Friday, December 12, 2008


Blogger is acting crazy with my pictures, so I have no idea how this will look. Oh well. We had a GREAT GREAT Thanksgiving with Kory's Mom's family. We were in tiny Tipton Oklahoma and it was so fun. Almost everyone was there and it was so fun to see the family and how much all the kids have grown. This was the first time a lot of them had ever seen Kanyon. I had just found I was pregnant last time we were there. Kory's fam even came down from Montana!!! So, here are a few pictures.

Can you guess what these guys are doing???? Watching basketball!!! There was a game on they wanted to see so they hid out in the quilt shop to watch it. They were nice to let Kanyon watch with them and it looks like he was pretty into it!

Here is Kanyon with cousins Judith and Jaylee and great Aunt Jana! These 3 entertained him for a LONG time one day!

More cousins!!! Leslee (who was our hand washing policeman!), Jaylee, and Wes. Can you tell Kanyon was NOT starving for attention!?

Our sweet sweet niece Sayler came down with her Daddy to see the fam. She is always SOOOO sweet and so FUN! I really wanted a pic of her and Kanyon and as you can see, it didn't work very well. Contrary to what you see in this picture, they really were thrilled to be with each other! ha ha .

There is a little park just up the street from the house, so the kids enjoyed that! This was taken about 5 seconds before something went wrong on the see saws. I think Caleb did a face plant! Luckily he's tough and made a quick recovery!

Uncle Clint pushing klp in the swing.

Here he is with Gram and great Aunt Geneva the hostess of this whole gang!

Chillin' with Uncle Tye

Back at the park with Chief, little Wes, KLP, and klp

I missed a lot of people in the pics and lots of fun things went on that I didn't capture. We really had the best time, it was so worth our 7 hour trip and we are so glad that Kory's fam made the SUPER long trip!! Kan came back healthy and did GREAT in the car! We are so thankful for a great great great family!


tleaf10 said...

Tye and Kanyon look a lot alike! Glad ya'll had a good time and that Kanyon stayed healthy!

Anonymous said...

The best thing about this TG was to see and hold Kanyon. And, he was all smiles in spite of all of us trying to give him some "lovin". What a boy! And what great parents you guys are!!!
Love and prayers, Jana

mindy said...

I am SO glad you are back!!! I check every day to see a Kanyon update and I have been so lonely!!! He is starting to get that "little boy" look - less of the baby look. He is so adorable!
I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving - you have so much to be thankful for! Have a wonderul holiday season! Hugs!

Hilary said...

Glad that you had a great holiday! Kanyon you are such a cutie!!! Stay healthy!!

Go To Girl said...

What CUTE pictures! I love the one of klp and Tye. Kanyon is getting to be quite a big boy! Hooray for staying healthy!

Robyn said...
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