Friday, January 27, 2012

December Randoms

There are a few pics from December need to be blogged...they're begging for it.  

This was one night in the car (that's why its so dark).  The reason I took this picture is because that's Kanyon behind that book....holding his book up with both hands!  He has been working so hard lately using his left hand and he's been really into holding his books like this. He has to really spend a lot of time to get his fingers open and on the book, but he does it! I am so proud when I see this.  Sweet sweet boy.  

I feel like there's a good chance that I posted this picture already, but I'm too lazy to check my blog and see.  So here's a pretty great pic of the Spencer cousins we took for my mom.  

This year's Christmas ornaments.  The boys were really loving penguins this year.  I think it had something to do with the giant blow up penguins our next door neighbor put out. :)  Q calls them ping pongs.  

Sooooo we didn't officially go to see Santa. I am a Santa snob and I think the one at our mall is lame, so I wasn't going to waste the time or money to go there. BUT there is a guy in our neighborhood that does crazy Christmas lights and he sits outside for the kids to see.  We drove by there and got the reactions I expected.  The second we got out of the car (we were half a block away) Q was squeezing me so tight I could barely breath.  He cried when I asked him if he wanted to sit in his lap, so Santa stood up for the picture. (and I stood between them to block the fear)

klp was not scared, but was for sure shy.  He didn't want to sit in his lap, but I think he would have if Q wouldn't have freaked out.  

Gram (Kory's Mom) sends a package at the beginning of Dec. full of fun little boxes for the boys to open every day.  They had lots of fun with these and the little colored finger lights were a HIT!!!  

I leave paper and stuff out all the time because both boys LOVE writing.  They'll sometimes just walk by and doodle a little, then other times they will sit and work at it for a long time. I just think its cute how much paper we go through with all their lovely work.  

This was in Paris after our Christmas celebration, I stayed a few extra days.  Here we are taking over Taco Delite again.  

We rode the wagon through the great Christmas lights at the Western store in town. 

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