Thursday, March 29, 2018

CDR Friends Come to Town! (and Jaylie's Birthday)

Early in the summer while I was in Texas and spending quite a bit of time at CDR, I started talking to a few of them about a fun road trip to Montana once camp was over.  These kids work hard all summer and Montana is a long ways from Texas so I didn't know if it would actually happen, but it DID!!!!!  I was so happy to have these 6 kids (I say kids...they are totally adults) in our home.  Some of them I've known for a long time, others I was just getting to know. We had a great week and it was a highlight of my year to have them. 

We went out to the ranch one day for a little tour.  Kory was the tour guide and got to show everyone around and answer all the questions.

Drew, Morgan, and Tea. Juney girl was never far from one of these girls.  

The haystack is just one big invitation for racing and jumping so we couldn't pass that up.  

Drew and Q rode in the back up to The Butte.  Its a bumpy ride so she's quite a trooper.  

This sounds cheesy but I really do get emotional when I look at this picture with J.O's arm around Quinn.  A week with these people is fun for me, but it is out of this world for my kids.  I know how important these relationships are and the power of my kids being around incredible, faithful, and committed Christians like this crew.  I am so very thankful.    

3 dudes on a 4 wheeler! 

This very fun day also happened to be Jaylie June's 5th birthday!!!!!!!!! Which meant she got to do what she always wants to do....ride Strawberry. Chief was in charge of that for part of the afternoon while the rest of us did a few other things around the ranch.  I'm so glad she got to ride on her birthday...she was a happy girl! 

Jona joined her for part of the time.  

We left the ranch and came home to start PARTY PREPPING!!! For weeks, Jaylie had been planning  her Watermelon Star birthday party.  Who knows where in the world she got this combo but she was ALL IN with it, so I went with it.  

While we were working in the kitchen, Drew had a personal styling session and straightened her hair.  

Jona was ready to party! 

Hunter and Tea did the watermelon seeds out of chocolate and the star. Ta dah! Watermelon Star party! 

We found this strange ice cream concoction at the grocery store that was in the shape of watermelon.  So we bought it. Duh. but we still aren't quite sure what it was.  

The 5 year old was pleased with her party! This girl is so many things wrapped up in this cute little body.  She is a blast and has a true sense of humor.  We feel certain that sense of humor will lead her into trouble for the rest of her life. Even at this age, 85% of the trouble she gets into has to do with trying to get a laugh, taking a joke too far, or not knowing when to stop being silly. should be interesting.  She's chatty, inquisitive, and successfully says at least 3 billion words a day.  She is a good little sister, big cousin, and sidekick.  We are thrilled to get to love her every day.  

the CDR party planners with the Birthday girl.  

She requested her own cap.  Pink with a horse on it.  I was a little worried since our town isn't exactly a shopper's paradise.  But our local farm and ranch store pulled through so she was a happy girl! 

Drew was very generous with her hair all week.  Reading and sharing her hair....she's a good one! 

Brigs and Q playing legos in his closet.  Another big moment tucked away in this seemingly "small" moment. 

The next day I ditched my own kids and took the camp crew to Crystal lake. It was SUPER low because we've been in such a drought.  Everyone walked across without even getting their shorts wet.  

Us gals on our hike...

We had a nice Jam Sesh with J.O. and Briggs.  Quinn was mesmerized...we all kinda were. It was ag great way to spend out last night.

Please notice Drew and Kan in the chair.  :)

We played evening ball at the park, had fun long talks, took walks, and even after an entire summer with kids literally hanging all over them they entertained and played with our kids non stop.  It was such a special week of us, one we will remember for probably ever! 

J.O, Kory, Me, Hunter, Jaylie June, Brigs
Morgan (her dad was one of our CDR counselors), Q, Kan, Tea, and Drew.  

Spencer Cousins Come to Town

Much to our happiest happiness, Clint and Rachel continue their tradition of including us in their family vacation.  They did the Yellowstone thing this year, but before they hit the park, they spent time with us.  

These girls were pumped to be together with their matching backpacks.  

One of our friends growing up has ended up in Billings with his family, so they came up for the day and we had a blast! Our kiddos had so much fun together and it was fun of us to catch up with our long lost friend! 
Grayson, Nolan, Juney, Ro, Quinn, Shelby, Kanyon, and Marion 

Good ol' Dad taking a break with Murphy.  Kan man is quite the load these days.  

The kiddos spent tons of time building a fort!

Here's the whole gang minus baby Emma who was asleep in the car! What a great day! Thanks to Justin and Angela for making the trip! 

Old friends are the best friends! 

After church hang out on the wall.

Kanyon's old aide Shelley, and her girls were in town for a swim meet and we were SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM! We miss them so so so much! 

We had a little Harry Potter fun that included a sorting hat.  But around here we use Kory's work caps for sorting hats! Clearly Ro was pleased with the house the sorting hat chose for her! And clearly Kanyon is cheating and not hiding his eyes! 

One afternoon we went to the Fosters place to see their ice caves.  Nolan and Quinn rode in the back of the Ranger and as you can was a dusty ride! 

Kory, Clint, and Eldon helped everyone get down into the cave...

Eldon showed us around inside the cave. It was SO COOL! 

Our dusty ride continued....check it out...that is DUST ON NOLAN'S TEETH! 

Mr. Eldon took us back to his shop and gave the kiddos some of his bowls he makes. He's so talented! 

When Ro and Clint were here in May they learned GaGa ball, so we had fun showing the rest of the fam how to play.  A major perk to living right across the street from the school playground! 

 I can't imagine this is comfortable but the kids had fun! 

Of course, there was plenty of time for klp to play with Ro's hair. 

2 cuties tromping through the grass with their sticks.  

Hay Bale jumping is always a favorite.  Sweet Uncle Clint made sure Kanyon got in on the action. 

We went up to Tye and Rach's house to see the puppies.  And to wrestle Uncle Clint. 

Juney and Jona in their matching shirts!!! 

Kory missed out (somebody's gotta get the work done), but the rest of us took a beautiful hike up Limekiln. It was a lot of walking, but everyone did great! 

Uncle Clint hauled Kanyon the whole way.  That's no joke. 

Kanyon had a stick in his hand and he would hit the trees as they walked by.  He was completely entertained by it but I'm pretty sure Clint's right hip will never be the same after hiking miles and miles with a 50 lb. kid leaning sideways to hit trees.  

When we got to the top, they immediately started building a fort.  

Lewistown Overlook

They even used berries to make Indian face paint

A pretty good shelter I'd say. 

A fantastic hiking crew. 

My gang. 

The kids literally RAN down almost the whole way, so they were nice and tired by the end.  

Another great week with this gang in the books.  (Kory was on a tractor somewhere and missed the porch picture but he had a blast with them too.)