Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas in Paris--tons of pics

We had our Christmas in Paris with my fam in early January. It was lots of fun. Christmas has definitely changed in our house with the arrival and growth of our little ones. Its crazy and hectic, but was so fun.

Mom makes her yummy dressing for our big Christmas dinner. Kanyon helped Paw Paw tear up the toast.

"Hey Everyone!"

This Christmas thing is boring!

klp's scooting is always intriguing to other kids. We've seen multiple kids try to scoot when they're around Kanyon. Ideally we'd like for him to copy THEM, but whatever. Here is Landry scooting. I've said it before, but I think these two have a thing. They're buddies, they just kinda gravitate to each other.

My little boys getting ready to open their presents
I brought qsp's Christmas pj's but was too lazy to change him and now i'm sad. it would've been so much cuter. Mom and Dad kept their tree up until our Christmas celebration. It was more like a weeping willow by the time we celebrated! How cute is this bunch!

This basketball goal has been up in our living room since we were little kids. Despite the collapsed rim from too much dunking, its still fun for the next generation!

Uncle Clay chillin' with q

Consider this our Christmas card. Its the first family picture (other than the swollen face full of IV fluids in the hospital pics that I'd rather not show or look at)

sweet sleeper.

I stayed the whole week since I still had 1 week left til I could life klp. One afternoon me, Mo, and our kids went on a walk behind her house. Rachel was invited but her kids take marathon naps, so they missed the fun. Here we stopped to throw rocks over the bridge.

Aunt Mo and baby Quinn
klp and Nolan owning the kitchen!

cute little quinn with his eyes open!

cute boy pulling out ALL of the dirt.Not so cute!

cute little quinn with his eyes closed!

ROLLIN' with Quinn...get it? rolls. he's growing them.

out of order...this is us ready for our walk.

I didn't have the tray on the front of the stroller and klp leaned over and played with the muddy wheels the WHOLE time. We will FOR SURE be putting the tray on the next time we use the stroller!
We had a great time in Paris. Lots of things happened that I didn't get pictures of. Like my Quinn's first bball game (to watch his uncles play).
Things are going well here. It ain't always pretty but we're thriving! :) The worst thing is that I'm trying to not eat dairy and see if that will help with qsp's congestion/tummy issues. Its NOT GOOD. All i eat is dairy. Seriously, my food pyramid is more like a block. Equal amounts of BREAD and DAIRY. Its only been since saturday. I hear I have to give it at least 2-3 weeks before its out of my system. After that time, I'll start working it back in to my diet and see what it does. Hopefully nothing so I can eat mac and cheese again!!!!! BUT if it makes little q boy feel better, then I'll do whatever I have to.
I've been ignoring Kanyon long enough. He's been awake in his bed for quite some time, but I HAD to finish this blog! :)


Erin Westrom said...

I had to eliminate dairy from my diet for Ella. Not gonna lie, it was/is pretty tough, but I do think it helps her. She has/had tummy issues and reflux but it has definately gotten better. It was at its worst at about 4-8 weeks old and gradually got better. Hopefully Quinn's tummy problems will resolve in time. But regardless, he is ADORABLE!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas.

erin f. said...

Is Kanyon wearing superman pjs in one of those pictures? Those are so cute!

What did you decide to do about Quinn's schedule? I hope it's falling into a normal routine for all of you!

Sydni said...

It looks like you had a great time! Your boys are adorable! I'm jealous of Q's rolls (not that I want any more for me !), I'm just extremely happy that he is so clearly thriving.

Anonymous said...

Precious boys! When is Quinn going to make it onto your blog banner? :)

Chels said...

Ok, first of all what's girl gotta do to be listed in her friends "links"? Second of all, I had a dream last night that Heath and I were babysitting Kanyon for like a few months. And it was awesome. We just hung out together, and spent time with Heath and a few other things. I'd completely forgotten about it, but it was a good dream.

I guess I'm trying to say "I've been thinking about you and missing you!"