Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our Christmas Tree Adventure and Quinn turns 5!

We leave for Texas tomorrow so I'm blog cramming to get all caught up before we leave. 

One nice sunny afternoon we went out to the ranch to find a Christmas tree.  We drove all over until we found what we thought was the perfect tree.  It was the top half of a huge tree, so Kory had to do some work to get it down.  

He climbed up the tree and started sawing. 

After a lot of effort, and not much progress, he told me to grab the hatchet out of the back of the Ranger.  The hatchet was easier, but he still had to work pretty hard to cut through the tree.  Suspended on a limb, I might add.  Ha! I was kind of dying laughing the whole time.

We all found it quite entertaining.  Here's Quinn observing the strange happenings of a Christmas tree chop down.  

Our lumberjack finally got it down and the much anticipated "TIMBER!!!!" was yelled by the kids and we had ourselves a lovely tree.  

Only problem is that when the tree fell, it landed on its top and broke the tip off.  KLP was VERY upset by this. He immediately vowed to tape/glue/tie it back to the top of the tree when we got home. 

This was our self timer group shot with the tree.  My apologies to June for almost cutting her out of the picture. 

This is it once we got it home.  Turns out we didn't need the top anyways since our ceiling was in the way.

A few days later, On December 8, this little boy woke up and decided to turn 5!!!!  We had such a fun day with him. Quinn Spencer is a great kid and sure is fun to be around.  He has turned it to quite the big boy lately and on the one hand it tears my heart out, but on the other hand, its so fun to hang out with him and spend my days with him as he grows up. He's just so much fun!  A few weeks before, he said he wanted a Raccoon birthday party (random, yes.) So the day was all about raccoons! 

I have always wanted an excuse to get one of the boys a coon skin cap and this was the perfect time! We let him open that present first thing in the morning so he could wear the hat.  

One of his requests for his "party" was that everyone wear raccoon masks. He wore his most of the day.  I think this shirt was the inspiration for the party. I'm thinking maybe he had it on the day we talked about his party and the idea stuck with him.  Here he is all decked out in all things raccoon (and chocolate chin from licking the icing for his cupcakes).

That afternoon, we walked/rode bikes to the variety store to let him pick out balloons.  He chose black, gray, and one ninja turtle.  He loved riding home with his balloons on his bike.

He requested cupcakes so I slapped some raccoon faces on them and called it good.  

Party Time! Kory's parents and grandparents came over to celebrate with us and they were all good sports about wearing the masks for the picture. 

Quinn is 5!!!!!

My little raccoon family. Ha! 

Time passes and somehow that chubby baby is now 5.  As each phase ends,  I always feel so sad but the truth is it just keeps being a blast. Each phase is as good or better than the one before.   As I've mentioned over and over, the kid loves weapons. He is also in full on Ninja Turtle mode, he's a great helper which is VERY valuable to me, he has a compliant personality, and I am proud of how much we can trust him.  He's a great big brother to Jaylie June and the perfect little brother to Kanyon.  He loves getting to go to work with Dad and the guys, but also loves to cuddle with his Mommy.  My most stand off-ish baby has become my biggest snuggler.  He is sensitive and tender hearted (to a fault at times) but definitely the one in charge amongst the siblings. He is so musical and I'm constantly amazed with how quickly he learns the words to songs.  He will sit and listen to songs over and over and is almost always singing.  He got a keyboard from his Gram and Chief, so I'm hoping he can start learning to play that over the next year.  He doesn't really like to draw (he says he doesn't know how) but he loves to spell things.  So I'm constantly answering "how do you spell......" all day long. His imagination is always running wild and free and constant entertainment for us. My plan was to make him stop sucking his thumb when he turned 5 but when it came down to it I just couldn't. We used to talk about it a lot and he would dread turning 5 because of it, but we hadn't mentioned it in a few weeks so I'm just gonna let it go for a little bit.  I am defending that decision by the fact that he only sucks it as he's going to sleep, not while he's asleep and his teeth aren't messed up.  But mostly because I CAN'T HANDLE IT. I mean that is the last of my little baby and I just can't force it. Its dumb, I know, but I feel like the thumb goes and then he's grown. So for now, he still gets his few minutes of bliss and I get to think how cute he is.  I can't say enough how thankful we are for Quinn Spencer and how great it is to be his Mom!

He got some fun Play Doh toys for his birthday and the next night Ray Ray came over and we had fun playing with the new stuff!

Bacon and Eggs by Q

He wanted me to take a picture of him with his birthday presents from us.  Michelangelo Nunchucks and a Donatello Bo Staff.  He has wanted nunchucks for a long time....about 2 years ago he saw some at a friend's house and wanted some. I made him some out of paper towel rolls and torn fabric.  They did the trick for almost 2 years.  Then when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said, "I want some Michelangelo nunchucks...but like...the REAL ones." Fair enough.  Haha. In fact when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday this was his list: 
Michaelangelo nunchucks, Donatello Bo Staff, BB Gun, Marshmallow gun, or a gun to shoot an elk with.  Can you say WEAPONS?! Ha! He was so happy to get the Ninja Turtle weapons and hoping Santa will bring him a BB Gun.   

Totally unrelated....At our small group a couple of weeks ago we played "Heads Up" where you hold the card on your forehead and your team acts out what the card says. I guess Jaylie June was watching because she found this coupon card and came up to me like this and said "Whats this one Mommy?" Ha.  Crazy girl. 

We are all geared up and ready to head south for Christmas!!!!  

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