Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last Sunday the boys had on clothes that were the same colors so I thought we should take some pictures. Not as easy as it seems, but here they are:

(btw qsp's fisted hand looks like it belongs to klp but is shorter and smaller and doesn't fit his body like those puppet things haha!)
kan really does act like quinn is so sweet. He does a little high pitched squeal when he gets near him.
Finally qsp smiles and klp is put out with the picture taking already!

klp kissed his baby brother without very sweet!

Then about 3 seconds later he was pushing him out of his lap!
We moved to the chair so everyone could have their own space. I wish you could see q's monkey shoes. They were so very cute!

Big brother split the scene and since baby brother is bound by his 2 month gross motor skills, he had to keep getting his picture made!

Running the risk of getting a little too sappy here, but I'll say it anyways. We really didn't care what gender we had this pregnancy, that was one of the reasons we waited to find out. Now that Quinn is here and he's a boy I'm thrilled. I am excited for these 2 to grow up together and pray they will be best friends. I have had lots of people say to me that they were glad we had a boy so Kanyon had a brother to stick up for him and take care of him. I totally get what everyone is saying (so don't think you hurt my feelings) but my thoughts are a little different. Don't get me wrong, I feel like Quinn will have a unique role as Kanyon's little brother and I pray that he will embrace it. BUT the thought that dominates my mind is a little different. I don't want that to be Quinn's job. That's not fair. I realize Kanyon will need Quinn, but I pray that Quinn needs Kanyon as bad as Kanyon needs Quinn. I want them to depend on each other and take care of each other. So, there it is. Brothers.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hangin' Out

I heard klp wake up one morning and left him in his bed for a minute while I finished up a few things. When I went to get him, he was in his bed hangin' out like this: (I happen to love the floppy socks)

This tree top spins, so klp sits hangin' out in front of the TV holding the tree in his mouth so he can spin the top. hee hee
qsp got to hang out with a bunch of girls at Mindi's shower last weekend. He wasn't really that sad....

see!!! All better!

This was our first free Thursday night in a while. KLP has been playing in a bball league. The boys enjoyed getting to hang out with their Daddy!
On Friday we got to hang out (by hang out, qsp means sleep on her shoulder) for a little bit with Aunt Rachel...

And Uncle Clint!!!

If you're annoyed with the hang out thing, I understand. It was just less annoying that titling this post "random pictures" even though that's what it was.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have several blogs in the works, but this one couldn't wait. klp is really into driving lately. It all started when my mom was here when he was sick. It was too cold to go outside so they would go play in her car. Well, KLP takes it up a notch and lets him sit in his lap and drive (only on non real road places). Some of our friends are building a house so we drove out to their land to look at it. Once we got through the gate on their land, KLP put klp in his lap to drive. Usually he loves it when KLP accelerates or hits the brakes, so you will hear me suggest that in the video...then watch for the blooper.......

Nothing stops a scare/a little pain like good distraction. KLP just kept driving and klp made a quick recovery. This video shows the transition/mix of tears and laughing!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Fun

Blog land has been exploding with posts about SNOW IN TEXAS. Mine will be a bit disappointing compared to the massive snow men, bundled up kid-os and lots of fun in the snow. The first day, the snow was really wet and the ground had lots of water so it was a sloppy mess. With klp being a scooter, there really isn't much fun to be had scooting around in freezing water/snow. BUT by the time Daddy got home that night the snow became "snowier" and was starting to pile up and get really pretty. So Kory, being a professional in the snow, took klp out and introduced him to the fun/mischief of snowballs.

And throwing them at Mommy!!! Look real close and see klp's face. He was thrilled as they threw snowballs at me behind the door!

Then they made a few tracks in the snow on top of the dog house

The snow the next day was BEAUTIFUL!! But, we didn't get to enjoy it at all? Why? Our power went out! When I got up to feed qsp around 3am it was out and the house was COLD. We went in and covered klp up really good in his bed and put qsp in ours to keep warm (our room is the coldest in the house!) I stayed in bed as long as possible. qsp was still asleep when I got up so I had to cover him up really good. Then I realized his head might get cold. I didn't want to wake him up by putting a hat on, so this is what I did:

We layered up and stayed pretty warm all day. klp was nice and cozy in his bed for his nap, but when he got up, he started shivering and his teeth were chattering. Enough is enough. We went to my aunt and uncles house for the evening and our power was on shortly after we left around 5. SOOO that is why we didn't play in the snow. I couldn't convince myself to go outside and be cold and come inside and STILL be cold and not be able to get warm. The snow really was so beautiful and a fun treat here in Texas.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quinn caught smiling!

I finally caught some smiles from the q man on camera (OK a BUNCH, but I was excited!)

Can you say chubby????
Kory took these of him flirting with me!

I get this one a lot....I feel like he can't decide if he wants to eat the air or smile.

"Seriously Mom, enough is enough, let's blow this joint."
He's also starting to try to make some cute little sounds. Lots of fun for us!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

While we were sick...

When I was pregnant with Quinn, I only bought one outfit because they all seemed to sissy if it was a boy. This brown and cream one is the only one that I liked. AND when I found out I was pregnant with him, we bought this hippo to keep on our bed. I did the same thing with the twins. I just liked having someTHING to look at to remind me of them. So here is Quinn with the 2 things we bought anticipating his arrival!

Last Sunday my awesome AWESOME TOTALLY AWESOME church gave us a shower. It was so fun and everyone was too generous. Seriously, it made my stomach hurt because I felt guilty! This is not actually at the shower, but it is right after. Quinn stayed behind the safety of the office glass so people could see him but he wasn't around all those germs. Little did I know, RSV was incubating in his little body.
Both boys had to have breathing treatments. It actually worked pretty well with klp. I was worried because I knew there was NO WAY we were getting that mask on his face (remember, he has aversion issues BIG TIME). Turns out his curiosity paid off. He was so curious as to what it was that he placed his face right in it. We didn't give him too many treatments so the new never wore off. He was a great patient. He even sat still and let us wipe his nose.
Before it hit qsp too hard, we were able to get a few smiles. Notice his watery eyes.

Can you tell he's sick??!!
bambino burrito bundle on our bed

In my 2 month post I mentioned that I can't ever get a picture to look like qsp. Well, this one is pretty close.

I was trying to get a picture of him in this blue outfit because its the exact color of his eyes.....

But my sicky boy just kept sneezing!

He has been introduced to the bandanna to hold and carry. Seeing him with his thummy (that's pacifier in our house) reminds me. THIS KID CAN NOT FIGURE THAT THING OUT!!! I don't know what his deal is, but its like it totally blows his mind. Sometimes he catches it right and sucks away, other times he gags, and other times he pops it out. When we give it to him, it always takes a while before we can let go of it because it takes him a while to get in the groove with it. Kinda funny. We've tried other kinds and this one is our best option. Don't know if he'll ever figure it out or if he just won't be a thummy kid.

And the hero, rock star, life saver, work horse....MY MOM! She was HUGE help when everyone was sick...we could be one on one with the boys. She had klp I had qsp. Then she left for the weekend and came back Monday to help me clean, disinfect, wash sheets/blankets, etc. and just kind of get my feet on the ground after a LONG week. She is the only one that never got RSV symptoms. I still have a runny nose. Its amazing that she didn't catch it because klp coughed ALL OVER HER ALL WEEK!!! THANKS MOM!
(sorry the lighting on this pics is weird. Not sure what happened)

We're glad to be up and running again here. Thanks for your prayers for us.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Before Quinn was Quinn

Flashback here. I wanted Doodle to take some pictures of our family before we had the baby...ya know, just capture this time in our lives. I wanted to take them while I was still in the cute pregnant phase, not the HUGE phase. I missed it by about a week. We were in Dallas at Eating Camp and by the time we got back, I had eased my way into the HUGE category. And I realize the dress look doesn't help much. Its tent-like to only make me look bigger. BUT we had a theme and well, they just don't make maternity wranglers! :) So, here are several of the pics Doodle took for us.

(we removed the car keys from Kory's pocket after this set of pics)

prepare for your heart to least mine does:

klp is exploring his options as a professional model...he's already got the "staring off in the distance" pose:

And in true 2 year old fashion, klp decided he was DONE with the photo shoot. The looks on our faces aren't genuine shock. We were mocking him! :)

anger turns to sadness

sadness turns to RAGE
rage creeps its way back to calm and cuddly

And finally ends with a sweet smile! (but hangs on to the rebellion....he wouldn't look at the camera)

Its fun to look at these picture and know Quinn was there, but we had no idea exactly who he was. The anticipation was fun, but holding him is WAAAAAY better!