Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Festivals and Everyday Stuff

 One weekend in early September, our town had the annual Chokecherry Festival.  There was a big street dance with a live band one night then the next day there were several different activities and Main Street was full of fun booths.  The weather was nice and warm and we had fun walking through looking at the goodies and visiting with everyone that was there.  Here's the view from near the top of Main Street.  

We came home with this gem.  A bow and arrow with giant soft ends.  A total craft fair treasure. 

The next day in a town about 20 miles (teeny tiny town) they had their Bale Trails What The Hay event.  There's a stretch of highway where everyone decorates hay bales or makes hay sculptures, etc. and the highway is full of people driving by to look and take pictures.  There's a contest and some other little events that go with the festival, but we missed those. We just drove out that Sunday evening. I LOVED IT! I was cracking up all night at the different plays on words people thought of.  Not to mention how great some of these sculptures were.  We had a blast. I ended up taking pictures of pretty much every single one but I managed to narrow it down to a few of my favorites for the blog.  

This might've been our overall favorite

These were at a little park area so you could get out and see them.  The elephant was attached to a water hose somehow and when you pressed a button, water shot out of the elephants nose! 

See the needles in the hay stack??! I thought this was so creative!   

I think "Haypunzel" won overall. It really was pretty impressive.

 This play on words still makes me giggle. 

Its hard to see the sculptures in the picture but they were great! I think this one got 2nd place. 

These were a few more of the ones we saw at the little park area.  

Juney girl was loving the puppies.

We enjoyed our little weekend of local festivals!! 

Here's a few shots of just our normal stuff: 

Like how much time my kids spend playing in the kitchen sink. Sinks are my best friends.  They occupy everyone and keep everyone happy!  

Even though it wasn't cool enough to need clothes, we figured jjp better get her winter hat ready just in case.

Little Mommy keeping her baby warm after a bath. 

The fall weather has been AWESOME!!!!!  We've loved it. Even our train set had to move outside.

Shaggy haired Kanyon got a haircut.  We've had VERY bad luck with barbers in this town, so I refuse to go to a barber, especially since I wanted to keep klp's hair long.  I called the girl that cuts everyone's hair that I know.  She's so sweet and did such a great job cutting his hair. She kept it long and shaggy, but shaped it up a bit.  The boys got the biggest kick out of going to a BEAUTY SHOP like girls do! They thought it was hilarious.   

Rachael had jjp hypnotized tickling her back! 

Me and Quinn had gone for a little bike ride/walk and he stopped by the creek by our house and said "Mom, I'm just gonna sit right here by myself and watch the creek".

We had to have 2 giant trees cut down in our yard.  It provided great entertainment all day long! 

This was later in the day when they were just grinding up the stumps.  We saw it all happen from start to finish! 

These 2 little monkeys are playing together better and better.  The 3 days klp is at school, they do pretty good playing together and having a good time....with minimal whining.  Win for mom. 

Gay Gay sent some new shirts! They were so happy to put them on and take a picture for her.  Obviously jjp had been crying about something. I'm sure it was a big deal and she screamed loud for a very good reason. Not. 

One day me and Kanyon hit the road to Billings before the sun came up.  He had a Dr. appointment at 8:00 and then another one at 4:00.  After his first one we played in a nearby park then I told him he could pick the lunch spot.  He said "DO THEY HAVE WENDY'S HERE??!" and he was PUMPED when I told him there was a Wendy's and we could eat there.  For a week straight he would randomly say, "Thank you for letting me eat at Wendy's mommy." We at lunch and then ran tons of our "big city" errands and he was such a trooper!  We went to his last appointment and made one more stop after that.  By the time we got home it was almost 9:00. LOOOOONG day, but good.  We liked the Doctors that we saw and I enjoyed spending the day with Kanyon.  

Football and high heels.  She's cray.

Best game ever.  All 3 can play without assistance! 

Kory's mom ran across this awesomeness.  When Kory was in high school his friends called him Phipps.  There for a few years he was the basketball king of the town and apparently there was a Phipps Fan Club complete with Tshirts! Someone gave KLP one and his mom kept it. I'm sooo glad. He's totally embarassed by it, but I think its pretty hilarious! 

Littla Mama has to feed her baby. 

We had a little cold snap, that luckily only lasted a couple of days.  Q went with KLP to salt cows/check cows/ whatever else one morning.  I had to bundle him up. I thought they sure looked sweet headed to the pick up to go to work. 

And this may be my all time favorite thing Kanyon has ever done.  Most of you that know klp know that he has a serious obsession with smelling hair.  He loves it and does it all the time.  Well, he brought home a 5 senses book from school and when I got to this page I almost died laughing.  Truer words have never been written! 

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