Friday, June 20, 2014

Longview Texas comes to Montana: Hemphill Edition

We have been looking forward to kicking off our summer with my Aunt Mary Lynn, Uncle Steve, and cousins Spencer and Jay coming to visit! Our landlord decided to remodel our basement a couple of months ago and I was VERY nervous it wasn't going to be done in time for our summer company. The workers were finishing up as the Hemphills drove in to town. So it all worked out.  They had to help move their beds downstairs and help us get it all set up, but other than that it was perfect for them to break the basement in! 

My kids call Mary Lynn "Boozie"....its a weird story that I'm not even really completely sure of, but that's what they call her.  Its one of those things that sounds totally normal to us, but I'm sure catches bystanders off guard.  Haha! 

We wasted no time putting Boozie to work with bath time and an impromptu book reading

I quickly lost my job of putting my kids to bed.  I think it has something to do with the fact that she reads lots of long stories! 

Cousins Spencer and Jay!!! They were so great to put up with all the kid stuff all week and my kids had a blast with them! 

Mary Lynn, Steve, and Jay drove the Jeep from Texas so the Jeep was the favorite ride for Kanyon and Quinn all week!

Baby Jay (as he's still referred to at 23 years old) teaching Baby Jaylie how to blow a dandelion.  Aren't her lips so sweet in this picture!?!

We went on a nice walk one evening.

Uncle Steve isn't one to make jjp walk when she gets tired! 

Steve and Mary Lynn put the kids to bed after the walk so that the 4 cousins could go to the movies. What a treat!

We took them up to "The Butte" at the ranch. Its a cool place to take people so you will probably see lots of picture from the butte this summer 

This picture makes me a little nervous just looking at it! But they weren't as close as it looks!

A view from the butte

"Lewis and Clark" 

Jaylie was napping at the house with Uncle Tye, so she missed the trip up this time.  Fine with me.  One less kid to carry! 

We went to "The Clearing" to cook hot dogs and such. It was a beautiful night and the boys had fun just playing around up there. 

It was a beautiful evening in a beautiful spot watching my boys do what I think kids were made to do.  Nothing better than being turned loose outside to play.  No toys needed.  

This picture should be titled "Best cousins in the world" Jay and Spencer gave the boys piggy backs. 

Uncle Tye and Jaylie showed up after her nap.  I guess Q needed a little cuddle.  What a sweet picture. Makes my heart smile. 

Laps were never empty! 

Spencer was teaching Q how to pump his legs to swing! 

Another "Best Cousin" moment. 
Out of order pictures....this was on the way up the butte. 

Jay and klp!

I mean really?! So sweet.  

Mmmmmmm hot dogs....

and S'Mores of course!!!! 

We had a BLAST with this crew. Steve and Mary Lynn are like another set of grandparents to my kids.  We LOVED living in Longview with them and there has been a huge void without them.  It did my heart so much good for my kids to get to be with them and for us all to enjoy a week together!!!  

Stay tuned for Longview Texas comes to Montana part 2!

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