Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Phillips Pham! 

This idea actually came to me thanks to my Mother in Law.  When she was here after Jaylie was born I was telling her that I had to start thinking about Halloween now that I knew I had a girl.  We were just casually brainstorming and she brought up the mermaid idea because we'd just seen a super cute picture of 2 little toddlers dressed as mermaids for an underwater photo shoot.  I loved the idea so we stuck with it!   My boys had never heard of a pirate until I told them (after re-explaining to them what in the world Halloween was) what they were going to dress up as. I told them that pirates wore eye patches and said, "Arrrrrr Matey!"  So for a couple of weeks there was lots of "Arrrrrrrr Matey!" going on around here. I told Kory that I'd never heard so much talk about pirates from 2 boys who had no clue what I pirate was. I tried to show them toys or pictures of pirates so they could have a clue, but I don't think it mattered.  Now their idea of a pirate is just this! :)  

Here they are saying "Arrrrrrr Matey!" 

The cooler weather changed up Jaylie's outfit a little.  I added a hat with a starfish on it and had a long sleeved onesie to put under her top but never ended up doing that.  

This pirate has witch fingers!! 

Kory's mom sent them a little goodie package with fun Halloween treats.  Quinn LOVED these fingers.  He took a nap with them on so you can bet that when it came time to put his costume on, the fingers were essential to the outfit.  

jjp the mermaids outfit when we finished it....about 30 min. before we left! ha! I cut the shape out of fabric and sloppily sewed it together (there was already a ripped seam before we even went outside for pictures). Its just a glorified drawstring bag.  The hat is one we had and I just clipped on a starfish I made out of card stock and some shimmery fabric. The top is a headband covered with shimmery fabric.  My mom thought of the headband idea. Clutch.  

What's a pirate without his mascara beard? 

I raided the little girls section at WalMart to get the stuff for the Pirates.  That's where I got the shirt (took off the buttons and laced the leather strings through) and the red tights.  I cut off some brown sweat pants we had, tied on a doo-rag and an eye patch.   Kory was the brain behind the boots.  Black socks over their shoes with foil buckles. Gold sash......26 cents worth of fabric from Wal Mart.  Done.  

Our first stop was to our friends Gary and Sharon.  Quinn was PUMPED.  

We were lazy and didn't get j out of her carrier.  We just layed her fin over her in the seat.  

We headed over to the Colliers house for some Trick or Treating with the Thomastons and Colliers.  We had a great time.  Addison (She-Ra) and Cooper (Ninja) were the leaders of the pack.  Trent (Clark Kent) and q moseyed around.  Even Ellie the Owl was faster then them!  

Trick or Treating is probably annoying to Kanyon.  Its like asking you to go up to someone and ask them for a food that you don't like.  TRICK OR TREAT CAN I PLEEEEEZE HAVE SOME BROCCOLI OR MAYBE RAW OYSTERS!!??  As klp says, "I can't like candy". But he plays along and has fun and is very nice to share all his candy with his parents.  And he did get a package of Goldfish so he was very pleased with that.  

He got tired walking so his awesome Daddy carried him the whole way so we didn't have to get him in and out of the stroller to walk up the sidewalks.  

Phillips Pham

We never got a pictures, but Gay Gay was here to enjoy the festivities, take pictures, and add her creative touch to the costumes! So fun! Hope everyone had a great night!  ARRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cute Jaylie June Overload

The title of this post is exactly what this is.  I realize she's mine and I'm probably bragging on her cuteness too much, but I just. can't. help. it.  


(these were all on my phone. I'm so mad I didn't have my good camera ready. This smile pictures is blury. BUMMER.)

As you can see, we get this look a lot: 

One Sunday afternoon I looked down and realized if you saw this child you would think it was a boy.  Good thing her pink bow was still in her hair from church.  Ha! 


Looks like she's saying, "Heeeeeeey girl!" 

I almost always have something in my life where I'm channeling obnoxious Jr. High girl.  Maybe its my toe nail polish or my wallet, lots of times its my sunglasses, or maybe my cell phone cover.  But now that I have a daughter, I see that I need to see a little obnoxiousness in her too.  I've found it in leg warmers. I realize they look sort of silly and kind of ridiculous, but I love it.  I bought a pair on clearance to try them out, and just happened to have a onesie that sort of matched.  Thanks to the smartness of a friend, I will be making them from now on.  YAY!!  Contrary to the pouty look, I know j loved them too! 

We went to dinner with some girls to celebrate Janelle having her baby....which she had 2 days later! This was Jaylie's first time to wear jeans.  Maybe my first real "outfit" to put her in.  Kinda fun.  And at dinner the man at the table next to us kept talking about what a good lookin' "fella" he was and "he's a happy little guy" the whole time.  Really?  Flowers? Bow? BOY? Oh well. I'm not offended, just a little surprised.  

She got a hold of her thumb! She still hasn't been able to find it on purpose, but she enjoys it when she happens upon it.  

I better stop before the cuteness makes your eyes pop out.  Or you puke because her MOM IS GUSHING TOO MUCH.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Paw Paw's Birthday

The first weekend in October was my Dad's birthday...the big 6-0.  Kory was out of town, but the kids and I headed to Paris to celebrate! 

One of my boys favorite things to do....especially with Paw Paw

Uncle Clay holding Jaylie....she was kinda fussy but he got her happy pretty quick. While he was holding her she started crying and he never batted an eye..just layed her back, bounced her, and got her happy.  Clint was standing beside him holding Marion and they just kept right on talking.  It kinda made me laugh. Soooo much has changed in the last 6 years.  My brothers are seasoned parents! Haha! Thats funny to me.  Its funny that they can hold a crying baby (whether its theirs or not) and carry on a conversation without batting an eye.  I love it.  My brothers are really REALLY good dads.  And uncles. 

a *shockingly* great bath in Gay Gay's sink.  

On that Friday, we went to visit one of my best friends Beth.  She had a baby girl, Anniston a month after Jaylie was born. It was so fun to meet Anniston and catch up with Beth. Its always fun to be holding babies and chatting it up with friends you used to have slumber parties with.  Life is fun.  Both of the girls managed to have explosive poops before we left, so their outfits are a little lacking. I'll just say now that I would've killed for a Nap Nanny with Kanyon.....with all my kids for that matter.  Those things are COOL! 

Paw Paw and Kanyon "writing on the concrete" (as klp says) I see where Dad had just drawn a lamp for klp. If I had a penny for every lamp I've drawn Kanyon, I'd be rich.  Lamps and garages. Weirdo.  :)

Ya think her cousins like her????

Even after 10 grandkids, my mom still acts like every new baby is her first.  

My Dad looks angry here, but really he's not. He likes Jaylie very very much.  

More holding with Ro Ro

Quinn found my old favorite baby doll Pink Bida Baby.  Don't ask....i have no clue why I named her that.  My nieces love to play with her and know she's a very special doll.  I thought I'd have to wait til j was older to see one of my kids play with her, but q seems to enjoy her.  

I kinda cracked up at how he held the baby like firewood.  

Now he got a little more comfy and sweet.  He really does love babies/stuffed animals.  Its cute.  

The birthday boy with his grands...

Paw Paw and Gay Gay.....lotsa love on that couch. 

no adults!!  we considered this photo shoot a great success.  

Happy Birthday Dad!