Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fire Pit Fun

I got Kory a little fire pit for Christmas.  I knew it would be something fun for us to do outside on these short nights when it gets dark by 6:00.  I have a few pics from the times we've used it. 

klp LOVES to roast marshmallows. By roast I mean light on fire.  He has no interest in eating one, of course.  

klp keeping the fire going......KLP doing damage control.  ha!

yummmmmmmmmmm. Quinn had LOTS of interest in eating the marshmallow! 

This was when Q was trying his first s'more.  KLP was laughing because he was DEVOURING it!  

This maybe my new favorite picture of the boys.  I wish I would've used a tripod. I was being lazy.  klp is blurry because the child does NOT sit still.  :)


Gay said...

Sweet times!!

martha crockett said...

Firepit was brilliant! Looks like it will give years of enjoyment!