Friday, November 20, 2009

What Kanyon's been up to

Here are a few things Kanyon has been up to lately:

Gagging himself on his Slinky Dog tail
LOVING this little place in our living room. He goes over there and surrounds himself with toys and is SO happy!
Bundling up to play outside

Asking his mommy "Why the hood??"

Reading Sports Illustrated with Daddy (notice the diaper hanging out of his pants. It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep his pants up)

Making it really hard for mom to get a picture because he does THIS every time he hears the beep of my camera!

Watching a little TV while taking a ride on his Po-Knee

Ridin' double with cousin Caden on the Po-Knee

Getting in a rumble with the laundry basket

He's a busy boy having lots of fun and keeping his mommy busy. Have a great weekend!


Gay said...

Do you think everybody thinks he's as cute as I do??? I LOVE the one of him and Kory on the barstools and I also love the one of him in the laundry basket. He's just so cute!!!!

Molly Woodall said...

YES I DO THINK HE'S AS CUTE AS YOU DO! He is so precious!
The Sports Illustrated picture is priceless!
I didn't comment on the videos you posted, but that walker is amazing! How great is it that he can have freedom to "walk"?
God Bless You!

Chelsa said...

he is so darn cute!!
can you turn the beep off on your camera?? mine has a sound button?