Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catch-up in pictures

After all of my big long posts of big events, I now have a big long post of small events. So, here is what we've been up to in between big weekends.

klp still loving hippotherapy. He his patting Kandy (with his left hand....therapy is NEVER over) after a good ride

This is the first time he rode up on his knees. He did really great. There is a cushion "bridge" thing that he can lean on with his elbows. The next time he rode, they stood him up without it and he just held on to his instructors hands. This is SOOOO good for him! It is even harder to balance, so it requires more reaction/balance, etc. And its good input for his hips as they feel the motion of the horse's gait. As he rides on top of the horse, the input is very very very much the same as he would feel if HE were walking. So this helps his body feel what that is like and get used to balancing and working with that type of movement.

Both boys LOVE the swing. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

klp had some appointments in Dallas, so after they were over we went to eat at KLP's fav burger joint. It just so happens to be super close to Kasey's school. So we went for a surprise visit! So good to see her!!!!

bathing monkey and blue hippo. Great pic in my head, not so much in reality. Tough to execute the hooded towel picture, but I keep trying because they look SO CUTE.

q man went to the nursery for the first time. He never batted an eye. I think he was sort of in you see on his face in the pic.

Our fav pj's. Usually cheesy sayings get on my nerves, but this one is hilarious.

I found some more blended food in my freezer. DUMPED IT DOWN THE SINK! YUCKY YUCKY YUCKY!! It hard for me to believe we used that and fed him the way we did. I'm so glad I'm not blending, freezing, thawing, blah blah blah any more!!!

What is so inviting about the bottom of the exersaucer?

Cute boys....

I've got quite a helper fixing dinner. Do you think it breaks health codes if the cook is pantsless?

Funny story behind this picture: we know qsp is a thumb sucker. Like many thumb suckers, soft cloth seems to trigger the need to suck his thumb. Usually that is his blanket he sleeps with, a bandanna, my soft pj pants, any cloth lying around on the floor, or even a soft stuffed animal. If he crosses paths with soft fabric, he can't fight the urge to suck his thumb. A couple of years ago, Rachel made klp this really cute toy/game. She filled a kleenex box with little scraps of fabric. Its fun to pull them all out and then put them all back in. klp has had lots of fun with it and I thought q might like it too. I got it out and started pulling the scraps out and then put them all back in. I handed him the toy to give it a try for himself. He pulled the first fabric square out and instead of reaching for the next square, he immediately started sucking his thumb. And that was the end of the game. He couldn't just pull and pull and pull the fabric out because he HAD to suck his thumb. So, he pretty much stopped after the first pull and sat with that glazed over stare and sucked his thumb.

q now pulls up on EVERYTHING

Including his crib....we lowered it that night.

blueberries are very yummy but very messy!

qsp and klp enjoying the world series!

I mentioned this in his 11 month posts, but here he is in one of his favorite places: the magazine basket!

klp LOVES to "iiiii" or "write"

KLP shared his gloves with klp

So, thats pretty much the Phillips Phamily catch-up. I am overwhelmed with how much I love my boys and how thankful I am for so much joy in my life. It ain't always pretty, but we are making it and having lots of fun!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ANOTHER Paris Weekend

The boys and I skipped town to play with the fam in Paris. Kory had a men's retreat part of the weekend, so we decided we'd not stay home alone!

We had a great time just hanging out with nothing we had to do.

Uncle Clint reading to Nolan and Quinn. Clint and Rachel's kids are BOOK WORMS! They LOVE to be read to and will sit and listen forever. My kids, on the other hand......not so much. They tend to ruin a good book for their cousins.

Uncle Clay came out to hunt one morning so he got to rock with klp. Its a wild ride!

It got COLD one day. Super cold. But frigid air is not a good reason for Kanyon to stay inside! So, dad bundled him up (made complete by Dad's wool socks pulled up over klp's legs) and they headed out.

I'm pretty sure klp froze Paw Paw out, so Gay Gay took her turn and they went for a spin on the mule.

A cute little smile from a happy boy!

klp loved the nook he found under the desk...perfect for the flashlight

Party on the potty!!!!

Dad shot a hog one night so we went out to get it

Rosie and klp all bundled up together

If this picture had sound you would hear LOTS of giggles!!

Again, my kid ruining a good book for the book worm.

Roselyn is quite the gymnast

Not the best quality picture but I love it. Dad and Kanyon are having a chat before church Sunday morning.

Avery and Landry were out of town most of the time we were there, but we had lots of fun Sunday when they got back! Landry (dressed as Tinkerbell) joined the boys on the swing.

Despite almost all kids getting sick at some point during the weekend, we had a great time with family!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthdays and Halloween

The weekend after the Yamboree we headed to Paris to celebrate Roselyn and Avery's 4th birthday!

We got in late Friday night and Dad had shot a deer with his bow and needed help tracking it.

KLP with his boys on a late morning Mule ride

Saturday was Roselyn's "Jessie" party. The kids wore their costumes (mine didn't...they weren't ready yet). Landry, Avery, Roselyn, Baylie, Kanyon getting ready for the puppet show. Rachel's mom has become famous for her puppet shows at the birthday parties. The kids are mesmerized.

klp and Nolan had a blast with the balloons

sweet kisses from Landry

q man sat with my dad in this chair for a long time. Its not like him to be so still and cuddly. Maybe it was the Ariel doll he was playing with....I mean eating. My SON doesn't play with DOLLS!!!

My camera messed up, but i loved this picture

klp must've gotten jealous.

qsp wearing the Flight suit we got for klp

Bath time!

Sunday all the grandsons wore matching shirts. We tried to get a picture....ummm yeah. Don't think we got any framers. Mostly just bloopers.

This was the best we got

nice Kan, niiiiiiiice.

This one is a little more appropriate.

Paw Paw and Gay Gay with the Phillips boys

Nolan wasn't in the mood

Sunday night, Halloween night, was Avery's party. My boys finally put on their costumes. Remember the basketball movie Hoosiers? Well, they were 2 of the boys from Hickory in that movie. It is Kory's favorite movie ever and he thought of the idea for their costumes. We were trying to think of something we already had. They both have black Chucks so that is what gave us the idea of the Hoosiers players. The shiny gold letters don't show up good in pics.

Here they are.....

Kanyon was Jimmy Chitwood (the stud player) and Quinn was Ollie (the scrub that sinks a free throw granny style to win a game....its also where we got the name for our dog)

notice Kanyon's fake smile

A cute little close-up of Jimmy Chitwood

After the cake and stuff, we all went trick or treating. "Ollie" just ate straw the whole time.

Grandkid attempt: Jimmy Chitwood, Woody, Ollie, Jessie, Templeton (the rat from Charlotte's Web), Charlotte the spider, and a tiny little Wilber.

It was a fun weekend! Next year will someone remind me to make sure my kids' costumes are FULLY CLOTHED???!!! SHEESH! 3 out of 4 years my costumes have not involved a lot of clothing. Good thing its usually pretty warm.