Thursday, October 2, 2008

18 Month Post

September 26 Kanyon made the big jump to 18 months. I feel like that is almost as monumental as a real birthday. It just seems old. I'll start with a few things about him at 18 months:
  • talking....he's started making "mumumumumumu" and "dadadadada" "bubububububu" and his long time favorite "sssssssssssssssssss" He will copy us when we say "mu mu mu" and "Daa" those were just the first sounds he started really making, so we copied him, then he copied us. We like it.
  • He's a steamroller!! It is his favorite form of transportation and you would be amazed where he can get just by rolling. We are working on army crawling, but he doesn't want to use his left arm, so he's stuck after he makes his first reach with his right arm.
  • NOSEY!!! He wants to look and touch and eat whatever we are holding or looking at. He thinks that he world is HIS!!
  • Still loves the bouncy seat and is an extreme bouncer. He can catch major air in that thing. He bounces his whole body up....yes, he's strapped in.
  • No official measurements yet, but at a clinic last week, he weighed 20lbs. and was 30 in. long.
  • He can sit up by himself pretty well but the best thing is that he can fall on his own. He doesn't fall like a tree and hurt himself, he's learned (thanks to his PT) how to fall softly. Because of this, I can sit him up and leave him. He is still working on getting to sitting independently. He is doing it with less and less support, but he still needs help. We're working on it though!
  • His eyebrows still turn red when he cries
  • His spike is so long it curls, but the rest of his hair stands straight up now
  • hates morning feeds
  • LOVES to spin things
  • currently has his 4th cold that lasted so long its turned into a "cough". We've had lots of snot the last couple of months....HOUSE ARREST IS COMING SOON
  • I bought 18 month size clothes for winter....he needs it for the length...they look huge and probably will be, but his torso is amazingly long!
  • He has outgrown his carseat (his head is to the top) but I hate to give it up because he can't sit in a shopping cart or high chair yet, so I will miss the carrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He has still never been to Wal-Mart. Brookshires and Target seem cleaner to me for some reason. I just can't take his little lungs and germ sensitive body to Wal-Mart...ikcy sticky yucky.
  • Some things never change: we love him more than we thought we could, we miss his twin sister more than we thought we could, we are proud of him, we laugh at him and kiss on him all day, we are so very very very very very very thankful!

So, in honor of the 18 months, I chose 1 picture from each month (ok, some months had more than one, but it was impossible to decide). I tried to keep it just Kanyon. If I started putting other people in I would get a guilt complex about not including everyone and that is just crazy, so here is the Phillips Phamily 18 month Roller Coaster:

March 2007: My favorite picture in the whole world. You see mostly Kanyon but the important thing is that he is holding Jayde's hand.

April 2007: I held this little guy for the first time. It was the first of many Kangaroo times for us (and the plaid pearl snap shirt). I love his hand, he still assumes this same position when I hold him.
I had to include this one too because it shows more of his tiny body. He weighed about a pound a half that day.
And this one of showing his tiny head.
May 2007: Kanyon was finally in his daddy's arms and Nurse Kathy was deemed Kory's favorite nurse hands down, no questions asked because she was the one who made this happen!
June 2007:This picture captured this month. We were in IMC so people could come visit. I tried to get pictures of the people looking in and this one was a favorite!

July 2007: Our baby boy's first peek of home!
Not sticking to the 1 picture rule. This was one of the most moving moments of my whole life. We drove up to this great crowd of friends and I was so humbled. After some "oohs" and "ahhhs" from a distance, the whole group circled up around us to thank GOD for this day that we had all been waiting for and to pray blessings on the days ahead. I wish I could capture the emotions of this time. Unbelievable.
August 2007: True love was budding between Kanyon and his bouncy seat.

September 2007: Our first smile. When I say we I mean WE. This was the first thing that was purely good to me. No worry, no sadness, no fear. Thanks to Drew who was quick on the draw with his phone, we have this moment forever. Patty-cake did the trick.

October 2007: The Grand Kanyon. Does this make you wonder what he will be this year???!! We have decided, making it is in progress, and I can't WAIT!

November 2007: The smiles just kept on coming!

December 2007: There were WAY too many Christmas pics to choose from so I went with the picture that I can't look at without laughing....go ahead...try.

January 2008: Again.....try to look at this and not laugh. His manners are much better these days.
February 2008: My gangsta boy rockin' his paper glasses from the eye doctor.
March 2008: Kanyon's bug birthday bash! This was a group shot with most of the group. It was so great to get a chance to celebrate Kanyon's life and thank our family and friends for their support. Just for the record. No, Kanyon will never have another birthday party with 100+ people.
April 2008: He was really into wrinkling his nose and flashing a grin.
May 2008: N.G.Tube. no. good. tube. This entire month (and some weeks before and some weeks after) were spent at Our Children's House for "eating camp".

June 2008: Kanyon's first visit to CDR
July 2008: This month had to have 2 pictures because we spent lots of time with Grandparents. First, our trip to Montana to see Chief and Gram and the rest of the Phillips. We had big fun riding tractors, meeting friends, enjoying cool weather, and we celebrated his 1 year Happy Home Day!!
Then a trip to Paris that was nice and long so we had plenty of time for Paw Paw and Mama Gay to teach Kanyon new things about fish, the lake, and how you get whatever you want when you're with your grandparents!
August 2008: First pair of basketball shorts!
September 2008: Love it.

So, there you have it, a look back at where we've been. Happy 18 months to Kanyon...this "review" of pictures made it seem like it has all happened so fast!


tleaf10 said...

Happy Year and a half Kanyon! You are growing and learning so much and I am proud of you! Good job on the falling thing - there are adults that can't even do that right :)

cassi rash said...

Wow, Jaymie! What an experience. I love the month by month pictures. They're great. Kanyon is getting so big! He's such a little fighter. Hope we get to see y'all in a few weeks!

Hollee said...

Great made me cry. Hopefully we can introduce Kanyon to the trio soon.

daughteroftheking said...

What a great post! I love all the pictures. He is such a little miracle I am reminded of that every time I see his sweet smiling face!!
Missy J

ali said...

wow... such a cutie! i love all the pics. happy 18 months kanyon!

Rachel said...

Great post - you know it's good when it makes you laugh AND cry. He's come so far! Love you guys.

Jodi said...

Here I am crying of course... then laughing OUT LOUD at the bouncy seat pic... then I read "go ahead, try" and laugh even harder! Love it! You crack me up! And that little man of yours has stolen my heart completely over the last 18 months. Thank you for sharing him with us. :) LOVE YOU!

Marilyn said...

Oh, Jaymie......that was so much fun........thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! I never want your posts to end...hugs to you and your boys! love, Marilyn

Kyla said...

Well, you did it again! You made the tears come! I think that once you are a mom you just cry more easily. Kanyon, happy 18 mths! You are amazing, and we love you!

annalee said...

crying, then crying some more! what a sweet tribute to your sweet boy and jayde's precious memory too. i love you all.

Erin Faubus said...

Love the picture progression of his life.

LOVE the picture of him holding Jayde's hand.

Can't wait to see this year's Halloween Costume.

Miss you guys.

mindy said...

Every time I check your blog, I usually have a myriad of emotions...laughter, tears, hope and sweet remembrance. I think I love all photos of Kanyon, but the one of sweet Jayde holding his hand may be my all time favorite. She held his hand for a little while, but you know she holds his heart forever. I am so proud of you and Kory and the faith you live out each day in the journey with Kanyon. He is growing and is just so precious. I can hardly wait to meet him someday, but for now, I feel I know him through your posts! He is such a gift and I know that God knew just who his parents needed to be! Blessings to you all! Hugs!

Jr. & Christie Cox said...

Wow! Thanks Jaymie for this post! It is so touching and it brings so many feelings of thanks to God for Sweet Kanyon. And, it reminds me how wonderful you are...and how thankful I am that Kanyon has you and Kory as his parents.
I love you and miss you!!!
Christie & family

Hilary said...

Ok the 1st picture made me tear up!! Sweet Jayde will always be remembered!! Love all the did a great job! Kanyon you continue to be a miracle here on earth!

Stephanie said...

Girl I just caught back up since the "hats & friends" blog. Thank you, thank you for these last couple of blogs. The feeding blog was AMAZING...and yes I read every bit! I know I talked to you on the phone some during which all that was going on and I knew it was not goog what yall were going through but I had no clue it was to that extent. Thank you for being so open and honest...who knows who is reading this and your words were just what they have been searching for. I love the "18 month" post. I can't believe it! I still think about you guys all the time. The August 2008 pic says it all for me...just look at that is to die for!! God continues to use you and your little miracle to touch so many! May God continue to bless you!
Stephanie Boutwell

Marianne said...

Crying and laughing like everyone else. It has been an awe-inspiring 18 months. Jaymie and Kory, your courage is an incredible testament to your faith. I love you both and pray for lots of progress in the next 18 months!!! Won't it be fun to say, "Kanyon is 3!!"

Robyn said...

Great pictures of a wonderful boy! I love his sly smile.