them over and over. I'm sure everyone else appreciates that, but Chief and Kanyon sure did have fun!

Stay tuned for ONE MORE instalment of our Montana Trip!