Thursday, August 22, 2013

4th of July and other Summertime stuff

Thankfully this hasn't been too horrible of a summer so we've gotten to spend lots of time outside.  We go to a nearby church parking lot to ride bikes.......there was ONE water puddle in the whole parking lot and it took the boys 3.2 seconds to find it and have their shoes off! ha! 

Watching this boy ride his bike never gets old.  I love getting to watch him have so much fun totally independently! 

He's constantly talking....thats what he's doing in this picture. 

The boys were quite shaggy. We pulled up to the barber shop and Kanyon said, "Is it my birthday?" I realized that the last time they had haircuts was on his birthday.  No wonder they were shaggy. That was back in March! ha! I can't resist taking their picture in the barber chair.  They look all big and cute. klp sat down and immediately started telling his barber all about getting to go to Camp Deer Run and be a Pee Wee.  Between the fact that the barber was a little hard of hearing, the buzz of the clippers, and klp's own "dialect" the conversation was pretty one sided.  

It cracks me up how they fix their hair in the front.  The boys were happy and Q was chown' down on his new piece of gum.  

We went acrosst he street for a little Sonic picnic.

Side note story:  Q told me at Sonic that he had to go to the bathroom but I wasn't sure he really meant it so I blew him off.  We had a few errands to run so we all got back in the car.  We ran errands for about an hour and he mentioned it again but we were almost through so he told me he could hold it.  I was in the drive thru at the bank with only one more quick stop to make after that when Q says, "Mom, I'm just trying REEEEEEEEEALLY hard not to go to the bathroom."  Great. Home was still too far away and my aunt and uncle's house was close, but they were out of the country and I didn't have their key with me.  My best option was Chick Fil A.  We were still in the lunch rush at CFA (it lasts 2 hours) so this was not ideal.  It was packed.  I didn't have time to let klp walk in his walker, so I carried him in one arm, J's carrier in the other and Q walked in.  Thankfully there was an open booth right by the bathrooms so I put 2 down and went in the bathroom with Q. I then sort of stood in the doorway to hear Quinn and still be able to see the other 2 in the booth.  All the while Q is wanting to have this big {LOUD} conversation while he's doing his business. I'm trying to not cause any more of a scene but still answer his questions.  Finally an older lady that was coming out of the bathroom says, "Do you want me to watch your babies?" This timing was good because Q was going to be done whether he was done or not {he tends to take FOREVER on the potty}.  So I got Q taken care of and headed back to the booth.  They all did pretty good in the crazy situation and we'd beed running errands/they'd been in their car seats for 2 hours I felt like a treat was in order...and lets face it.....I needed it too!  They wanted their standard CFA treats, but there was NO WAY I was going to try to stand in line.  So trekked back our car and drove through the drive thru to get Q his ice cream, klp his french fries, and a cookie for mommy!  Then we ran our last errand and WENT HOME!!!  SHEESH!

This sums up our 4th of July Firework experience.  Q:screaming K:flapping and rocking and screaming with excitement J:scared out of her mind. This was at our big church thing on July 3  and the fireworks FOR REAL.  LIke non stop for over 30 minutes BIG BIG BIG fireworks.  It was impressive, but overwhelming for 2/3 of ours! ha! 

On the 4th we hung out with some friends and had fun with a few of the smaller fireworks the kids could do themselves (Q wasn't interested) 

and then for the big ones we did this for Q and it was perfect.  Now he talks about how much he LOOOOVES fireworks. 

Then that Sunday our small group went to a lake house for fishing, dinner, and fun outside.  Great group of kids! 

Opie and Kason "kissing" the fish he caught

Patrick and KLP

Gotta catch them being sweet (and smart). 

Q with his 2 BFFs Kalon and Trent.  He's kind of the giant of the group, but they're all really close in age.  I just LOVE these 3 boys.  

Sometimes you gotta get serious about your game. 

Baby sister has company when she wakes up.

Our wild and wacky Friday night spent getting klp un-stuck out of the laundry area between our kitchen and garage.  The pocket door got off track and he was stuck in there.  The garage door was down so we couldn't get in from there so we spent almost an hour getting him out. Kory finally jammed   the door open with the neighbor's shovel.  Luckily klp thought it was hilarious, every time KLP would bang our push trying to get it, klp would bang the door right back.  

OOOOOOoooooh the excitement of our life has changed so much! haha!

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Specks said...

Can I just tell you how much I love the pic of your boys in their headbands getting serious about their game? PRICELESS. Little Jaylie June is about as precious as she can be....and she and Reagan are birds of a feather in SO MANY WAYS~ how can they not, since their oldest brothers are soul brothers :)? Happy 1st to your beautiful baby girl!!!