Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures...you deserve it

If you made it through my last post, you deserve some cute pictures to look at:

We got to stay with Paul and Katie a couple of weeks ago in Dallas when Kasey was out of town. BIG fun. Kanyon is pretty much obsessed with Paul!!!

Here's a little proof that I wasn't lying about the eating thing:

Chocolate pudding at Paw Paw and Gay Gay's house

Fresh Pittsburg peaches at home!!

Wait...who's this guy???? This was back when I started baby food the FIRST time. If I only knew .......

This was taken way back in June when my friend Leah was in Dallas for a school thing. Me, her, and Alison went to dinner one night. It was fun to catch up. Leah is pregnant with her third and we are due within a week of each other. She is a stud volleyball coach in San Angelo and it was SOO fun to see her! btw, my belly is much bigger new, but this it he only picture I have of me pregnant! YIKES!

I caught a sweet moment with klp and Ollie.

Out of order. Here we all are after our fun dinner....me, alison, leah. It was fun to be back together!

We made my last trip to Paris until baby comes and had a great weekend. Lucky for us, the rodeo was in town. Here are the KLP's enjoying some East Texas "culture"

klp and I stayed until we went to Dallas on Tues. to spend a little extra time with the fam. We went to Club Kerby on Monday and had a great time! Nolan was asleep in the bathroom. He missed all the fun.

If we're at my parents' house, there's a 90% chance this is where I will find Kan and my mom. They just love that swing. He used to sit in her lap, but he now insists on sitting by himself.

This is a bitter sweet picture. This was last week, our last week to go to Dallas and stay with Kasey. When I took this picture, she made me promise I wouldn't put it on the blog, but it turned out WAY TOO CUTE! I could write thousands and thousands of pages about Kasey and how great she has been to have us 2 with her every week. She is probably the most generous, caring, thoughtful, and helpful people I have ever known. Not to mention tons of fun! We will miss our Tuesday nights with her, but we are glad we're not traveling that much anymore.....see I'm blogging instead. Normally I would be loading the car to leave right now.

We got some cool shades at Addison's birthday party!

Another bitter sweet picture! This is PoCo, Kanyon's feeding therapist. She was so great and we will miss her so much!!!!

We had a different schedule this past week in Dallas because we had an appointment at the Scottish Rite CP Clinic. It was our first one and it was L-O-N-G! Thankfully, Kory came and went with me so that was great. It was a successful visit where we just really talked a lot and they learned all about Kanyon. That was the goal of the first visit. They just wanted to meet him and hear about his history, etc. We will meet with the Dr. again soon to discuss his thoughts after our visit and he also requested every single medical record from every Dr. and hospital since Day 1 so he wants to read through those and "get to know Kanyon". We liked the Dr. and are hopeful that this clinic will be helpful for Kanyon as he grows.

That appointment was early in the morning, so we had some time to kill before therapy that afternoon. So we did a first. I bought my son some shoes. I've never bought him shoes!!! AHHH!! We had some great ones last fall from my sis in law and my mom, but those have long been out grown. BUT now that we have the Tryke and he's starting to do more therapy standing, we had to have shoes that go over his AFO's (he can't be in just the AFO's and do anything. They're slippery on the bottom so he has to have the shoes). After talking to several other parents and therapists, we had a pretty good idea of how to fit the shoes. We headed to Target and actually found some that we think will work. So here is my almost 2 1/2 year old trying on shoes for the first time in his life!

I think he was pleased with the purchase.

If we don't have to have the shoes on for therapy, chances are he will still be bare footed. I mean i just can't make that a priority. I guess when it gets cold I'll have to change that. Until then, my kid will be enjoying the benefits of not being a walker and being able to go free and barefoot!!!
Stay tuned for some really cute videos!!!


Anonymous said...

Jaimie, He gets cuter by the post. I'm glad to see and read that he is doing so well. Peggy C.

erin f. said...

Kanyon just looks so grown up all the sudden...maybe he knows little brother or sister is coming soon...I hope that the time in Dallas is really good, and I know that Kasey will miss having you and Kanyon as much as you miss staying with her! I wish I lived in Texas!!!

Rebekah said...

I just LOVE that boy's smile!

Holly said...

Love the pics!! He is just getting so big! He looks super cool in his new shades!

Jodi said...

Great pictures!!! The last one in the cart at Target is my FAVE!!!

And you are an adorable preggo Mama!! :)

Anonymous said...

here is a post I came across a while back about cheap good shoes and AFO's:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see and read that he is doing so well..keep going..

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Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

Oh Jayms, my belly is way bigger now too. Post a pic of you and I will of me so we can see one another. I can't believe I have three months left. I'm going to be huge, and it's not going to be fun through vball season. And thanks for saying I'm stud coach. That was cool. We are thinking of the name Kane for our boy. Do y'all have names yet?