Monday, May 19, 2014

Pictures that REALLY make me smile

Really, this post is the last of my pictures from April, but I refuse to title this post Random April Pics. When I looked through the pictures that would be on this post I realized there was an unusual amount of pictures that make me smile from ear to ear.  So hopefully they'll slap a smile on your face too!

Here's Miss Jaylie June being big playing with her cash register.  She's become mine and Kory's late night entertainment. We've been doing better at getting the boys in bed at a decent time (before 9:00) and Miss Thang isn't ready for bed yet because she takes a late nap.  SOOOOOOO she has us all to herself for a little bit and boy does she eat it up.  Sometimes she acts silly but other times, like in this picture, she just gets lost in her own world playing by herself.  No one to fight with, no one to keep up with, and no one to screech at when they get too close to her toys....Oh and she is a fancy cashier with her necklace on.

Santa brought Jaylie this doll. We loved that it looked just like her.  Huge brown eyes.  I have been wanting to get a picture of her with her doll since Christmas, but never did.  This one isn't perfect, and she's sort of growing in to her giant eyes, but you get the idea.  She is sort of smiling in this picture, but her face often looks just like this doll. We love these big ol' brown eyes! 

One day, the boys were riding their bikes so June decided to take her puppy for a walk. 

 She took this job very seriously! 

I will never EVER get tired of seeing her sleep with her booty in the air. I probably have 600 pictures of this, but its just so irresistible! And her doll seems to sleep in the same position. 

Jaylie fits in the Flight suit I took her picture and found pictures of the boys when they wore it.  The Flight suit has been good to us.  (Please excuse her bed head and post nap face) 

Kanyon, Quinn, Jaylie June

The boys were wearing their capes around one morning and wanted to wear them on their bike ride too.  They think its fun when the cape flies.  So I had two super heroes riding with me.  They didn't want their sister to be left out, so they found a cape for jjp too! Super SISTER! 

And yes, this picture will make its way to a frame...

The weather was just too nice to go inside so we had our first picnic in the yard.  Home girl needed her shades of course.  

On a calf check with Dad.  If this isn't proof that this girl has her daddy wrapped around her little finger I don't know what is. I'm 100% sure I would've said, "No, you can't have my drink.  I'm thirsty and I don't trust you to hold it yourself and there is NO WAY I'm gonna hold it for you while I drive."   Thats why Dad is the favorite! 

klp wanted to lay on my feet while I cooked breakfast.  I told him Ollie used to do that and he thought it was hilarious.  He got all cozy....strange kid.  

Can't remember what was going on this day, but they looked cute so I wanted to take their picture and all jjp would do is say "Moooooo!" because of all the cows.  

My mom got the boys water guns when she came and they have had a blast with them! Hours and Hours of fun! 

Kory and his dad bought this Ranger thing.  We are so glad to have something big enough for us all to ride and check cows with Daddy and stay warm.  Before this, Kory would check on the 4 wheeler and a) we couldn't all fit  b) kory would have to hold the kids on c) IT WAS COLD!  The Ranger opens up a whole world of possibilities for us! WOHOOO! 

Y'all, this child puts everything down her shirt.  Here she is with her cell phone stored in her shirt!  What in the world??!! She will put something down her PJ's and she'll come over to me saying "uh oh" and her toy/phone/keys/whatever has fallen all the way into the feet of her footed PJ's.  

I think its obvious why this picture makes me smile.....because Jaylie isn't ruining the story. Just kidding (sort of) I smile the biggest because of how happy these people make me.  Like how did I land the best husband AND kids in the whole world!?!!

A pretty snow on April 27.  It didn't last long, but it was pretty when we woke up. I've been talking to Quinn about learning to snow ski next winter. I've said, "when it starts snowing again we'll get to go skiing".  He woke up this morning, saw the snow and with his cutest groggy morning voice said, "Mom! We get to go skiing today!!" haha 

Daddy had a basketball tournament one weekend and it appears that hanging out at the gym all day will wear some kids out! 

 We were at Tyes house one afternoon and I was hoping everyone would nap.  K and J did fine, but Q wasn't feelin' it.  He was playing with his gold coins in his bed so I told him I'd take them upstairs and if he stayed in his bed until I came to get him, he could have them back.  An hour or more later, I went down to check on them, assuming he was asleep, and he was laying there waiting for me to give him his gold coins! He was so happy to have them back.  Please take note of his blanket in the picture.....That stringy thing.

This was his TV watching contraption one day.  (Blanket again) 

 Here's that blanket in its original form.  He attached to the muslin swaddle blankets I wrapped him in.  They were too big to carry with us everywhere so I just took the green one, cut it in to 4 smaller pieces, hemmed them and felt much better about having a smaller blanket and multiple blankets.  I don't trust myself to keep up with one of anything.  

Aaaaand this is what it looks like now.  We lost one of the 4 blankets and others have torn so we actually added a couple that way.  I know its getting close to time to ditch the blanket which will therefore end the thumb sucking (or at least start ending the thumb sucking), but for now, I just can't do it.  Until I finally decided to bite the bullet and end it,  you'll find him zoning out with his thumb and stringy, knotted, tattered "blanket".  

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