Monday, October 6, 2008

New Cousin and Last Week's Therapy

Kanyon finally has a BOY COUSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clint, Rachel, and Roselyn welcomed James Nolan Spencer to the family September 25th! He is a great lookin' guy who Kanyon can't wait to play with!

Here he is the night after he was born.
Check out that sweet hair!
Loving on our new nephew
This was Kanyon's first time to meet Nolan. They loved each other, it was plain to see....well maybe not plain to see, but they DO love each other!
Uncle Clint took klp for a ride on Roselyn's horse.
Lots of good rodeoin'
We had the best time with Roselyn! She is a fun big sister and enjoyed Kanyon so much! Mama Rach never missed a beat with all of this!
Rosie was crawling through her tube and showing klp lots of her toys and telling him all about them (this girl talks like a 5 year old!)
"Hey cuz! Where did you go?"

Aunt Nancye came to town to meet Nolan and play with klp

Kanyon FINALLY got to meet my lifelong friend Ryan. He was trying to look extra cool here with Ryan.
Here we are with some of klp's greatest friends The Kerbys (owners and operators of the popular hangout "Club Kerby") and Preacher friend Patrick! Our friends in Paris have been so faithful, encouraging, and loving to us!
After meeting Nolan, we headed to Dallas for our weekly appointments at OCH for OT and Speech. Our OT made a breakthrough discovery! I've mentioned before that we try to get Kanyon to use his left arm. It is uncoordinated and he almost never uses it. When he does it is really batty and inefficient. SOOO, the only way to make that better is to use it. Well, we've had a hard time finding things that will motivate him enough to use it AND we hadn't been able to keep his right hand out of the way. Well, the solution to the right arm thing was to wrap it up in a back brace so that he can't get it loose. The solution to the left arm was BEANS!!!! He LOVES them. He will reach out and up and over to play in the beans. It is GREAT and we see that he has good "potential" with that arm. Yes, it looks like we're torturing him, and I guess we kind of are, but if you've followed the blog, we do a lot of that in the name of therapy and helping this boy develop.
You can tell by the look on klp's face that he has to really concentrate to use that arm!

And yes, that is his right arm peeking out the top. He eventually worked it up and almost out.
This is just a picture of us helping him get into crawling position and hold himself up. He wants to keep that left hand in a fist so this paddle like thing keeps his hand open so that he can hold the weight. Yes, torture. Yes, a must.
Then we were on to Speech where we worked with the spoon. He is beginning to open his mouth for the dry spoon. Here is proof!! Yeah!! It is our first tiny step!

My mom came along for the trip this week so we could do some shopping and it was so fun! She was LOTS of help and it was fun to do fun Dallas things with her!
Here we are in the hotel, I am trying to figure out what time our next appointment was. Despite fighting a cold, no naps, rigorous therapy, no bouncy seat, crazy amounts of being taken in and out of his car seat, a different bed every night for almost a week, miles and hours in a stroller, and missing his daddy this is what Kanyon looks like at the end of the day! I was DEAD and he was still goin' strong!


martha crockett said...

J-me, all the therapies are so interesting. Thanks so much for taking to time to let us know what's going on. You are the best!
I adore the picture of Kanyon looking into the tube at Rosie. That is sooooo cute!
Love ya'll.

TexasNeals said...

yay! sounds like things are going well and progress is being made! keep it up kanyon!!! :)

Rachel said...

Yay for boy cousins and yay for tiny steps forward!

DCVol said...

Kanyon looks amazing~ he is sitting up like such a pro! He gives me SUCH hope for B, so thank you for sharing such awesome posts of your day-to-day life. That paddle thing that you are using for the "fisting while crawling" is awesome- we majorly need one of those. So we are now home on the NG tube and I have thought about you SOOO much....there are few words for my mental state, but we are surviving and begging for a g tube because the boy wants nothing to do with his bottle. I never thought I'd be begging for the g, but desperate times call for desperate measures....all I can say is that reflux MAJORLY stinks and I may be certifiably crazy by the end of this week :). I will email you soon, but just wanted to say that Kanyon is our TX hero~ he's doing so awesome!!! Kelly S.

Kyla said...

I LOVE the picture of him sitting up on that horse like such a big boy! Thanks for being so detailed with your updates and letting us know where Kanyon is at. It is very interesting to me and of course I'm always thinking about y'all. I am so thankful that there are therapists out there that are so smart and creative! Kanyon has already improved so much and I know he will keep making progress. I'm inspired by your diligence. Hang in there Jaymie! God certainly has a HUGE mom award waiting for you. :)

Anonymous said...