Friday, January 22, 2010

Kanyon Ki Ki Ko Ko and Rosie Jo

I have lots to blog about, but Rachel just sent me these pictures of Kanyon and Roselyn from last week. They were too cute....they deserved their own post. Oh yeah...the title of the post....Roselyn calls Kanyon Kanyon Ki Ki Ko Ko. She has always called him Ki Ki, but we added The Kanyon ko ko this trip. Rosie Jo is just one of Roselyn's many nick names.

Roselyn doesn't have much respect for ones personal space:

But Kanyon doesn't seem to mind!

We were out eating and the spontaniously started hugging each other!

And playing..

and hugging some more

and a little more.

We are so very thankful for ALL of our cousins, but maybe tonight we're extra thankful for Roselyn! :) (even if she does invade klp's personal space on a regular basis!)


Jodi said...

Quite possibly some of the cutest pictures I have EVER seen!

Brooks Family said...

so glad you let them have their own post...that kind of sweetness is the BEST!