Saturday, May 29, 2010

May I Take Your Order Please?

Yes, I'll have a chunk with extra rolls, 2 thighs supersized, and a giant belly.

Make that a sleepy chunk with extra rolls, supersized thighs, and a big belly.

School's Out For SUMMER!!!

Well, Kanyon finished the year strong with yet another perfect attendance award!! hee hee. Thursday was his last day so we are officially on summer break. Not sure what that means to a 3 year old, but it meant a celebratory trip to Sonic that afternoon for his Mommy!

All in all the school thing has been a good thing. In true Kanyon fashion, he transitioned with ease. I think the time was perfect (2 hours/3 days a week) and we were very pleased with the school and teachers. He was WORN OUT when I'd bring him home, but I know he had fun and I know he was learning. We feel like we've seen real improvements in his language. He is making way more sounds and he is very very talkative. He will now attempt almost anything you say and will at least get the syllables right. The sounds may not always be right (or even close) but he's trying. He points things out and I think I'd be even more amazed if I could understand him because the boy KNOWS what he's saying!!! Like I really think he points out basketball goals. When we go on our walks, he points to every single one and says "baba!" Which sounds like how he says basketball. I have NO IDEA how he knows what they are. But if he's gonna go recognizing things, a basketball goal is a good place to start. I think he was ready to start talking and then school came along at just the right time to totally push that along. He also colors way more. He used to barely sit long enough to make 3 lines on the paper, now he loves to sit and draw (for at least 1 min!).

Here he is by the school entrance. We wanted to get this pic when we picked him up after the first day, but if you remember, he was a basket case so it didn't happen.

Spring Hill Primary was so good, they taught klp how to WRITE:

And read.....

WOW What a school!!

Actually, the top pics he was coloring on the cards he made for his teachers. And my new Pottery Barn catalog. He looked so cute sitting there I had to let him sit by himself and sneak a quick pic.

The reading pictures happened the other day and cracked me UP. I walked into his room to get him from his nap and he's in the corner of his bed "reading" a book. How in the WORLD did a book get in his bed??? Then I realized it was KLP's guitar book and it had been on the dresser by his bed. He must have go go gadget arms because the dresser isn't THAT close to the bed. Quite a funny site to see.

Friday, May 28, 2010

They're Growing Up

It's happening before my eyes. Some days I don't notice it at all, then others it seems like every time I turn around I'm realizing that time is passing and they are growing up!


Kanyon helped me for the first time tonight. I dropped the giraffe that goes with the bouncy seat and I needed it to be in the seat. I asked Kanyon to go put the giraffe in the bouncy seat. He looked at me, grabbed the giraffe, and scooted his cute self into the living room and put it in the bouncy seat! What a big boy helper!

He thinks he's big stuff when he gets to sit in a real chair. I still have to be close by in case he leans to far to his left side and can't balance. Growing boys also eat pieces of apple (he's mid chew in this pic).

He also thinks he should give himself a drink (please don't be fooled. He's STILL not drinking out of this cup. He bites the straw and plugs it with his tongue.....)

Waiting for Daddy to come home! I had to help him get up, but he stood there for a long time....yeah!!! (yes he's waiting for Dad to get home and he's in his PJ's. Don't judge. )
And after over 3 years of sleeping in his crib, we had to LOWER it!! He was starting to figure out how to pull up to his knees .

I don't have a picture of this, but he has learned a very important skill. He can now bounce the bouncy seat all by himself! I look over and see that leg popping up and down as the seat bounces and it reminds me of klp's bouncy seat days (make that years!)

Speaking of unnecessary but much loved baby containers and equipment....this just makes him seem so old to me. I think I could've done this a while back but I didn't think he was ready. I was wrong. Remember I'm kinda a first time parent in a lot of ways.
He has taken some naps in his crib. He's still beside me at night, but we're working our way out. He had no trouble going to sleep and sleeping good in his crib.

He's also figuring out the cereal thing a little better. I'm not very consistent giving it to him, but we'll get there.

He's a hip baby! I can carry him on my hip now. He's not quite as blobby as he was so he can hold himself up better. Where did my cuddly newborn go?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Successful Brotherly Encounters

I've mentioned before that I pretty much have ZERO trust with klp near qsp without hands-on supervision. He just seemed to do more slapping than anything. Not to mention the innocent pokes or touches to the eyes. Or the digs in the mouth. But I will shamelessly brag on my big boy for doing much better in the "Being gentle and kind to BuBu" category. We still have to watch the innocent little pokes in the wrong places, but the interactions are so much sweeter. I've captured a few the other day.....

Trying to get them to look at the camera...classic Kanyon with the head turned.
And immediately he heads for the camera. I get one chance to get him sitting there and then he sprints booty scoot style straight for the camera.
klp likes to bounce the seat.
Stop for kiss break

Its clear to see what Q thinks of his big brother
Notice my hand on the bar....the bouncing gets a little rough. When Quinn starts bouncing OFF of the seat I put the brakes on.
one more kiss
I think klp was just kissing him to distract him from the fact that he was about to steal his giraffe.
If you could hear this picture you could hear klp's "roar" sound. What? You didn't know giraffes roar?? According to him, all animals roar.
qsp giving big bro the stink eye for stealing his toy!

And we'll end this with a little slap on the rear.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hard Workin' Man

qsp has been working hard lately. He's spent the better part of the last 3 days trying to roll over. (He did it once a few weeks ago, but hasn't done it again.)

Its hard work trying to roll over his 90th percentile self!

He easily gets from his back to his side...and his lower half all the way over......and throws out a big smile for Mommy.

He would attempt to keep rolling but his chubby arm was in the he worked a little bit and then spotted his thumb so he settled on sucking his thumb instead of trying to roll the rest of the way.
aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd TWIST!
which usually ended in a dramatic roll back over to his back where he decided this was easier and more fun:
Roll over? Or just suck the thumb.
This has been a favorite face lately. Its cute, huh?
ooooooohhhhhh blanket!
This was serious effort...
He was successful and has been a couple of times since then, but I'd still say that arm gets the best of him most of the time. Rolling from tummy to back is much easier.

I'm sure all of this work called for a good nap. Sheesh!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My alarm clock

It is very very very rare that q wakes up crying. Its kinda nice..a less stressful way for me to wake up. Instead of sitting up and rushing with a pounding heart to grab him and feed him to hush him up, I find myself saying things like, "Seriously? Are you kidding me?" He wakes up talking. Not the sweet coo from a couple of months ago....but a loud, LOUD rough talk that makes my throat hurt just listening to him. He also raises his legs and slams them down causing the bassinet so make very loud noises. This was not a video of him waking up, but this is the sound he makes.....(at the beginning, the rest is just boring stuff)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Favorite Times of the Day

Here are some of our favorite times of the day:

On "school nights" klp is in bed earlier than q so the baby boy gets some good ol' one on one with Daddy. This is one of qsp's favorite times! (and KLP's too)

This man has gotten serious about reaching for things....can't you see the concentration on his face. Playing in his bouncy seat and reaching for giraffe is another favorite.

SILLY TIME!!! (not really a time, but its ALL the time)
klp is loving getting in all of the baby stuff. Too bad he fits in the bumbo better than Quinn!
Here is the sweet little innocent boy:
This is much more like it. Still sweet, but I wouldn't exactly call him innocent. If this picture had sound it would be LOUD!
A favorite time for me and the boys is the 30 min. or so after we pick klp up from school. We usually don't even go in the house. We head straight for something with wheels to go walking/riding. They both love it and I love it because they love it! I know this pic is super dark, but I really like it for some reason.
We also go out in the afternoons. Usually qsp only rides with us for a little while because he gets sleepy. We drop him off for a nap, grab the monitor, switch strollers and me and klp keep goin'! This was the first time qsp ever rode in the chair instead of his carseat. I borrowed this stroller so I'm not quite sure how to do the seat. I think q was comfy even though it didn't look like it.
Kanyon aka THE JOKER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! (actually, he'd eaten his snack and I didn't bring anything to wipe his face with. )
A lot of times while Kanyon eats lunch, Quinn is on the table watching. He really gets a kick out of kan and actually for real belly laughed for the first time while watching him.
"How you doin'?"
Any time he has his thumb and bandanna is qsp's FAVORITE time!
{did you notice the onesie with his initials? Clint and Rachel made it for him for Christmas. Isn't it great?}

Bath time may be the king of all for Kanyon. He just loves it. He also loves any time his Gay Gay is here. So bath time with Gay Gay here is about as good as it gets!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quinn 5 months

Another month down for Q man. 5 seems a little too big for me.

The mouth is ALWAYS open!
A day after he turned 5 months, we gave the rice cereal a try. It was pretty....ummm....beginnerish but we'll keep working on it.
Let's hear it for the 5 month old!!

He has still only rolled over that one time....YEAH!!!!
His unofficial weight on our scaled today was 20.5 lbs......YEAH!!!!!
Belly laughed at his big brother last week. That was his first big laugh....YEAH!!!!
Loves his thumb and bandanna (he loves the combo).....YEAH!!!!
Still a low stress kid-o......YEAH!!!!!
He's MINE....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!