Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Phillips Christmas and Other Decemberings

We celebrated Christmas early with the Phillips crew this year.  Susan made the yummiest prime rib ever and we had a GREAT time together.  

We attempted a group shot with the terrible lighting in our house and did pretty good....

....until my Father in law decided to put sunglasses on in between the clicks of the self timer.  Thanks Chief.  Real cool.

The cousins spent the night with us so Gram read them a story or two before bed.  

During the month of December, Kanyon's class did a thing where the kids filled each others' buckets with kind words.  Here were a couple that Kanyon got.

"Thank you for being my best friend" From Carmen.  She's a little girl in his class that is SO SWEET to him.  She sits by him every day at lunch and always helps take good care of him.  We LOVE Carmen! 

From his friend Griff, he got "You are awesome"  

Kanyon's PT from Longview sent the kids Christmas presents. Its safe to say that these purple glasses were a hit for Jaylie June! 

This is Juney girl trying to convince you that she's calm and gentle.....

This is the REAL June Bug.  

A little snow catching.

So, all I wanted was a picture of the kids in their PJ's my mom sent them.  I needed to get a good one to send to Rachel so she could put it on Mom's calendar.  

Fake Smiles. 

More fake, forced smile.  This appears to be painful for June.  

klp looks like he's about to cry. Popeye Q, and a VERY frightened jjp.

And Dad comes into the room and does something silly! 

That's as good as it gets, folks.  


The Speck family said...

THOSE 3 ARE SO ADORABLE!!!! Kanyon's notes from school made me tear up....such sweetness!

Alison said...

YAY! I've been waiting on this one ;) love the pics by the tree! and kids in those towels are just too cute to me :)