Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Randomness at its finest

Some stragglers from the last couple of months......

Doesn't he look smart????....

klp loving riding his horse

Showing Mommy his "airplane arms"!

This was back when she first started "talking".  She's a full fledged jabber jaw now.

Sometimes this is what happens on Friday night. This was the boys' first time to watch Peter Pan (one of my all-time favs) and they loved it.  They play lots of Peter Pan these days. 

Sweet big boy with his missing tooth

These are some chaps we got as hand me downs from some of Kory's cousins.  Q was feelin' pretty tough in them.  

watching Lone Ranger wearing his chaps and shooting the bad guys on the TV. Almost too much cuteness for one picture. 

Good ol' Paw Paw taking the boys for a sub-freezing Mule ride.  

baby sister snuggles

J having a sink bath at Gay Gay's.  

King Quinn wanted to pose with Jaylie June for her 5 month pictures

I tried to get some cute pictures of J all dolled up for church. 

When Jaylie was born, bloomers with her name on them was one of the things I looked forward to about having a girl! They did not disappoint. 

These next 2 picture capture Jaylie June so perfectly (i just hate they're blury. I needed a tripod).  She plays on this quilt ALL DAY LONG.  She loves it and is so happy and sweet.  I love this age where they play on their tummy pushed up like this.  I seriously want to attack her she's so cute! 

This wide open mouth, wrinkled nose is sooooooooo her. 

I'm trying to get all caught up here on the blog, but it has taken me a while to get caught up in life. Being out of commission for so long got me VERY behind in every single part of my life. I don't think it helped that I was barely back in the swing of things after having a baby when the heart attack happened.  With my pregnancy I felt pretty yucky for the first 20 weeks so I was moving a little slower than usual, then at about 24 weeks, Dr. says to "take it easy" and not do too much "extra" stuff, then you're the size of a cow and CAN'T do as much as you want to, then you have a C-Section and have 6 weeks worth of not being able to lift your kids...especially that biggest brother! I finally got back to normal after all of that and then got slammed right back down with the heart attack and recovery. I have been cleared to go back to normal and I feel great. Our awesome church brought us meals for 6 weeks!!  YES 6 WEEKS! It was so awesome and SUCH a HUGE help as we got back in the swing of things.  I am so glad to be able to not have restrictions. Its been over a year  (other than the brief time between baby and heart drama) since I haven't had restrictions and its wonderful.  During the last year or more, I feel like we've been in survival mode. We might've had snippets of normalcy but on a whole I feel like I've been treading water for the last year.  I am SO GLAD to not feel like that, though now I'm sort of digging out of the last years worth of putting things off and doing the minimal and all the other "survival mode" sort of things.  I am thankful that I feel so much better and to top it all off I am back to nursing Jaylie and I'm so happy.  We were finally able to talk to some experts on nursing/drug interactions and based on my dosages and medications, It is ok for me to nurse her! YAY! I thought I was going to have to stop the meds before my Dr. wanted me to or just stop pumping and be done with nursing. It was a bigger deal that I would've imagined, and I feel like it affected me in a HUGE way. I am glad that is over and so thankful to be back to nursing her (even if that does mean I'm up a million times a night.....funny what a little perspective does to ya!)

Here's to a year of only our normal added medical craziness!!!


Marianne said...

So good to see your posts!! Jaylie is the cutest baby! Just love that she's so happy and content. And, hooray for back to nursing. That just has to make life a little easier. Fire pit looks like too much fun! Love, love love watching your family! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're finally well and feeling better! -Sarah Brown