Wednesday, September 11, 2013

End of Summer Picture Overload

Remember the tadpoles we caught at the river in Arkansas?  Well, one survived to full grown frog!  I was way more into this than my boys were, but cool animal stuff brings out my nerdy side.  Here's the little guy in the final stages of loosing his tail.  Did you know that once the tadpoles get 4 legs you don't need to feed them anymore? They get all the nutrients they need by absorbing their tail.  Cool.  

We decided to let the frog go in the creek at CDR since we were gonna be there for 4th Middle sunday.  This obviously led to some good times romping in the creek.  Here's Quinn with his BFF/Cousin Mallory and our friend Colbie Jones.  

The boys and I left CDR and headed to Paris to stay a few days with my parents.  This picture below was taken about 1 minute after we got in the house.  Doesn't take long for a boy to find a holster for his gun and start digging in the toy box! 

Sweet Jaylie June ready to eat some breakfast.  

Q went to get a band-aid and ended up looking like this.  Guess we should've supervised. 

There were Mule Rides galore....of course.

Sometimes we would just look up and klp was out sitting in the Mule ready to go.  

Juney girl and Buddy having a little chat

An extra special treat was having Aunt Nancye come down for a couple of days.  We had a blast with her as usual! 

She and Quinn bonded over her favorite cookies.  They have an INSANE amount of icing on them.  

Aunt Nancye went on a mission trip to Africa this summer and brought the boys back some African animals.  She's the best! 

After church Wednesday night we went with Clay's girls to get some ice cream! It was a great way to end a great time in Paris! 

We got home just in time to "fight some fires" in our driveway.  Good thing I've got good firemen around.  

Q got a new (to us) pair of Jordans which got some people in this house pretty excited so it turned in to a Friday night photo shoot.  Complete with baby sister wearing her first pair of J's.  

Somewhere towards the end of July (3rd kid...dates get lost in the shuffle) jjp went to the nursery for the first time.  She had fun and did great.  

Here she is during her Sunday School lesson.  

This was the next Wednesday night in the nursery.  Aren't baby nursery pictures just the cutest with those sweet little things sitting up at the table.  Big stuff. 

I love this can tell Meg and Jaylie aren't quite up with the hand motions.  Rookies.  

Quinn doesn't go to school, but it was time for him to have a backpack and boy was he excited to see his name on it! Just like Kanyon's! 

This prompted several days of playing school.  The funny part is is that Quinn's never been to school and has no idea how to "play school" and Kanyon, our seasoned school go-er, isn't exactly good at describing and explaining what its like so it was kinda like the blind leading the blind but they had a blast.  Since they were pretty clueless I got nominated to be the teacher most of the time.  haha! 
Here they are headed into their "class".

Jaylie June gettin' her some goooooooood sleep.  

I snapped this picture on a walk with the kids.  Its about 70 lbs. of kids in the stroller, carrying another 20 plus whatever the stroller weighs.  I walk slow, but its fun.  Til I have to go uphill. 

This was from back in May, but I just found it.  Love this pic of us gals.  When I look at this picture, I realize I actually have a GIRL!  Fun! 

I took this picture in the Dr. office one afternoon to document possibly my worst ever outing with kids. Crying, fighting, missed naps, spilling pencils, fits, dropping snacks, etc. etc. for an hour and a half in the waiting room and then another hour in the room.  I remember wanting to cry but then that would've meant all 4 of us were crying and that would just be crazy.  It was off.  tha.  hook.  in the worst way.  But we survived.  

jjp showing off her silly faces for my Aunt in her big bathtub. 

I'd been wanting to let Quinn build a bear because he loves stuffed animals so much.  klp doesn't really like them that much, but he wanted to make one and had a good time.  I think he would've been happy to just stand there and stuff everyone's bears all day. He loved pushing the foot petal and hearing the loud noise. 

The washing station was the best part.  They both loved it so much.  

Q is SO INDECISIVE.  About everything.  So you can imagine the inner turmoil he was feeling when he had to decide on an outfit for his dog.  He went back and forth all through the store over and over and over.  He was just so torn.  Here I am saying, "Ok for gotta pick one." He was sure he wanted Superman, Batman, then a fireman, then a basketball jersey...all of which would've made sense based on the fact that he loves all of those things right now.  But he ended up choosing Thor. Pretty sure he didn't even know who that was.   

I was curious what they would come out of the store with (hoping it wasn't some dumb purple cat with crazy clothes).  Kanyon did a puppy with a Dr. coat and Q a different puppy with good ol' Thor suit.  As is the case with people who are tortured with decision making, Quinn questioned himself later, but he got over it and enjoyed his Thor puppy.  

I saw this shirt and decided I needed to wear it everyday. I say this work A LOT.  "You need to obey" "Obey the FIRST time" "Well, if you obey, you don't get in trouble" "No, you can't do that, you didn't Obey". I don't even know what this shirt is, its probably some brand that you don't even pronounce like the word "OBEY" and its probably some cool brand that cool people wear. Instead I am the un-cool, out of the fashion loop Mom who saw this and immediately thought of her young children she's trying to wrangle every day.  Oh man.  Its kinda sad. 

This was from a late night trip to CDR for worship. Ellie and Jaylie had to take a quick bath in the mess hall sink before we headed home.  

We spent one Friday with some camp friends (and cousins) at the Finchers house. It was SUPER hot but the kids did play outside for a little bit.  Roselyn and Kanyon had fun on the tire swing.  He looks  uncomfortable and unhappy but he was neither.  

Sweet Ro decided to turn sideway so she could hold him on the tire with her legs.  

Litte Miss Thang thinks she should feed herself.  Little Miss Thang's mama should've taken her PJ's off first. 

We spent an afternoon and evening out on Fern Lake with our small group. It was such a fun time! 
Jaylie workin' her string bikini. 

Quinn's crack usual. 

Patrick was turning 33 and Rebekah turned the big 3-0 so we had a little celebration! 

These were the kiddos.  

This could be a puddle jumpers commercial.  I love all these kids so much! Please take a moment to notice the ADORABLENESS of Kason holding jaylie in his lap.  So sweet.  

Babies in life jackets are SO CUTE! 

jjp napping on the floor at my aunt's house.  Love how she sleeps with her booty up in the air.  I couldn't resist taking her picture.  The flash woke her up.  Not worth it.  

Kanyon had a Dr. appointment in Dallas one Monday morning, so we decided to make a day of it. We all went to the Dr. then ate in Dallas and stopped at Splash Kingdom Water Park on our way home. It was so much fun!  Kanyon loved it and loved all the slides.  With a little "encouragement" in the form of candy if he did it, Quinn finally went down the slide and loved it and played on them the rest of the time.  I have no pics of the water park fun, but here's one of the waiting room fun.  

Here's qsp "smiling" in front of the fish tank at the hospital.  

When he saw this brown and white fish, he sais, "Look Dad! Its a dirty Nemo!"  

This is a daily thing.  Undies backwards, crack peeking out.  These "race car" underwear have remained a favorite since he potty trained.  Yes, they're tiny, but he still loves them.  

Just thought this was cute.  klp had frogs and people lined up listening. His little imagination is so much fun. 

We went to the Venables' house one night and we looked up and saw that Mabry had dressed herself as a bunny (complete with marker whiskers and nose) and Kanyon as Santa with a leopard bow tie. And she had him hanging on her every word while she read to him.  Both kids were in heaven.  

In the mean time, Allie read to Q (without costumes) on the couch. 

And finally, we "treated" Dad on his birthday by bringing him lunch.  He didn't get fired so I assume it was a success.  

Up next....Spencer Family just THOUGHT this post was picture overload!


Kelli said...

I know I always say this, but seriously, your kids are all just PRECIOUS! They are growing up so fast!

Specks said...

Can you please write a parenting book SOON??? I love all your pics and commentary, and my Jackson's trying 2's is about to make me lose my mind...that OBEY shirt rocks :). Your baby girl is SO BEAUTIFUL and the basketball photo shoot in her little J's was too adorbs~ your fam is such a delight!!! Hugs to you, mama. PS: I have cried in doctors offices MANY times due to the cra-cra-craziness of my crew...there are few things that make me sweat and get WORN OUT than taking all 3 to appointments, especially when they involve long waits :(.