Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Day!!

We have a date scheduled for baby to be born............................DECEMBER 8!!!!!
gulp. holy cow. That is less than a month away!!! I will be 38 weeks that day and my Dr. doesn't want me to carry it any longer because my risks are higher for complications because of the kind of C-section I had with Kanyon. SOOOOOOOO hopefully December 8 will be the day! I feel like I can't call it Birthday until it actually is born on that day, so until then, we await BABY DAY!!

Am I ready? Ummmmmmm define ready. Physically, I feel great. About a month ago I finally completely lost all nausea so I've actually felt better the last 4-6 weeks than I've felt the whole time. My belly is big, but I'm not uncomfortable. I'm still sleeping pretty good (excpet for when bit brother Kanyon decides to pull his wake up in the middle of the night stunts). If there ever was a "cute" phase of pregnancy for me, its FOR SURE over. Now I'm just big. But hey, that was my goal! I also just started to think about stretch marks. Never thought of that last time. Hope I don't get 'em.

To-Do list wise, I'm NOT ready. I have seriously done NOTHING to get ready for this baby. Some of that is that I've been busy, but some of that is me just not getting started on it yet. We don't have a ton to do since we aren't re-doing any rooms or anything. We will move klp into our guest room that is already cowboy themed. We won't do that until January probably because we'll have company til then and that is our only guest room. The baby will be in our room for a while so klp can still sleep in the nursery. We have 2 beds so one will go with klp and the other will stay for the baby. We will just put whatever bedding on the bed that we need when we see if its a boy or a girl! I basically just have to clean/de-junk/rearrange closets and that's it. Yeah, no biggie right?!!

Another thing I'm NOT ready for is the actual birth part. I'm very nervous about the C-section and the fact that (hopefully) I'll just walk in and then have a baby. The needles make me nervous, the surgery makes me nervous. I know I've done it before, but last time was more like a scene from a medical drama where everyone is going crazy so there was no time for nerves, I had to do what I had to do. That almost made it easier because I didn't think about anything.
I know people do it all the time, but STILL! I AM looking forward to only recovering from ONE type of delivery this time. That should be nice.

As my friend Stacey said are YOU ready? Meaning am I ready for this thing to be in my arms. YES! I don't know if its been the unique stress of this pregnancy, the busy-ness of the last couple of months, or the fact that we have a baby here with us and that keeps us so busy that we don't always stop to think about the new one, but in the last week I've started getting SOOO excited about it actually being here with us. My arms are just so ready to hold it. Our house is ready for a new addition and our ears are ready for new sounds (even if they're loud and screamy)! I'm very excited!

Is Kanyon ready? He has NO. CLUE.

Do we have names ready? NO! If its a girl, we think we could decide pretty quickly. We have 2 we both really like we just have to make the final call. If its a boy, there will be a stand off in the hospital. We CAN NOT agree. We both have names we really like they just aren't the same ones. So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I have taken my last FFN and had our last ultrasound. I'm 34 weeks today! I have 3 more shots left to take and then I will be a normal patient! We are so very thankful for every single day. I remember when I got pregnant saying, "If we can just make it to November!" And here we are 10 days into it and still going strong! As we shift our thoughts to BABY DAY we are praying for a (medically speaking) dull, routine, boring day. Of course for us the day will be anything but routine as we will be meeting our next little one to love.



Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

J-me, I am so excited for you and KLP. I know klp is going to be a wonderful big brother too! Can't wait to meet the newest cousin and I pray that you have a girl so that there is no standoff over boy names in the hospital... b/c somehow I see cops getting involved and that would be just classy..in the middle of Longview...over a name, of all things! LOL! love you, susan

Rebekah said...

Sooooooo excited!!!!! I get this pit in my stomach when I think about the early days of mommyhood - they were a hard adjustment for me. But then I think about you and it seems that you can handle ANYTHING! And if you ever feel that you can't...don't worry, God's got your back! Hilliard and I prayed for your family last night, and we will continue to - especially these next few months! We CAN'T WAIT to meet baby Phillips!!
P.S. I'm so amazed that you didn't find out the sex of the baby! How fun!

Chelsa said...

how exciting to have a day!! i can't wait to hear the name and of course if it's a boy or girl!

i too am nervous about the c-section i have coming up. as with you, last time for me was a medical emergency and i just did whatever i had to do... this time i'm going to hopefully know what's going on a lot more, but that freaks me out too!

Anonymous said...

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erin f. said...

YEA! I am marking my calendar for Dec. 8th.

I cannot wait to know what you are having, I know I keep saying that, but really I CAN'T WAIT!!!

You are going to handle the c-section like a champ, and hopefully you won't get any stretch marks because you won't go all the way to 40 weeks...I was perfectly stretch mark free until the last week, then bam my giant baby stretched me to my last stretchable potential. But like you said, stretch marks = full term baby and no one can complain about that.

I love you guys, so excited to see this baby, and to see you guys with another sweet little one, and Kanyon as a big brother, he is going to know what hit him!

Kate said...

That Anonymous comment before mine is so weird! Anyway, I am so excited for your new addition and thankful that you are doing so well and baby Phillips has an ETA!!! Keep doing what you're doing, Mama! Kanyon's world is about to be rocked! (In a VERY good way!) Love you!

Holly said...

Yay for baby day!! We are SO excited for you guys & can't wait to meet your new addition!! And congrats on making it well into November. God is good!!

annalee said...

i love BABY DAY! so, so exciting!!!

Sydni said...


Once again when I get to this little comment box my mind has gone blank.... well, quite the opposite of blank actually.

So FULL of thoughts flying around in my head that I can't put my finger on one to make any sense.

However, I do know that 12/8 is marked on our calendar!!!

I can't believe you're not uncomfortable... maybe it helps to be tall.!!... or maybe it's that you're not a whiner.

sharon said...

december 8th sounds so soon! yay! i keep daydreaming about what it would be like if i could come visit you in the hospital or bring you dinner after the baby comes. (sigh.) i miss you!!

jb said...

Jaymie, Congratulations! I am an 'old' Siggie that found your blog when Kanyon was born through other ACU friends and have kept up with him (and you) since then. I am thrilled for you and can't wait to see pictures of your new little one.
Julie Beth (Wray) Fox

Sydni said...

I just realized that Dec. 8 is Marilyn's birthday too!!!

Leah said...

Yea for Dec. 8th! We are so excited to meet the newest of the Phillips Pham. You take care of you! Luv u friend!

Anonymous said...

Let me run this by you. If it's a boy - Kormie (a mix of your names). Your welcome.

Joe David

Brooks Family said...

december 8 is GREAT! i love december bday's. that was actually my due date with garrett, but he came on the 1st. so excited for you, kory, and kanyon! and i'm with joe david on the name! haha!!

Jodi said...

Man, that Joe David is one helpful friend!!! Took care of that whole name thing in no time!! :) He's handy.

As for baby Kormie (really, it is a unisex name...!), I am SO EXCITED about Dec 8!!!! Brooklyn asked if you could hold off until Dec 9 because she was hoping to share her bday, but I told her to get over it. 34 weeks now... seriously, your WHOLE family is such a testament to God's faithfulness. If I were to guess, I bet your doctors are PRETTY IMPRESSED this little bambino held off this long.... God is so good.

Love you to pieces. Praying like crazy!!

Emily Campbell said...

I'm so excited for you all. I've been thinking about praying for y'all. I'm SOOO glad that inpatient feeding was a successful.Kanyon looks great and is getting so big. I'm working with adults now in Corpus and I miss the days when I'd get to work with him!! Keep us posted.


High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

How exciting, Jaymie! Less than a month!!! That's AMAZING! I pray for you every morning! You'll kick off our group of pregnant friends with the next Baby Phillips and then we have friends due through February...So Exciting! God Bless and I hope you get to rest some in the next month!

Chris and Merry said...

I am so excited for you guys! I have been keeping up with you through your blog for the past couple of years, and finally just started one myself. I can't wait to hear more baby news!

Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I knew when this boy was coming out. I'm counting down the days, I will be 38 weeks on Dec. 3rd. Our name is Paxon Galloway Flores. We just now agreed on it. Keep in touch!