Monday, December 22, 2008

Have-To Post

First of all, I am putting Blogger on Santa's Naughty list. It will NOT upload my pictures right and then it messes up my words. So...I have no clue what this is going to look like.

Since becoming a blogger (after I took over Rach's job on this blog) I noticed there were a few things that circulate blog word during certain seasons. Things like First day of school pics, Halloween costumes, monthly pictures of a baby's first year, Pumpkin patch pictures, and so on.....

When these times come around, I feel like I have to uphold my duty as a blogger so I "have to" post certain pictures. So here it is: Picture with Santa. Or picture of a picture with Santa. We went to see him while we were in Dallas last week for Therapy. Yes, the house arrest boy went to sit on Santa's lap. That has GOT to be the germiest place in the universe, but I did it anyways. I didn't last year but I thought we could handle it this year. I don't know if it is better or worse, but it was one of those days that it was like 20 something in Dallas so there was no one there (yes it was outside). So we got to visit with Santa for a long time. And yes, he's real.

Kanyon did just what I thought he would do. Sit there and take it all in. I would've been really shocked if he would've cried or been really smiley. He sat there at stared at everything around him and picked a little at Santa's beard. Santa was so sweet and talked to him and kissed him (it is OK if Santa's germs get on him. They can't be bad, right?) and was so patient. I love this picture of them talking.

As you can imagine, it is hard to get Christmas shopping done when I can't leave the house. Kory has been so great to watch Kanyon a few evenings and our friends Gary and Sharon kept him one afternoon so we could get some done, but it just takes me a long time ....and I don't do well alone. So, my mom met us in Dallas last week and my Aunt Nancye and Uncle Frank watched Kanyon one evening while mom and I did some super fast shopping. It was fun and I could tell Kanyon had a great time. For some reason the pic with Nancye and Morgan got erased....see, blogger is naughty. But here he is with Great Uncle Frank who is proving to be a fav of Kan's. Cousin Morgan the college girl is holding him. We got back to get him about 10:30 and she came down the stairs waking up from her nap. Oh college days. Aren't they great?

The next few are "have to" pics too. Kid by the tree. No Christmas PJ's here...but he's been rockin' his Super Man PJ's and I love it. Can you guess why I love the dark one where he's reaching for the ornament????? Look closely....yes. The alfalfa.

He is starting to use his left are A LITTLE more when he's crawling/dragging himself/sliding across the floor. Used to he would just drag it, now he's at least pulling it out and putting it in front of him.

Yes, the superman PJ's have a cape.

It's a's a's SUPERMAN!!!

We're headed to Paris tomorrow for all of the festivities. We will miss our Montana family!
Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Card Outtakes

Good ol' Mindi came over to take our picture the other night. Almost 300 pictures later, we figured surely we had enough to find ONE good one. BTW, she had that rapid fire mode on her camera, that's how we took so many. Anyways, here are the outtakes.....I think it will be obvious why these didn't make the cut. And we didn't even TRY to get Ollie to cooperate!

I'm still laughing at klp's lip in the first one.

klp making sure the boogie man didn't sneak up behind us

KLP lookin' a little hazy

"SAVE ME DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Could klp look any sadder? Is "sadder" a word? It is to me.

We were having a tough time getting klp to smile. Earlier that day, he was cracking up when KLP would blow on his fingers. So we were doing this and trying to hurry and get back to "position" It worked on some........others not so much

Tears are flowing

klp verifying that yes, I do have split ends and I need a hair cut.

Now on to the just Kanyon part. When he laughs he rocks back and forth...that is cute in person, but makes it hard to catch a good one.

Gotta love my little cross-bite crooked smile boy

"Look Mom... I'm DONE"

"I'm officially ignoring you now."

I still can't believe I have a child that has blue eyes...I was NOT expecting that. Or the light hair. Or the out of control untamed wild mustang spike turned rat tail on the side. I did expect and hope for the alfalfa.

He woke up from his nap that day with a zit. Just like in the movies...a zit on picture day. Fantastic Picasa 3 has a tool that helped me make it go away for the card picture.

I'll post the card picture later. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Once again, blogger is being impossible with my pictures. Oh well. So, I've been creeping my way into the Christmas Spirit, but I think I'm getting there. Last weekend we had a breaking of the House Arrest rules to go cut down our Christmas tree. I feel like going out to the tree farm is not breaking the rules. I feel like being outside is the good kind of germs...but that is just my logic. Where we broke the rules was by going to eat at Jucy's first. This was Kanyon's first Jucy's trip and for sure not his last. It is his dad's fav burger joint in town. Yummy yummy. No burgers for Kanyon (though I did tell him what he was missing out on by pulling this no eating thing). I did get a funny picture of Kanyon in the middle of "telling us a big story". He's become so talkative lately. The picture made me laugh (and it shows his big boy teeth).

Here are klp and KLP checking out the tree we picked. I really really like it. It is tall and skinny because we don't have a lot of room for it, but it is so great. It makes sense though, have you seen my hubby? I guess I just dig tall and skinny. Kanyon was inspecting all the grass and dirt.

klp monitoring the cutting down process.

back to digging in the dirt...and yes, he tried to eat everything he picked up.

Here are klp and jsp's ornaments for this year.

Then the next day, Gary and Sharon had us over for lunch after church. They are a 100% kid free house, so they wanted to have us over so we could get to "eat out" after church. They pulled out their high chair from when their girls were little. Sharon said she bought this chair in California in the 60's! Kan loved it!

Here he is in the walker at My Aunt and Uncle's house (a "safe place" for Kanyon and a great place for Kory to watch his games on a big HD tv!) He was soooooo tired, he kept laying down!

Check out his alfalfa. I promise we don't make this, his hair just does this no matter what we do!

Now that klp can get around on his own, he finds himself in some tricky spots. Like this.....

Here he is getting into it....

"uh oh" no where to go here. I had to help him get out after this.

Mindi came and took our Christmas card pics tonight. I'm anxious to see if we got a good one. I have the smiliest boy in the world and we COULD NOT get him to smile!!!! Oh well....stay tuned!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Blogger is acting crazy with my pictures, so I have no idea how this will look. Oh well. We had a GREAT GREAT Thanksgiving with Kory's Mom's family. We were in tiny Tipton Oklahoma and it was so fun. Almost everyone was there and it was so fun to see the family and how much all the kids have grown. This was the first time a lot of them had ever seen Kanyon. I had just found I was pregnant last time we were there. Kory's fam even came down from Montana!!! So, here are a few pictures.

Can you guess what these guys are doing???? Watching basketball!!! There was a game on they wanted to see so they hid out in the quilt shop to watch it. They were nice to let Kanyon watch with them and it looks like he was pretty into it!

Here is Kanyon with cousins Judith and Jaylee and great Aunt Jana! These 3 entertained him for a LONG time one day!

More cousins!!! Leslee (who was our hand washing policeman!), Jaylee, and Wes. Can you tell Kanyon was NOT starving for attention!?

Our sweet sweet niece Sayler came down with her Daddy to see the fam. She is always SOOOO sweet and so FUN! I really wanted a pic of her and Kanyon and as you can see, it didn't work very well. Contrary to what you see in this picture, they really were thrilled to be with each other! ha ha .

There is a little park just up the street from the house, so the kids enjoyed that! This was taken about 5 seconds before something went wrong on the see saws. I think Caleb did a face plant! Luckily he's tough and made a quick recovery!

Uncle Clint pushing klp in the swing.

Here he is with Gram and great Aunt Geneva the hostess of this whole gang!

Chillin' with Uncle Tye

Back at the park with Chief, little Wes, KLP, and klp

I missed a lot of people in the pics and lots of fun things went on that I didn't capture. We really had the best time, it was so worth our 7 hour trip and we are so glad that Kory's fam made the SUPER long trip!! Kan came back healthy and did GREAT in the car! We are so thankful for a great great great family!