Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas 1

Its crazy how long its been since I've blogged, but here I am.  I will attempt to do Christmas in 2 posts and then move on with more current stuff.  This post's pictures are in backwards order, but I'm choosing to be OK with that for the sake of FINALLY getting a blog done.  

This was our year to be in Montana for Christmas so we celebrated with the Spencer Fam the weekend before.......

klp and Paw Paw getting ready for the day

Aunt Mo brought a fun drawing game over for the kids to play.....actually, I think this pic was from Thanksgiving, but I'm going to pretend its not.  

me and Q with "Baby Mare" as he calls sweet Baby Marion.  For a while every baby he saw was Baby Mare.  Then Christmas came along and Baby Mare had to take turns with Baby Jesus....or more often, Jesus Baby.  :)

A favorite treat at Gay Gay's house is to eat breakfast (and maybe lunch if you're lucky) while watching cartoons on her little kitchen TV.   Here are 6 out of the 8 little ones piled in catching up on Word World or something.  

These 2 are very VERY silly (and I'm thinking Thanksgiving again since Ro has her cast on....)

klp loves to play in this closet and he usually recruits Ro to play with him.  They were pretty annoyed that I opened the door, but they were sweet to give me a smile.  

q and Mal Mal rocking

We were actually quite pleased with the group picture we got.  I guess Ro holding Marion inspired klp to hold a stray doll...

These are some SWEET kids.  Quinn, Nolan, Landry, Kanyon, Roselyn holding Marion, Avery, and Mallory

My parents gave klp his very own rocking chair.  There is not a more perfect gift for that boy.  Q got a little "bike" but we had to take it back, it kept tumping over.  We're now on the hunt for a replacement.  

Mallory got a fun little nursery....Quinn was trying out the baby bed while she fed him yogurt melts.  

We had a great time and the kids had a blast. I think it just gets more fun (and CRAZY) every year, but you just can't beat it.  

Now pretend like this part was BEFORE the Paris part.  

We sort of have a little tradition of getting Christmas trees with some the Spencers, Fords, and Bowers.  We ate a yummy dinner at the Bowers then headed to Home Depot to pick out the perfect trees.  Except we don't get our tree there, we just go for the company.  This year the Owens joined us in going along for the ride but forgoing the actual tree buying.  The kids had a blast while the parents argued....I mean carefully considered all of the qualities of each tree.  Here's Drayton, Quinn, Kanyon, and Jed playing on the cart.  

The next day, our little family headed to the tree farm to find our tree.  This year the drought hit the farm pretty bad so it was slim pickins but we found a good one....

Here are the boys in front of the one we picked.  qsp was waving at the tractor passing by.  

The boys were lots of help cutting it down....especially Quinn.  

Sheesh!  What would Daddy do without his helpers??!!

klp got his turn to cut...

then q had his turn.  

headed to pay for our tree

Again, q provided valuable help

while klp observed and shouted orders.  

We really had fun with all the Christmas stuff this year.  This was the first year that Kanyon has really paid any sort of attention to any of it and Quinn was old enough to enjoy it too.  FUN FUN!

Stay tuned for our Montana Christmas.

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