Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

With the calving slowing down, we have time to do things like count hay bales (and wait for Quinn to get the guts to jump from bale to bale).  

We got a good deal on a porch swing!  klp was really missing having something that swings.  We are still figuring out how to get a swing set thing to hang our swings on.  But this does the trick for now.  

I was trying to take a picture of jjp in this outfit to send to Mindi because its a hand me down from Addison.  J just HAD to have the hood on...

waving at herself in the camera

Sunglasses-CHECK Baby doll-CHECK random rock-CHECK 

This girl loves her some Uncle Tye.  She wants him to hold her and then she just lays there all cuddled up with him for the longest time.  

We needed to make some more placemats, so I just gave the kids paper and told them to draw.  Q is more of a writing kind of guy so he wrote everyone's name.  This was the first time he'd ever written Jaylie's name!  Looking at this makes me wish he'd always write this cute little toddler writing. Then again I know it probably wouldn't be so cute to his 5th grade teacher! haha! 

Kanyon is most definitely a drawing kind of guy.  All day.  Non stop.  He told me this was a spider. I couldn't understand him so he repeated and said, "A spider! I drew 8 legs.  A BROWN spider!"  He drew 8 legs alright.  Then drew 20 more.  

And then of course, there's the Juney girl. She's more of a body art kind of girl.  She very proudly came to show me her dot paints all over her hands, arms, and face.  

Some days lately have been PERFECT weather.  We went on a long bike ride and made our way to a park.  It was lots of fun.  The "go merry go round" as Kanyon calls it.  

Here they are all happy to be in big swings.....

then BAM klp takes a spill right as I snapped the picture.  No injuries.  

It just made my job of convincing him to come swing in these baby swings even easier! 

Of course she finds SOMETHING to cry about on a near perfect day! 

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erin f. said...

So when we were kids we hopped hay bales like it was an Olympic sport. Except that I wasn't good at it and broke my arm while attempting a big jump. Just wanted you to know, it's very dangerous, at least one kid eve has broken their arm...and your kids are cute ❤️