Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Gathering

I was hoping Clint and Rachel would be around for this event, but they missed it by 2 days!  Every summer, the cows on the ranch go up to some land that is in the Snowy Mountains (one of the mountain ranges that surrounds Lewistown).  They graze that area all summer while the hay is being cut, and pasture is growing at the ranch.  Its about a 45 minute drive up there, so they hire big trucks (like the 18 wheeler cattle trailer ones you see....and smell on the highway) to haul the cattle up there. The night before the trucks come, we have to gather the cattle and get them down in the pens/chutes so they will be ready to be sorted and hauled early the next morning.  Clint, Sydni, Sayler, and Hayven came from Bozeman to help. Its always fun when there's work for the whole family.  It was a BEAUTIFUL night, the work went smoothly, and we all had a great time.  It was just our family which made it extra fun.  Even though we were scattered in all sorts of different vehicles/animals it was fun to all get the job done together.  

  The beauty of the sky/grass and the horses pretty much took up all my picture space on my phone. I couldn't stop snapping pictures.  

Sydni on Strawberry and Kory on Cash.
*These colors aren't filtered or photoshopped.  Thats good ol' fashioned GOD'S CREATION ladies and gentlemen.  Ain't no filter in the world that can beat this.  And as vibrant and beautiful as the pictures are, they don't even do it justice.*

I was in the Rhino with these 2 cuties.  They were a little bored at first, but they enjoyed the speed and crazy driving when things really got going. It was fun having them along for the ride.  I am always totally scared I'm gonna mess up and cause the entire herd to turn, run, and stampede in the wrong direction.  Then everyone is angry at Kory's dumb wife who ruined everything.  But I was able to make it out of this without any crucial mistakes, so I call it a win.  

I wish I could've gotten better pictures of this scene. I was up at the top of a hill and a big bunch of the herd was already headed together towards the gate we were trying to get them to, so they were walking in a semi-line.  Those little black dots looked so pretty sprinkled across the green grass.  And the clouds were putting on quite a show too! 

Kory and Cash 

Once we got them out of the big pasture they were all moving pretty good through the lane down to the next pasture.  I was bringing up the rear and got a nice view of the cows and our many modes of transportation: Tye and Rachael on 4 wheeler, Syndi on a horse, Wes on a dirt bike, and Kory on a horse.  Not pictured: Me and Susan with Rhino/Ranger full of kids.  We are equal opportunity transporters around here.  

Once we got the cows/calves in close to the corrals we let them chill for a little bit. A great chance for the kids to get to ride the horses a little bit.  Q was LOVING it!  He watched Kanyon ride a horse every week for 4 years and never got to do it, so I was happy he was able to ride around.  

As you can see in the pictures, he was GIDDY with excitement while he rode. 

Kanyon got on Cash and immediately said, "Hey! This is like Windridge!" (That was his hippotherapy place where he rode horses back in Longview).  We had to walk right beside him and remind him that this was NOT Windridge so he had to hold on and he couldn't do any tricks like turn around backwards! 

Any time the whole gang is together we have to get a picture.  Pardon my awkward stance. I was the one hitting the timer button on my camera and running to get in my spot. I didn't have time to stand normal.  My hand is giant.  Also, if you don't know, the pretty lady by Tye holding Jaylie June is our soon to be Aunt Rachael Phillips! Wedding in October! Wohooo! 

And just when we thought the night couldn't get any better, Gram said she wanted to spend the night in a tent in the yard. I thought she was crazy and gave it a VERY low chance of making it all night. I am happy to report that I was proven wrong.  The kids slept great even with a little bit of early morning rain.  They had a blast!  Yay for Gram! 

The men were up and working in the early EARLY morning hours sorting cows and calves getting ready to load the trucks.  The rain that morning made things pretty muddy for the hauling up to the mountains, so we (the Moms) decided not to go up to the mountains and try to keep kids out of the mud.  So I have no pictures of the cows unloading and stuff up there.  But while that was happening we were eating pizza together out at the ranch.  Somehow Chief ended up outside with all the kids.  No wonder my meal was so peaceful inside.  

Uncle Clint giving volleyball lessons.  

It was few days of family time together!  

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martha crockett said...

I love your blog!!! Love it when I find a new entry. Hated for this one to end, but I hate for all of them to end.....
Oodles of love to all!