Saturday, December 22, 2012

Giant Catch-Up Post

Its almost Christmas and I wanna catch up on here before all the Christmas fun starts.  This will be picture overload to say the least and it will be all out of order.  Hold on tight.  

Medical update: My recovery is going well.  I got home and dealt with SHINGLES for a week.  Terrible.  It.  hurt. bad. I was stuck on my couch for almost a week.  Looking on the bright side, the shingles helped make sure I rested for my heart recovery.  It hurt to move so I did NOTHING the first week.  My heart got lots of good rest.  My mom did not.  She was a work horse as usual. She went home last week (reluctantly) but I wanted her to get to rest up before Christmas. My sweet husband is now doing it all.  He works all day then comes home and works more.  Our amazing church is bringing us meals every night and there has been someone here with me during the day all this week to help me around the house.  They've taken care of the Phillips Pham in every way possible yet again.  Our cup overflows.  
The shingles are gone, I'm getting more energy every day.  I had a check up and the Dr. said I look good so far. I will see him again in a month and expect to be "released" then.  I will continue the medication for a couple more months and then hopefully will be able to stop taking them.  We have an ornament-less tree, no decorations inside, no christmas cards to send out, minimal gifts bought for family, no stockings (I thought I would finish making them this year...haha) but we are full of Christmas cheer! And very thankful to be together and on the mend!

I came home from the hospital just in time to celebrate our favorite 3 year old Quinn Spencer.  He had requested a Michael Jordan cake, so my mom pulled through for us and our friend Amanda made the boys these shirts (don't tell Nike).  It was really actually great to just have us and our parents to celebrate.  Quinn loved his party and by klp's level of excitement you would've thought it was HIS party! Jaylie was totally pumped too.....

Christmas PJ's! Jaylie isn't surprised...thats just the way she rolls! :)  

A while back we went to eat out with some friends...we ate outside and the kids ran around and played.  Then we looked up and Mabry had her mom's phone and all the kids gathered 'round. Oh kids these days.  

My sweet sweet painter.  This picture is so so so so him.  Makes my heart explode.  

On November 4, Kanyon lost a tooth!!!  One night Kory was brushing klp's teeth and yelled, "Jaymie! Come here! I just brushed Kanyon's tooth out!!" I ran over there and looked and his permanent tooth was half way in! So we were relieved to realize he had simply lost a tooth like so many other 5 1/2 year olds! We were all shocked.  We hadn't really thought about that happening yet so we weren't prepared and I'm pretty sure Kanyon had no clue that teeth came out.  We were headed to bed so we had to hurry and explain the whole thing to him.  You loose teeth, new ones come in, you put your tooth under your pillow and this thing called the tooth fairy comes and takes your tooth and leaves you money.  He was confused and un-impressed.  

I didn't have a box or anything so I grabbed this bag...

we put it under his pillow....

He immediately told me he didn't want it under his pillow.  He told me he wanted his tooth in the living room and his money in the kitchen.  He's unconventional.  We ended up deciding to put the tooth in the rocking chair and asking the tooth fairy to leave his money there since its the first place he goes when he wakes up.  

If the tooth fairy bit the night before was unimpressive, the dollar the next morning was even more so.  I am happy to report that he lost his other bottom tooth last week and asked for coins.  He was MUCH more excited about his nickel and penny the tooth fairly left him than that boring ol' dollar.  

It is almost impossible to keep q away from j.  He just can't get enough of her.  

This little nose wrinkle is sooooooo Jaylie June.  

Quinn was OBSESSED with the witch fingers Gram sent! 

Cuddle bugs

This is a funny picture for 2 reasons: Quinn is picking his nose and the seemingly haphazard lines on the left side is actually where Q traced my body.  Can't you tell?????

One weekend in November, Sharon came from Nashville and we drove to Houston to hang out with a few gals from college. It was a spur of the moment trip and it was so so so so wonderful! 

The day we left, Jaylie turned 3 months old.  

Its tiring being 3 months old. 

The day before I left, Kanyon was sick, while I was gone Quinn got sick.  Daddy had a bit of a rough weekend.  

In the mean time Jaylie was meeing Kasey and all the other gals! 

My heart was so happy all weekend

We were at Kyla's house (hostess with the mostess)  and she let Jaylie try out some of her girls' bows. I guess our little stick-on bows aren't quite big enough.  

Future BFF's.  Will (Katie's) , Preston (Kyla's) , Brown (Erin's), and Jaylie.  She will have her pick of cute boys when she grows up. 

We were the road warriors.  Really, sharon was.  She drove 11 hours to me, 4 with me and Jaylie, then did it all over again 3 days later.  Totally worth it.  

We did take pictures of us girls, but we made a pact that they would not be shown on the world wide web. We weren't exactly dressed to impress and the pictures were pretty rough.  

Jaylie was so happy to be back home so her big brother could read her Bible stories....David and Goliath of course. 

One day I was determined to get this huge bag of papers shredded that I'd been putting off for MONTHS.  So we went in the garage and I shredded, and Q filled cereal boxes with the strips and made a huge mess. 

but he swept it up like a good boy.  

Then came in and "took a nap" in the red box. 

These are just because she's cute. 

This was her pose watching TV one night.  She is obsessed with the TV. No matter where we put her, she will turn her head until she finds it.  

We had to take klp to see a Neurologist in Dallas.  We were afraid he was having seizures (but weren't sure) so we had to go get checked out.  Before they do an EEG, they want them sleep deprived.  So we got to a hotel in Dallas and stayed up until 1am slept til 5am, then played in the room until time to go to the hospital.  He actually had a hard time going to sleep at 1 because he was still having so much fun staying in the hotel.  Here he is all peppy and ready to party while his dad is begging for sleep! ha! 

We did the EEG then had a few hours before the Dr. appointment.  We chilled and snacked in the room (no nap still) 

He colored with new markers and had all sorts of fun passing the time.  We went to our appointment that lasted FOREVER but it was good.  They did determine that he is having seizures (he actually had one while the Dr. was in the room).  They are not your typical seizure as far as what his body does, but they did confirm that the "spells" he's been having the last year are in fact seizures. We've started medication and are praying that they will be easily controlled. I was disappointed as I've always been so thankful that we never had to worry about seizures because that scared me so bad.  Then he started having them around age 4.  Again, we know there are worse things and we are optimistic that they will be easily controlled.  He was yet again a total champ through the long, tough, day.  So was his baby sister who had to tag along.  

Jaylie's first GARAGE SALE with Mindi and Amy.  She's way too cute to sell.  

Amy was sick when Jaylie was born and our lives are so busy that when she did finally get well, we never were together for her to hold Jaylie, so they had fun bonding at the garage sale. 

Q put on his own super hero mask.  Can you tell? 

Can't forget the cape.

He went from Super Hero to Cowboy in about 2 minutes.  

Then decided maybe SUPER COWBOY was the way to go. 

Q reading the Bible to klp

klp reading to Q.  So what if the Bible was upside down for both of them. I'm pretty sure I heard "And Jesus went to the Temple of the Dragon Master..." while they were reading to each other.  Bible meets Bubble Guppies for me.  

Cute pictures of Q playing in the driveway.  

He ALWAYS lays down when he plays


Thanksgiving phone pics from the car was a long one.  (7-8 hours)

Hiding under jackets got us through at least an hour of driving time. 

stopped for lunch and a little energy release

They really did great in the car. We finally pulled out the DVD player the last 45 minutes and let them be zombies while we enjoyed a little quiet time/not having to entertain or answer questions. 


This was jjp when we FINALLY stopped for dinner on the way home.  She was DONE.  She had been done for about an hour, but we couldn't find a good place to stop so we had to just keep going.  We were about 15 minutes from home, but she couldn't make it another mile.  As soon as I took her out of her seat the tears stopped and I saw this: 

Indian Doctor.  

This is really how she sleeps.  Freaky. 

School pics.  So happy the snaggle tooth showed. 

Bug eyes.  Always.  

q requested a photo shoot.....

Soooo proud of his very own Q.  

As long as he has his blanket and thumb he will cuddle with me.  

This was taken at about 7 am one morning. Its never too early for Pediasure, Good Morning America, and Sunglasses.  

Whew.  I had fun reliving the last couple of months....good times.


Leah said...

All of your kiddos are so adorable. Whew is right. Y'all really have had a eventful few months. Praying the new year is just plain, ol' boring! Hugs, friend!

Shanna said...

I LOVED this post!!! I'm glad you are recovering, and so thankful for you!! Your kids have the best stories... I'm dying over the tooth loosing and Jesus and the dragon master!!! Thanks for sharing!

Specks said...

Do I even have words after reading that you then got SHINGLES?!?!?!? And then an EEG and seizure diagnosis for that precious Kan-Man? I am sending you 100s of virtual hugs and hope that you know how much you are in my heart and on my all the time. You are so incredible and Travis and I just agreed that we MUST get together with you guys. It may be in 2020, but it is going to happen :). Happy new year to you all!!!