Monday, October 13, 2014

Spencer Cousins Come to Lewistown!

After a great few days in Yellowstone, we still had another week together in Lewistown.  We had fun just being together around the house and town, as well as lots of fun out doing some ranch things. 

Some pretty cute cargo in the back of the Ranger

Monday they were preg testing, so Clay was helping and we took the kids out to watch.  It makes for some interesting questions from the kids, but we all got a kick out of it and they got to see the guys working with the cows.  And play with sorting sticks.  It was a good day! 

Lots of apples were falling off the tree, so everyone was snacking on an apple when the work was done. 

We went for a ride in the Ranger.

Tuesday Kory worked and Clay stayed in town with us and we went on the walking trails and played at the park.  I'll probably say this over and over but the weather was PERFECT! I went ahead and sent klp to school his 3 days so he missed a little fun, but he still got in on plenty of it when he got home. 

Jaylie LOVED her some Aunt Mo all week! She talked about her everyday for at least a week after they left! 

klp had show and tell at school one day, so he took his cousins! He also took his bike to ride for his class so it was lots of fun! Here's the show and tell crew ready to show off for Kan's class! In the chaos of it all, I got no pictures, but it was fun for klp and all of us! 
Wednesday, KLP and Clay were moving cows and trying to find a lost bull and get him in and doing a few other things, so we went out there to visit.  We ended up counting hay bales which, of course, led to all sorts of fun running around on top of the bales. 

On Friday we took the whole crew up to the mountain pasture thats up in the Snowies.  The cows needed salt/mineral so it was a good excuse to take everyone up there and see that.  It was such a fun trip. We saw elk, deer, and of course lots of cows! 

We went to see the old cabins that are up there. I think these were built by/for sheep herders back in the day. This particular piece of land was acquired by Kory's grandad so he didn't put these cabins up, but they were used for the sheep herders to stay in while they had their sheep up there.  

Carved on the inside of one of the cabins it said "May 24, 1939"

Inside the other cabin it said "Donald made is cabin in 1941" We are thinking Donald made a type-0 (carve-O???) and meant to say "this" cabin.  Either way, Donald built a cool cabin.  

The kids found a stump that was obviously a drum.  

Sweet Mallory looking at the cows.

If you look closely you can see black dots that are cows.  Otherwise its just a nice shot of the side of the hill and a beautiful sky! 

Saturday we spent most of the day out at the ranch.  The kids had fun with the kittens.  Not sure the kittens can say the same. Please look at Ellie's face!!!!!! Sweet thang. 

Mallory, Ellie, and their Daddy.  

Each kid got a turn to ride Cash around the corals.  Kids on a fence is always picture-worthy! 


Kan Man! 

Mal Mal!

Lou Lou!

And last but not least "Wanna ride 2 girls??!" They said No, but were outvoted by the adults so we got them on for a quick second.  

After the horse rides, we headed up to The Butte at sunset.  Awesome. 

The big kids.  (and me holding on to klp hiding behind the rock.)

Mostly when I see this picture I just feel so full of everything good.  Joy, love, happiness, thankful for family, and especially family that travels to see us.  But there is also a part of me that looks at these next 2 pictures and wonders why everything is a weapon in Quinn's hands and why he has to look like he's in a battle with someone when he's holding a "weapon" in a picture.  There's no such thing as "just a stick" and there's for sure no such thing as holding one in a picture and SMILING! sheesh.  

Awesome kids-awesome view. 

My peeps

This picture doesn't come close to capturing the sunset, but they're just unreal.  The colors in the sky were incredible. 

We came down from The Butte and rode over to The Clearing for a cookout.  This is what we did with pretty much everyone this summer, but our days are much shorter now, so it was dark and a little chilly.  But we had a blast.  It really was the perfect way to spend our last night together. 

It was a perfect evening until it was over.  We had tired kids that had played hard all day, so we finished up the cook out and headed down the mountain in the Ranger/Rhino.  Then there was a tree fallen on the road.  Clay and Kory tried several different things but we ended up having to hold the tree up to drive the Ranger under it.  By "we" I mean Me and Clay.  By "me" I mean this out of shape mom who doesn't lift anything but kids all day.  Turns out they needed someone responsible (Kory) to drive the Ranger so that left me and pregnant Mo.  So I was the mountain woman for the job.  Despite a few close calls, I didn't break my back, Clay's chest wasn't crushed by the tree, and the Ranger wasn't even scratched.  

Here's Aunt Mo and all the kids watching the show.  

By the time we got past the tree, it was SUPER late and the already tired kids cashed it in.  This was them when we got back down to where our cars were.  They were all snuggled up and all sawing logs. 

Sunday we had matching little cousins at church.  They were constantly yelling "MINE!" at each other all week, but other than that I think they really do love each other.  See, jjp is probably eyeing some toy off to the side making sure Ellie doesn't get it before she does.  


 Mallory and Jaylie having a little snuggle time. 

Just helping each other through the tall grass.  

Aunt Mo, mother of 4 girls, fixed hair every morning and one morning we finally got June to agree to let her put pigtails in (I may or may not have bribed her with candy). It was an excellent use of candy because LOOK!!!!! 

jjp was so proud and I think I kinda teared up a little.  She looked so big and girly! 

We drove about 45 min. away to an elk viewing place.  There are HUNDREDS of elk that come adn you can hear them bugle and watch the bulls fight. Its so awesome.  We were very excited about this trip but it was almost ruined by MOSQUITOS! They were swarming like nothing I've ever seen before.  We couldn't even get out of the car! You couldn't see, your whole body was covered! It was AWFUL! This was Kory's attempt at getting out of the car....We were disappointed that the mosquitoes put a damper on things, but we still saw the elk, heard them, and watched a few fight. It just means we will have to bring this bunch back to redeem the trip and get the full experience!  

Is there anything better than this??????????

I'll never stop saying how much I love my family and I'll never stop saying how thankful we are that people are willing to come see us. There is no easy way to make the trip, but the fact that people do it means so much to us! We had a blast with the Clay Spencer crew! Love Love Love! 


Marianne said...

Great post!! Pictures of the kids running on the hay are contest worthy. Too sweet to see you and Clay and your CREWS having so much fun together! Love you!!

Mindy Tyndall said...

I try to come to your blog as often as possible to keep up with you and your sweet family....this post brought tears to my eyes. So many moments captured. I always think back to the time we all prayed so hard for Kanyon and he just blows me away each time I see pictures of him. What a precious story God is writing with your family...hugs...

Pearson Family said...

JAYMIE! these pictures are amazing! You captured so much love and JOY in each and every one, well, almost. :)
I love you cousin. I agree with Marianne! You got some winners! LOVE YOU!